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  1. Amarra doesn't sound (sic!) transparent if people use layers of EQ software to emulate the "Amarra sound". And in extendion: It's a bit surprising to see how people prefer MQA to original FLAC, knowing that MQA is a lower resolution version of the original FLAC that has gone through a filter process. And people here argue about which music player is the best, which is really a discussion about taste because the ideal of transparency is abandoned. Discussions about taste are lengthy, often with no end in sight. Discussions on technology are often more discipl
  2. Which means that you shouldn't go for Amarra if transparency is a goal. For many, transparency is a goal. Transparency used to be a goal in hifi. Do all Amarra customers make their decision in the know that Amarra isn't transparent?
  3. LOSING INTEREST... What's wrong with "transparency", like in nothing added, nothing subtracted? Has digital playback reached a level where transparency is so easily reached that you need music players to deviate from the transparent path? It seems like people are willing to spend money and efforts to go from transparency to something which suits one's individual, changing taste. What happened to the taste for transparency and high fidelity?
  4. Hah! 8 MC-3+USB units + 1 Ref10. What a project! Who dares go there...? ;-)
  5. Julian, there have been some testers who report better sound after stacking MC-3+USB units. How will the Ref10 fit into such a stacking project? Where should the Ref10 be connected to should a stack a MC-3+USB units? Should the Ref10 be connected to each MC-3+USB, the first unit or the last unit?
  6. Thanks for replying, Julian. I think good designers should just take the bull by the horn and explain their design choices. Transparency is a big plus for competent designers. One ssue remains, however: What happens to the OCXO performance when it's transferred from output via cable? What is the integrity of the signal when you introduce a cable (length, quality of cable) into the equation?
  7. To my knowledge this femto 33 unit is to be embedded onto the MSB Dac-circuitry. It's on another level, however, price wise compared to Ref10. As is all MSB gear (some of the most expensive you can get). It would be nice to hear from Julian, given the phrase "industry leading" in the marketing material for the Ref10.
  8. Seems like the MSB 33 Femto (i.e. 33 femtoseconds for the entire frequency range) is a bit ahead of the Ref10, does it? http://www.audio-focus.com/MSB/msb_femto_33_clock.html
  9. READING MATERIAL ON CLOCKS I think many (including myself!) need reading up on clocks. So I thought I'd share this readworthy link, referenced by TapeOp: http://pinknoisemag.com/pink-papers/pink-paper-002 Maybe Julian could tell us how the Ref10 compares with the other clocks mentioned in the article, i.e. both specifications wise and "philosophically" (i.e. the design idea behind the product). It would also be nice if other readers would comment on the findings and impressions of the Pink Noise people in order to further our understanding of the
  10. Would you add a list of compatible streamers (without DAC) as well? :-)
  11. DIRECT MODE Has anyone tried this to implement Direct Mode in Sierrra? Or does anyone have a grip, a deeper understanding of this? I found the procedure on Audirvana's Facebook page, a recent post. "Updated instruction set for making A+ 3.0 fully functional in OS Sierra for anyone who wants to be able to use "direct mode". Making Audirvana + 3.0 work in OS Sierra. Apple broke the OS Sierra Audio Kext so one has to replace the OS Sierra IOAudioFamily.kext with the El Capitan Version in order to gain full A+ 3.0 functionality (namely “Direct Mode”).
  12. In the same vein: Are alle the inputs of the MC-3+USB influenced, for example the AES-EBU input?
  13. pam1975, there's an old (2010) discussion on clock cable length on Gearslutz: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/music-computers/479654-clock-cable-length.html The GS debate didn't conclude on a given, ideal length. However, nobody suggested that length should be below 1 meter. Given the fact that word clocks have multiple outputs, imagine how the setup would look like if cable length were not to exceed 0.3 meters with, say 8, peripherals connected. Impossible to route 8 cables in that fashion, I think. But I will await Mutec's answer because they'r
  14. Pam, austinpop said, quote: "The SQ dropped going from 0.3m to 1m". Sounds like a claim to me. He used no qualifiers. My intention was bringing some cold water into the discussion, separating audiophilia from audiophoolia, so to speak. Don't you see there's a discrepancy between Antelope's suggestion of maximum 250 meters and austinpop's remark of 0.3 meters? Antelope word clocks are used in Hollywood productions like the last Star Wars movie. Do you think Antelope will have their gear quality impaired due to cable length? Who has the
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