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  1. YES! - Current legal action is discussed and acted upon in this very thread .... and also here:
  2. My favorite part is "the top is designed for perfect air flow". That's a major accomplishment, I guess. The really amazing part is that while it will have perfect airflow it will also have "enough finger room to reach in for tube swaps, while also avoiding mass exposure to dust". WOW! - massive airflow, holes, AND avoiding a mass of dust. How does Larry do it? No more drawings, build this amazing box!
  3. If only it were a bonafide box! - Alas, it's a drawing of a concept box from a man who has squandered it's funding over years of promises and box designs (and even a few completed units along the way). So this box drawing still needs to be manufactured, fitted with the internal components board and loaded with firmware and tested AS A PROTOTYPE. And then ... all over again. And then shipped....
  4. Vi DAC has an update. It's the third official Indiegogo update in over a year. All three of the last 3 updates have been about producing the case. In case you missed this update: After all these years LHL has (again) reached the concept of (yet another) prototype - of the case. No information or update is provided about the internal components, or CCX modules, or software, or the timeline, or compatibility and availability of the other related products, or whether manufacturing can be financed. Cry or laugh? Move on. Again.
  5. FWIW, I was able to get an update by emailing "sales" instead of Paul. I received a polite apology and great news - that my SR4 was nearly complete and would ship early this week. Well, I never received a shipping notice so I inquired with Sales on Wednesday afternoon and have not heard back. I don't appreciate either (missed shipping dates, no communication, or, incorrect communication). So, I'm still waiting for accurate communication and shipment.
  6. January. That's sounds nearly criminal more than happy. How many updates did you get during a 6 month wait?
  7. To see updates about the pending legal action, here is the more active thread:
  8. From Larry, May 2016: Dear Vi DAC backers, It’s time to update the current production progress. Due to the nature and requirements of your top grade Vi DAC, including none-parallel wall chassis that need very good CNC machining time, hand soldering naked resistors and match, and down to every detail Audio Precision testing for individual units. We are taking care of each Vi DAC as it is being built to pass our high QC standards as we all know this investment is a meaningful one to you. The first few months of production speed didn’t pick up too fast. But in past few weeks with some internal work flow enhancement, now the production speed is running at (1) For Vi DAC Infinity (solid state), we could produce 20~25 units per month. (2) For Vi Tube DAC, currently is 10 ~ 15 units and expect to be 20 ~ 25 units too. Previously, the major hold back for Tube version is the Chassis CNC. Our CNC factory built a new tool to help stabilize the chassis during the machining process. So the chassis manufacturer accelerate production. Slowly but surely we will win this race! And for the Signature Edition Vi Tube DAC backers, this week we will send out the Vi Tube Signature Edition survey and let you start the customization of your own unit. Each unit will be listened and customized by our engineers and me. I would really love to communicate with you through the same format like Geek Pulse SE edition via Google Doc. Cheers, Larry
  9. I was just looking at the old LHL community forum pages (http://lhlabs.com/forum/) and right away found these misleading statements from LHL employees about shipping Waves and Vi DACS (way back in 2014-15 when they actively pretended to be about ready to ship): Carlos Jones 24 Sep 2014 19:59 Hello Alvin, Crowdfunding is no scam my friend the reason you haven’t received any updates is because Geek Wave Units, Geek Wave 32, Geek Wave 64, Geek Wave X128, Geek Wave XD128, Geek Source….etc will not be ready for shipping till summertime of 2015, We still have the Pulse Orders in line for shipping in mid – October then the LPS and Lightspeed cables for those products. Tell me you didn’t think that the Geek Wave was already and ready to be shipped in 6 weeks this is not like a store. These products have to be manufactured and go thru extensive testing before going on the market to be released. The closer we get to the summertime of 2015 the more you will hear something from us . Its just around the corner believe it or not , Christmas will be here and then spring and then summer. Regards, Carlo --------------------------------- Hello! Now that Vi DAC’s are shipping can we please get an ETA on the Vi DAC Tube versions? Before Xmas?? Thanks! ReplyQuote November 20, 2015 at 8:04 am #16746 LH_Gina Participant Production estimates to start shipping by the end of December….probably not before X-Mas though. We’ll do our best though! Gina Stewart Customer Happiness Agent LH Labs https://support.lhlabs.com
  10. I thought there was another LHL (shorter) thread about filing with the California AG? I can't find it. I hope it hasn't been taken down! Or did this one just become long? EDIT: I guess it was this
  11. I emailed Paul on May 31st asking for an update on shipping the May build. No response. I hate sending money to people just to find that they don't ship on time and worse, don't respond to polite and simple inquiries.
  12. I ordered SR4 in April. He said that mine would be built with the next batch of SR4's at the end of May. That's all I know as I haven't heard from him since though It's not quite "the end of May" yet.
  13. It surprised me!!! - it sounds honest after all (that LHL has zero updates).
  14. Glad to have woken this thread up. LOL.
  15. Can't believe nobody ever responded in over a year. Well, it may have been 4k at that time. IDK. It is $1200 now. Way overpriced. But... does anybody care anymore. I guess not.
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