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  1. jamesg11, I probably have one of worst possible listening space scenarios. The dreaded L shaped space that opens into the rest of the main floor with a vaulted ceiling running the length. Impossible to obtain any symmetry between the speakers within the space. Currently I feel that the speakers are sitting where they need to be, but I may experiment with less toe in. My listening brain has adjusted to processing the additional information and I had one of my most memorable music sessions ever last night.
  2. Anyone who has a compatible player and is on the fence regarding HAF should consider jumping in and giving it a try. The new HAF measurement tool is very easy to install and navigate. All you need is a compatible mic and a small mic boom stand. ( about a $150 or less investment ) Take your time with the tool and practice a few times taking measurements. Once you have the process down, take the 9 quick measurements and send them off to Thierry. For my time zone, communication was about every 24 hours. Thierry explained what he was seeing in the measurements and asked me what my goals were. I went with a "neutral" corrective action, I wanted to establish an as accurate as possible base line response to start with. After payment I received my filter sets the next day along with instructions on how to load them into HQPlayer. I thought that the filters would load in the convolution page, wrong, they are loaded into the matrix page. Thierry provided me with a screen snapshot of the matrix page showing how it should be set up. Pictures are worth a thousand words and made filter installation very straight forward. The only area I had to ask for help with was level compensation, which was how and where to make the adjustments in HQPlayer. I have been listening with the HAF filters installed for about 4 days now. I purchased the "Excellence" package which includes filters for normal correction and cross-talk reduction. The cross-talk reduction filter set is my preferred filter set. Currently I am in the "rediscovery" phase of listening to my music. I do not know what "perfect' sounds like, but my listening experience has improved substantially for a very small expenditure. Sound stage size, placement and extension of vocals and instruments have all improved. The bottom end is much more textured and defined across its range. After an extended time re-training my listening brain I might make some changes, but for now I am just enjoying the music.
  3. WOW, I thought that somebody would have a use for these. Price lowered to $50.00 for the pair.
  4. Titans Audio Lab Helen jitter reducer for sale. My digital path has changed and the Helen is now longer being used. It is boxed up and ready to ship, asking $1000 shipping included in the lower 48, payment via PayPal no fees added. Please see the Titans Audio Lab site for a complete description and operational details. Condition is a 9 out of 10. http://www.titansaudiolab.com/en/products/Helen/Helen.html
  5. Finally I had some quiet time to run Thierry's new measurement tool. The tool worked perfectly, my usb cable to my mic did not. Its always something, if you use a UMK-1 with the micro usb port, the port > usb micro connector can be very finicky.
  6. Info from PPA can be found here; http://ppaproduct.blogspot.com/2013/07/aluminum-suspension-block.html
  7. UpTone Audio EtherREGEN for sale, $575 including shipping to the cont 48 US, PayPal friends payment. Original factory PS, manual and packaging. ( 75 ohm BNC clock connector )
  8. Listed for sale is a Sonore ultraRendu with the latest Sonicorbiter 2.8 mini SD card operating system. $575 including shipping to the cont 48 US, payment via PayPal friends. Please see the attached pictures for condition, there is a small rub line in the top left case radius, not through the finish, but visible from the correct viewing angle.
  9. I have a pair of Paul Pang aluminum SSD suspension isolation mounts to sell. Prefer to sell as a pair for $55.00, shipping included to the cont 48 states, PayPal friends for payment. These were purchased long ago for a project that never materialized, they are a unused 10/10.
  10. Blake, Are you cycling the power off and back on or disconnecting and reconnecting the Ethernet cable? Every now and then I have to disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cable for my Rendus to show up. Also, in your internet connection properties, are your settings allowing network devices to be "discoverable"? If the LED on the rear panel is not green, you more than likely not connected and are a no go. You have to purchase 2.8 on a new mini SD card to upgrade the software.
  11. Foggie, Just consider it a 3 port switch, 2 SFP and 1 Ethernet. OpticalRendu SFP > SFP port SonicTransporter i7 Etherent > OpricalModule > SFP port Router > Ethernet port
  12. Thierry, Thank you for the new measurement process, I know this will make taking measurements a snap for me. Now all I need is some quiet time to do it! Robert
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