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  1. hello i changed the mb on my pc, fidelizer won't work, how do i fix this?

    michael stevener

    1. Windows X

      Windows X

      Fidelizer Plus/Pro is a single PC license so it'll work only on machine that generated the key. According to terms and agreement, you can use one-time free hardware key changing.

      Please re-send fidelizer.key data by running this software from your audio machine to get the new key.
      I'll use one-time free hardware key changing right to update your license. You can also order Fidelizer Upgrade again as hardware key changing fee for future changes and happy listening. :)

    2. drmike


      i tried this new key and got the same message, will not work on this machine. do i have to send something to you? please help

    3. Windows X

      Windows X

      Hi. I received your email inquiry now. Let's continue on email message. I already sent instructions. :)




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