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  1. Are your files on a nas or usb to your roon? What type of DSD file are you using (dsf)? I'm currently loving the Roon/Tidal system. Works perfectly with Jriver and all separate rooms. Including my Nexus6 phone:)
  2. Here's one I had fun making with about 2500songs: http://tidal.com/playlist/7986254e-3615-492e-99f5-3dcc2f583f98 Mostly classic rock and alternative. Thanks for the participation everyone, we can get a little more out of Tidal together:)
  3. I've come to really like Tidal. But, their playlists suck. I've put together a few fun playlists...anyone want to share Tidal playlists?
  4. I was wondering if anyone has come across any streaming hardware that are compatible with playing an iso file for dsd music. Most of my downloads are iso, then I have to convert them to a dsf or dff for compatibility with dsd playback hardware. Jriver does plays the iso files no problem. So far I can't find any DAP or full size player that plays these iso files.
  5. Roon is pretty cool once you understand their terminology. But, it does hang on dsd files and that is not even a nas drive. I use usb drives directly connected to the pc with Jriver. Sonos is still easily the best multi room system in terms of ease and reliability... IMO Maybe focus the budget for a better dedicated system and keep Sonos for multi room. Hires audio is almost indistinguishable in a multi room environment anyways...
  6. Great job Paul. The Geekout is great sounding, but tricky to setup volume. ?
  7. I've listened to the campfire series in Newport. Very good.
  8. If you are in Canada I recommend http://www.hifiheadphones.ca. Very knowledgeable and a very good selection of hi quality products.
  9. In this price range I highly recommend Pono, less fatiguing than the other options at $400. Amazing DAC built in for the money. AK JR does have a better screen and user experience though.
  10. In Canada I highly recommend http://www.hifiheadphones.ca Great service and knowledge.
  11. I still prefer 19 even though I've paid for the 21 upgrade. Lol
  12. #1 going to headphones doesn't have to be considered a compromise. I've enjoyed music just as much if not even more now with availability of DSD and 24bit content. If you do not require portability I highly recommend Stax with a dac like moon 280d or chord 2qute. Jriver/PC makes a great source. Or the new Bluesound Vault2 is a great all in 1 solution.
  13. If you seriously want to have a solid reliable network stay away from off the shelf $100 crappy boxes. Especially Apple extreme! Your network is so important why fool around? Look at Ubiquity or Pakedge. Not a lot more money, but these are enterprise grade with easily expandable wifi waps...
  14. AK100 or AK120 is the only way to go. IMO Also a decent mini to mini cable (Audioquest make several for this application)
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