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  1. I have 8 DACs. Although I do DAC comparison test with SGM Extreme, other DACs are much worse than Trinity DAC. Only Terminator and Venus are increased their sound quality.
  2. I made movies about Venus (about $ 2,900) vs Trinity (about $ 65,000). Venus and Terminator are also much worse than Trinity. But as my thought, the most cost effective DAC is terminator, next Venus. Please check it by yourself~! Enjoy~! https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/page-54
  3. Here are two DACs movies with SGM Extreme. Terminator and Formula xHD (Not Analogue rev. 2 upgrade) difference is big. But if SGM Extreme is installed, Terminator sound quality is much better than Formula xHD. My camcorder is very cheap model, so you have to increase system volume by 6 ~10. Enjoy it~!!!!
  4. Setchi D-3 Lan type is super fantastic. When I test Setchi D-3 Lan type to Sotm switching herb, I sold one Olympus Ten and Olympus Infinity Eartha cable.
  5. Setchi and Entreq make different results each other. Setchi makes more detail and exact. Entreq makes more beautiful and natural. But the most important thing is I did comparison test with Entreq Olympus Ten and Atlantis Eartha. Setchi is just 500 euro. You will have no choice. Ha Ha
  6. My system components all have Entreq Grounding. Because my cables are all Entreq Flagship cables, all cables are earthed. If you want to reduce noise, I don't recommend Entreq Grounding sets. Entreq grounding sets makes HI FI system be more beautiful, but noise reducing efficiency is too low. If you want to reducing noise and quality up both, I recommend Taiko Audio [Setchi D-3]. Much cheaper and much efficient than Entreq Gounding sets.
  7. New cheaper SGMs will be two models. Taiko Audio uses only world best customized parts, so price will be not low. But Entry SGM price will be highly reasonable. Although Entry SGM price is not fixed, you will order the world no. 1 cost effective music server. Taiko Audio's face music server is not SGM Extreme but Entry SGM. If you know installed parts quality and sound quality, you will never say it is expensive. [[[ZENith SE MK II Std XL price + 75% of SGM Extreme quality]]] This is Emile's final goals about Entry SGM. After about 4 months, AS members will focus on this reasonable perfect music servers. Stay tuned~!!
  8. I received XMOS DSP Board. Highly satisfied with it~! Denafrips new DSP Board makes DACs can be worked at JPLAY DAC Link 1000Hz in case of SGM. I'm Denafrips, Taiko Audio, etc. dealer. SGM Extreme made super massive hit in high end digital source devices market. For three months, 27 Korean audiophiles ordered SGM Extreme. Among them, 10 audiophiles are Terminator users and very satisfied with them. I'm dealer and adviser of 10 digital brands at the same time. I'll send Terminator to Taiko Audio for perfect matching with SGM Extreme. And Taiko Audio is developing cheaper SGMs. My Terminator will be used SGM development reference DAC. In October, XMOS version Terminator and new cheap and super fantastic SGM will be perfect combination. Remember~!!!
  9. Of cause~!!! But Extreme Demo in Munich will be not helpful, I think. Extreme must be famous in WBF and AS.
  10. I already had SGM Extreme. But because Extreme quality is invincible, I don't post its quality yet. After one month, I'll post Extreme specific contents.
  11. First movie is $ 45,000 Turntable Sound Second movie is SGM 2015 EVO Sound Please enjoy them~!! LP2.mp4 EVO.mp4
  12. In Korea, Stillpoint Ultra SS price is about $ 1,150. (4 pcs.) I let you introduce more better and cheap Korean Footers. Korean brand HI FI Stay's entry footers [Soft Jelly] has faster vib control ability than Ultra SS. Soft Jelly price is $ 650 (4 pcs. / Free Shipment) HI FI Stay is not famous yet, but their flagship model [Hard Point Trinia] is receiving good reputation in WBF. https://www.whatsbestforum.com/showthread.php?24302-Hard-Point-Trinia-footers-very-impressed&highlight=trinia Please see attached video. HI FI Stay sells their products worldwide. Here is their site http://www.hifistay.com/default/ ^^ IMG_0054.MOV
  13. You're right. LIANOTEC is made on the basis of over sampling. According to Trinity homepage's graphs, LIANOTEC makes sound output much purer than bit-perfect. Trinity DAC is not made by high price parts. Almost parts are not customized. Very cheap~! Nonetheless, Trinity DAC price is $ 60,000. The reason is just LIANOTEC.
  14. Yes Trinity DAC has no analogue/digital filter as well as fuse and regulator. 8 PCM 1704 (per channel) arrays make almost noise reduce. Just DAC chips array~! This technology name is LIANOTEC.
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