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  1. Up for sale are a pair of Paul Pang ZyXEL 5 port network switches. They are modified with TCXO clocks and silver output transformers. Power supplies are not included in the sale. Selling as a pair only. Yes the rear seals are broken, but the switches operate 100% as they should. Originally sold direct for $149.00 each. Asking $125.00 for both including shipping in the continental 48 United States. No extra fee for PayPal.
  2. I am listing a SOtM sNH-10G audio switch hub and sPS-500 power supply optioned as follows; sNH-10G Audio Switch Hub sCLK-EX Clock / standard 9 volt 7N UPOCC - EVOX capacitors - eABS - 200 sPS-500 Power Supply Stranded 7N UPOCC Silver 30 cm umbilical Total Price New $2,350.00 Asking $1,880.00 including shipping in the continental 48 United States. No extra fee for PayPal. I am not certain, but you may be able to add the external clock connection and change the voltage.
  3. I have a DJM GifaFOILv4-INLINE up for sale. New price $550 + $20 shipping = $570 My price with PayPal friends & family = $450 shipped in the lower US 48. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Normal PayPal & you pay for your shipping. Any other destination outside the lower US 48 and you pay shipping
  4. I had my EtherREGEN connected in system on the 15th and it has been running 24/7 ever since. I have tried several different implementations and the one that has made the deepest and most lasting impression so far is as follows; SonicTransporter to sotm switch via opticalModule fiber Wireless bridge to sotm switch via Ethernet Sotm switch to EtherREGEN via Ethernet EtherREGEN to ultraRendu via Ethernet The sotm switch is fully optioned except for the external clock connection. All Ethernet cabling is Ghent JSSG except from the EtherREGEN to the ultraRendu, which is the sotm cat7, iso6 black cable. The EtherREGEN is powered via its supplied power supply. Prior to the release of the EtherREGEN I commented on another forum that how much of a difference anyone may hear might be dependent upon how much noise they had to start with. All that I can say is that I am absolutely blown away by the improvement that I am hearing and I was perfectly content with how my system sounded prior. The density, complexity and extension of the music with in the sound stage has taken on a new dimension. Everything that I listen to seems like I am listening to it for the first time. I still have a few variations on the connection scheme to try and I haven't done any streaming comparisons yet, but holy shit. For me the EtherREGEN is a breakthrough product that raises the bar to another level and that level is very high.
  5. I do not believe that the OS update has been released yet for the optical drive function.
  6. Well, sometimes being successful is often from doing the opposite of others!
  7. Do you have a solid green and flashing orange led on the STi5 LAN port? Sometimes I have to power off and back on via the STi5s power button before it will connect. If this LAN port is not active, your STi5 will not show up on the MySonicorbiter page. I have a uR connected via oMs to a switch, sometimes I have to disconnect and reconnect at the LAN port on the uR to get a connection, even when the green and orange LEDs are active. Also, sometimes when I do not see a device on the MySonicorbiter page, an Ethernet cable is not plugged all the way into a port. Lastly, if you do not have a green light on the back of your Rendu, you won't get anywhere, make certain that your switch is gigabit.
  8. I ordered my 10G switch with everything except the external clock input and have been listening for 4 months now. So far various connection schemes have produced varying results with my WiFi bridge, STi5 and uR. All 3 straight into the 10G with Ethernet was a step up from my dual PPA ZyXEL switches. I ordered a pair of the Sonore oMs and extra SFP modules to try optical isolation into the 10Gs SFP ports. Getting the oMs to link up with the 10G was a challenge with the STi5 and uR, different connection sequences are required by each to get them to talk. I also added a GigaFOIL between the wifi bridge and the 10G. This was another step up, the sound field became wider with more detail retrieval, but the bottom end had a bit less energy. The current connection scheme is back to back oMs on the uR, GigaFOIL on the WiFi bridge and EMO filter on the STi5 and all connected via Ethernet to the 10G. The sound field narrowed up ever so slightly, the detail retrieval is still there but the bottom end is much better and there is more warmth in vocals. Streaming Qobuz has never sounded better than it does now has for me, it equals files on SSD. I am extremely happy with my playback utilizing HQPlayer. I think that I read somewhere that the 10Gs SFP ports are not as maximized as its Ethernet ports or that the comment was that the performance of the SFP ports was undetermined. The only other variable that I might try, if the disposable funds are there, is adding back to back oMs on the STi5. Thought about the oR via oM vs direct into the SFP ports but thats even more expense. So many paths to try..............
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