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  1. Well timed! I actually have a loaner Sean Jacobs DC4 in house for testing/review (I've had a Sean Jacobs DC3 on my DAVE for years, and consider it one of the most impactful system upgrades I've done). Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have a (one part ;) write up on the impact of power quality on DACs like the Chord DAVE. Thank you for posting your experiences
  2. I was finally able to give this album a critical listen today, and was blown away. Definitely one of Carmen's best, and the recording is one of the best I've heard from SL. Not having yet read this review (no spoilers ;) I kept doing a double take at the quality of the recording of the guitar (wow). Now reading the interview, I can see I wasn't the only one ;) Great write up Joe!
  3. Chris, forgive me if I missed an update, but is there hope to not summarize email content?
  4. https://www.pbs.org/video/yola-ep1w9u/ Yola's Austin City Limits set just dropped. We caught her here in San Diego just before the world went to hell and she was fantastic! Great performance, and a delightful reminder of happier live music days
  5. Alas, no good way to do so. Ideally there are no cables and the component floats freely. Alas, that is not possible, but any isolation I can get is better than no isolation. Typically, I try to position cables so that the platform can oscillate more freely. As I position cables, I give the component a little nudge and see how it responds. There are no sure fire schemes, but generally, the less strain I can get on the connector for the cable, the freer the movement. At the end of the day, you do the best you can and try not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good
  6. When I had my ER, I had it on a vibration isolation scheme very much like John's and it worked great for me. In general, I find this scheme extremely impactful for digital electronics, DACs, and power supplies. In my case, I ended up having a whole bunch of aluminum bowls machined in various geometries, and I experimented with lots of different polishing techniques and precision bearings. In general, if you set the plate oscillating, the longer it oscillates the bigger the impact (direct correlation to SQ). Makes mechanically optimizing things much more straight forward. To giv
  7. Run, don't walk, to http://www.marecordings.com and grab this FREE sampler. Everyone of the 18 tracks is a jewel, and a special treat to hear several of these in high res for the first time. Incredible stuff. (there is a second free sampler linked off the same page)
  8. I listened to it today. With all our troubles, it was a gentle balm, and I welcomed at that brief respite and reminder of a simpler time in my life. Well worth a reflective listen for those that love the original. I'm sure I will revisit this interpretation as I grow older, and appreciate more the life bookends aspect of the interpretations. The original was and is one the finest albums ever made. ^2 could never live up to that, but the perspective looking back did work for me, and I appreciated that is gentle and from the heart. This may be one I come back to and listen to every severa
  9. With DAVE, if you have it set to PCM+ mode (which most of us do), it only accepts up to DSD256. If your streamer is configured to upsample to DSD512, that could be an issue. In PCM+ mode, DAVE should be able to accept DSD256 native, or DSD256 DoP If you switch DAVE to DSD+ mode, it will accept up to DSD512 native, or DSD256 DoP To help diagnose, you may want to switch your DAVE to DSD+ mode and see what happens Also, I've found that DAVE sometimes gets "stuck" when switching sampling rates and I get noise. When that happens, I usually switch away from USB
  10. Chris, I get the motivations for summarizing notification emails (...) but any chance for premium subscribers to get the full contents? I mainly keep up with conversations through email, and click through when I have something to contribute. Alas, I'm having to click through on pretty much every notification (which isn't going to happen)
  11. Outstanding post @Nenon. I wish above were true as well. There are rewards in the journey, but the journey is much easier to tolerate (and motivate) when you have a sense of whether the rewards are worth it for you. Each of our brains may hear the same things, but how we respond to these things is VASTLY different. At this level of investment and refinement and nuance, indeed it is different courses for different horses. Best you can do is hear a potential end game, then decide if it is a game you want to be playing. For example, listening to my current chain with
  12. If helpful, for my customer Sean Jacobs supply for DAVE (several years old at this point, based on DC3), the +15V, -15V, and +5V rails all support up to 5A continuous. DAVE is not consuming anywhere near that though...
  13. Sigh...this is what happens to the male psyche when locked in the house with no football
  14. Mesmerizing live performance of Emma's new album. So human
  15. Emile noted the same over at WBF. Maybe after all the bluster they're paying some attention to SQ? (hope so) I've been holding off upgrading out of being in a happy music place right now (tweaking hiatus, at least for things not easily reversible) Thank you for the project update Larry! I learn a lot every time you post one of these, very much appreciated.
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