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  1. AudioDoctor's tip that I could connect a router directly to my Sonos Connect & it would work without internet was spot on. Problem solved. Thanks!
  2. I do have a Sonos connect, but I’ve given up on it, due to poor Internet connection. There’s a router upstairs with a Sonos boost connected to it. The Sonos connect is downstairs And connects wirelessly to the boost. It sounds like I could simply get an inexpensive router and ethernet cable it to the Sonos connect and things should work even with out Internet? Thanks.
  3. I've got a cabin "up north" where there's no reliable internet. I've got a conventional analog stereo, an external usb hard drive with my music on it, and an iphone & ipad. I'm looking for a box that would link my hard drive to my analog stereo, allow me to control it with an iphone/ipad via bluetooth & without internet. Does such a device exist? Thanks.
  4. Price drop to $450. 8gb RAM. 250 gb SSD. It's now also listed on ebay, with more pictures, at http://www.ebay.com/itm/sonicTransporter-i7-Roon-Server-from-Small-Green-Computer-works-w-microRendu-/232366032166?hash=item361a184526:g:44UAAOSwLsBZOszQ Thanks.
  5. For sale is my SonicTransporter i5. After I purchased it I paid Andrew Gillis another $100 to upgrade the processor. So it's better than the standard sonicTransporter i5. Works & looks great. Asking $500. I'll cover shipping (to contiguous 48) & paypal fees if you meet my price. Thanks.
  6. I'd like to post an item for sale, but I'm apparently not approved to do so as there is no button for new topic in the sales area. Can anyone point me to the rules/procedures in this regard? Thanks.
  7. I think that's a heat plate to transfer heat from the motherboard to the case.
  8. The last image, the side view? I don't see the CPU. Would you mind pointing it out? Thanks.
  9. Could the Ultracap be powered by an ifi ipower 12v 1.8 amp power supply? I have one collecting dust. Thanks.
  10. I can get a new one if you need one

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