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  1. I received my SR4B-19 today (serial number 18) and it is burning in! Ordered late March for June batch and July delivery, so pretty close. I'm going to give it 100 hours before doing any critical listening this weekend
  2. Interesting. Chord DAC's are particularly sensitive to RF in the 2-2.5GHz range. Larry, have you dug up anything equivalent for USB 2.0? IIRC, that is a fixed clock protocol (vs spread spectrum) but it has been a LONG time since I've looked at USB at the data transport layer
  3. Rajiv, searching on Tidal (via Roon) for Joe Gastwirt, they have one version of this album attributed to him as engineer (10 tracks, etc) I can't confirm that is the version that Josh heard, but it looks promising.
  4. FYI, my SR4B19 (ordered late March, June build for July ship) has shipped! Congratulations @TopQuark on SR7 build 15! We're now almost 1/2 way to my build 31
  5. On the audio linux site, I see that a new kernel (5.2) is available. Any impressions from those that have upgraded? Has anyone found release notes about what we should expect for Audio Linux from this kernel?
  6. I was wondering about this as well. Lateef would have been in his early 90s(!) when this was recorded (he died a year later at 93). The blurb at HD Tracks (below) answered the question for me. Looks like he joined the band for the final song (Poinciana). I'm looking forward to giving this a listen once Tidal gets it.
  7. The ISORegen takes power from USB Vbus on the input side, and from (in your case) the LPS 1.2. The ISORegen outputs clean voltage on the USB to whatever is downrange. If you want all clean power to the ISO Regen, you can get something like the iFi Defender. That allows you to inject 5V to Vbus on the input to the ISO Regen. I found that this does have a positive impact on SQ, but you do need a 2nd supply for the iFi Defender (to inject clean Vbus into the ISO Regen) Another more aggressive way is to have two ISO Regens in series. In this case, the second ISO Regen is getting clean Vbus from the first ISO Regen, and a cleaner baseline USB signal. When running with ISO Regen's in series, I was surprised how much of a positive impact it had in my system. I can't clearly say whether that was because of clean Vbus into the 2nd ISO Regen, or the cleaner baseline USB signal, or both. When running ISO Regen's in series, I powered them with a single LPS 1.2 (with a DC splitter cable from Ghent audio), and by having a battery pack on the first Iso Regen and an LPS 1.2 on the 2nd ISO Regen. I slightly preferred the former configuration, but only very slightly. All this power stuff is crazy maddening. If you want to take a trip into that rabbit hole, I documented some of my personal descent into madness here: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/audiowise-opto•dx-optical-isolation-bridge-for-dual-spdif.23757/reviews#review-22155 (If you don't want to go through the whole thing, search for "Impact of USB Vbus Isolation")
  8. https://youtu.be/PO2oWJ7n-0U Careful! This is what happened to my first Lush^2!
  9. Peter, I was thinking the same. If you're willing to make some changes, if you have a pin assembly with a 4 pin group, 3 pin group, and 2 pin group (basically add the 3 pin group), you have the use cases covered?
  10. I was thinking the cleanest would be dedicated jumpers, or a comb with 3 pins when you need to connect 3 (get rid of the antenna). I'm still unclear on the pin/SQ mechanism (esp. the orientation of the cap on the unused pin)
  11. We exchanged emails last week about the SR4. June’s production batch is being worked on this week, and should be shipping next week.
  12. http://www.soundkeeperrecordings.com/kaysa.htm Amazing performance, and incredible recording by @bdiament On repeat today...
  13. Larry, when you have shared your listening impressions vs the various other configurations, were you using A:.WY1122 B : .WY1122? (LMSG360
  14. I should clarify. I ordered both over the past 4-7 months. I expect the SR4 hopefully this summer, but woth Paul working on the mid teens for the SR7, might be another couple years. I hope he is able to get into a groove and start cranking out a couple a month, so I get to see mine in 2020 (my hearing isn’t getting any better!!) The silver lining for me is that well probably have gone through a couple more waves of server strategies by then (I’m sticking to my NUCs until my SR7 arrives)
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