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  1. Hello, If one purchases from Audiostore UK, will they honour the 30 day guarantee, or is at their discretion ? Thanks.
  2. They need to get the Human League in to advise them.
  3. I dropped £2k on SOtM kit a year ago ? Would I do so today ? Nope. Marketing disaster.
  4. Has anyone been able to get Qobuz to play via MPD & DNLA on the Ultra ? I have enabled UPnP/DNLA(Beta) under "Listening Preferences" in Qobuz and have chosen the Ultra under "Audio Devices" It will not play and there is a message in red at the top of the page. " The selected device has not been recognised by the application" Thanks.
  5. It always worried me investing in such a small company. May used to answer queries on here before the ink was barely dry, does she still work there ?
  6. 30/80 bucks for both 200 & Ultra and shipping to Seoul ? Very poor press release, did Sarah Huckabee Sanders write it ?
  7. Don't get it, I've had more fun at Costco on a Monday afternoon. We are surrounded by the total mind f**k of life every moment we are awake, but only if our antenna are on.
  8. I want to try one with an SOTM sms200 - which has a vertical USB out - into my DAC. Does that mean I need a 90 degree one ? Thanks.
  9. I have downloaded v3.9 and see the static IP option in system config.. Is there any chance one of you chaps could provide an Idiots Guide as to how to proceed for the less gifted here ?
  10. Ray Charles was the only song I would have in the house. W.A.S.P. music for people who can't dance.
  11. The whole MQA roll-out does make you wonder whether they have any idea what they're doing or are just making it up as they go along. Perhaps Jay Z & his missus could go in this weekend to help get the damn albums tagged as MQA. How difficult can it be ? Then more people will subscribe blah, blah.
  12. What is the consensus on this: Measurements of Sonore microRendu Streamer | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum
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