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  1. see the review on audio science review by Amirm ... https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-evga-nu-audio-pc-card.9137/ The mention of Audio Note implies high-end audio performance which EVGA NU Audio fails to achieve. All is not lost though. The hardware implementation of DAC, headphone output and ADC are very good. You can do better at lower price on the DAC side. But it is impossible to get all three at this price using desktop hardware based on testing I have done so far.The main issue is software drivers and hassles of PC. If you can get past that, I can recommend the EVGA NU Audio at its new price.Something tells me this card is not selling well and hence the $60 discount. The PC market is very price sensitive. So if you want it, you may want to buy it now before it goes out of production.
  2. I have replaced my topping d50 and prefer the warmer akm sound (as opposed to sabre). I use foobar 2000 to upsample all music to native dsd256 with no issues. It is recognized by daphile but dsd is not supported.
  3. Well the reason I mentioned the rather unique EVGA Nu Audio 'sound card' is that it includes a significant DAC chip as well as quality components normally found in external USB DACs twice the price. The 'sound card' has been built by EVGA in collaboration with Audio Note in the UK. See https://www.audionote.co.uk/digital for an overview of their DAC products.
  4. If anyone is interested EVGA have released an internal sound card with headphone amp based on an AKM AK4493EQ dac. Granted the nu audio is a pcie to USB architecture but the noise suppression and sq are quite remarkable.
  5. Rubbish. I have several of them I my server and they rarely exceed 30c. Like I said these are wd red helium drives designed for 24/7 server operation!
  6. An 8tb wd drive can be had for us$140. See https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D5V2ZXD/ref=twister_B07HGRPHSK?_encoding If you open the drive you will invariably find a white label wd red helium filled drive.
  7. fyi, nativedsd have just released a full recording in native dsd512. https://groovenote.nativedsd.com/albums/GRV1200-i-want-you
  8. And a major plus with daphile streaming is the ability to upsample. Tidal HiFi upsampled to dsd256 or dsd512 (depending on your cpu) is an interesting experience.
  9. I just joined this site and am overwhelmed by the wealth of information I have also been following https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/82802-building-the-idealish-music-server/page/316/ which you may also find to be of interest.
  10. I can't find the explicit item you are referencing but if you mean separating the server and player using separate computers linked by the network then yes, it is possible in daphile. See settings general and the option too link to an external lms library.
  11. There is limited dsd256 material yet alone dsd512. Also dsd over sampling is not everyone's choice with many now preferring the original sample with r2r nos dacs. I also believe the more data that needs to be downloaded the greater the scope for jitter. So internal oversampling will be around for the short to medium term. In particular, I like the way daphile is able to over sample tidal for an effective enhancement.
  12. What do you mean by this question? Are you referring to hd streaming?
  13. I would suggest min 2gb. More is useful if you plan to explore option of playing from ram. I use a single ddr4 8gb stick. Second question depends on the quality of the dac USB input. I use a singxer su-1 for i2s output to my DAC. I also upsample all media to dsd512.
  14. See the new beta release. Its been a long wait since jul 19.
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