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  1. Your linked product is Nayuta Entry Level LPS. Highly less than Flagship LPS. I sell Goebel High End only speakers, Entreq only flagship, Light Harmonic only for Korea Full custom DACs, Skogrand Cable Flagship, Denafrips only Terminator Plus (The most cheapest product of mine), $ 600 Brimar Custom Fuses, etc. I never sell entry product. Nayuta Entry Model Name is 20th anniversary LPS for Korean frugal audiophiles. I did AB test in 5 minutes, and 20th quality is 45% of my Flagship LPS.
  2. I let you know about Nayuta Flagship LPS. Nayuta Flagship LPS is 3 rails / 4 rails / 5 rails. - 3 rails : 40Kg / Price (Included Shipping Fee) : $ 7,000 - 4 rails : 50Kg / Price (Included Shipping Fee) : $ 8,500 - 5 rails : 62Kg / Can't sell this version to the world These parts role is for keeping exact volatage. This LPS has 4 regulation and high-speed parts. These are 1st parts. Right circuit is "Electric Fuse". Nayuta LPS has 150W + 40W per one rail, so common fuse can't be used. Elec
  3. Stiletto Movie II KakaoTalk_20200716_183430771.mp4 KakaoTalk_20200716_183437947.mp4 KakaoTalk_20200716_183443874.mp4
  4. Stiletto Sounds Movies https://youtu.be/JSckh2R8GIE https://youtu.be/YzB0QsqW--s
  5. Korea is small country, so many audiophiles want to use floor standing speakers, but give up it.Generally Korean audio room is 3.5m X 3m. Almost audiophiles can't use tall boy speakers because of booming.But I found amazing speakers that can be worked perfectly.Canadian brand Arteluthe's entry model [Stiletto] is very small tall boy (height : 92cm width : 25cm).1.1" dome tweeter - 5.5" full range driver - 6.5" bass driver X 2 = StilettoThis small speakers have many interesting features.Stiletto's two bass drivers can make [[[25Hz]]] sound perfectly.All drivers have super speed response, so the
  6. I have 8 DACs. Although I do DAC comparison test with SGM Extreme, other DACs are much worse than Trinity DAC. Only Terminator and Venus are increased their sound quality.
  7. I made movies about Venus (about $ 2,900) vs Trinity (about $ 65,000). Venus and Terminator are also much worse than Trinity. But as my thought, the most cost effective DAC is terminator, next Venus. Please check it by yourself~! Enjoy~! https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/page-54
  8. Here are two DACs movies with SGM Extreme. Terminator and Formula xHD (Not Analogue rev. 2 upgrade) difference is big. But if SGM Extreme is installed, Terminator sound quality is much better than Formula xHD. My camcorder is very cheap model, so you have to increase system volume by 6 ~10. Enjoy it~!!!!
  9. Setchi D-3 Lan type is super fantastic. When I test Setchi D-3 Lan type to Sotm switching herb, I sold one Olympus Ten and Olympus Infinity Eartha cable.
  10. Setchi and Entreq make different results each other. Setchi makes more detail and exact. Entreq makes more beautiful and natural. But the most important thing is I did comparison test with Entreq Olympus Ten and Atlantis Eartha. Setchi is just 500 euro. You will have no choice. Ha Ha
  11. My system components all have Entreq Grounding. Because my cables are all Entreq Flagship cables, all cables are earthed. If you want to reduce noise, I don't recommend Entreq Grounding sets. Entreq grounding sets makes HI FI system be more beautiful, but noise reducing efficiency is too low. If you want to reducing noise and quality up both, I recommend Taiko Audio [Setchi D-3]. Much cheaper and much efficient than Entreq Gounding sets.
  12. New cheaper SGMs will be two models. Taiko Audio uses only world best customized parts, so price will be not low. But Entry SGM price will be highly reasonable. Although Entry SGM price is not fixed, you will order the world no. 1 cost effective music server. Taiko Audio's face music server is not SGM Extreme but Entry SGM. If you know installed parts quality and sound quality, you will never say it is expensive. [[[ZENith SE MK II Std XL price + 75% of SGM Extreme quality]]] This is Emile's final goals about E
  13. I received XMOS DSP Board. Highly satisfied with it~! Denafrips new DSP Board makes DACs can be worked at JPLAY DAC Link 1000Hz in case of SGM. I'm Denafrips, Taiko Audio, etc. dealer. SGM Extreme made super massive hit in high end digital source devices market. For three months, 27 Korean audiophiles ordered SGM Extreme. Among them, 10 audiophiles are Terminator users and very satisfied with them. I'm dealer and adviser of 10 digital brands at the same time. I'll send Terminator to Taiko Audio for
  14. Of cause~!!! But Extreme Demo in Munich will be not helpful, I think. Extreme must be famous in WBF and AS.
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