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  1. For sale is my jcat usb femto card, 5 months old. reason for sale is upgrade to the xe model. price 375usd. thks
  2. For sale almost new jcat usb femto card. 5 months old. selling it to upgrade to new xe card. asking:375usd. thks
  3. Hi, i have the jcat usb femto card, 5 months old, used on my newly built server. Like new, i ll leave it for 375usd. lemme know. thks
  4. Cisco switch is not part anymore part of the system i bought g10 tek swirch instead recommended by sonore. Now lan goes to gtek switch sfp out to optimodule to streamer. The sonore sfp is not compatiblewith the cisco. honestly i didn t like the ciscco switch for it s complicated config,and sound wise,i didn t see any improvements to my linksys one. I tried the cisco for tests with cheap tp link sfp and fmc powered by ifi ps( borrowed from a friend); cisco still here for anyone who s interested!
  5. Thk you tubeman, i ve been thru express config, without success, so i skipped it after spending an hour trying. i managed some how to let the switch workings now , via the 8 ports . lan cable from router to port 2 . port 3,4 supplying macbook and tv box. ( no sq improvements so far) even the ethernet port on the left is working. my only issue now is the sfp output. i noticed the green arrow showing wich of the 2 output having priority is not working on the sfp output. my purchase of the cisco was because of the use of that sfp out. i tried swaping opticable cable direction,sfp nothing!!!! no arrow green light! what should i do?
  6. Logic what you are saying . the last 2 should be outputs: one sfp and one ethernet. i think i need to connect an input on one of the 8 others.
  7. Hi, i received the Cisco Catalyst switch and the optimodule combo. i used the last 2 input for sfp and ethernet. i have trouble connecting to the internet,so need help here pls. on the mac book, under settings it shows status: connected but ethernet is yellow and state: self assigned ip. i tried manually typing the ip adress of the router supplying the cisco with no success. i tried connecting a tv box to the other output of the switch, same, ethernet is in, but no internet. thks
  8. Thk you very much ! i will!one isotek pc is waiting! i experienced with few options one of them is the sotm switch. i will report here my findings! i
  9. THKS a lot! i m saved! can i still use the other ports for tv streaming ?
  10. Hi,i just ordered the cisco catalyst ws-c2960-8tc-s, and the optimodule from sonore ,sfp and optical cable from sonore as well. i just realised this switch is not the gygabit version? Is it ok? Did i did wrong choice? will it work? i wanted go fiber from the cisco to optimodule then ethernet to streamer? thks
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