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  1. Strictly speaking a quintet with the addition of violin and cello on top of the usual trio structure, but a lovely album by Thomas Stronen and his ensemble, even better than their previous effort.
  2. Hello Paul, While I appreciate that none of us works 24/7, over the space of the last couple of months I have sent you several emails requesting an update from you regarding my order placed on 20 July 2017 (cost £1655) but have not had a single reply yet. Can you please either reply to my emails, or PM me here - I understand the delays associated with a bespoke, high-quality component, it's the (complete) lack of response that I find frustrating. Thanks. Georgios
  3. I am also still waiting for his reply
  4. That’s similar to my experience thus far - while discussing options for my order Paul was very responsive, replying within a few hours. My ETA was late October, the SR7 has not yet arrived, and I have not been able to get an update from Paul. I will email him again this week.
  5. I own an SMS 200 Ultra, my interactions with SoTM have always been productive and May has always responded within a day.
  6. Thanks @tapatrick, that is the email address i have been using. As mentioned, I sent Paul one email in early October and another in late November, asking for status, and got no response. Based on people’s feedback, it seems that Paul always comes through and I am sure the SR7 will be amazing but it’s kind of frustrating to commit all this money upfront, only to be in the dark about progress and ETA - especially in view of the fact that SR4s are being shipped and people are getting updates about those.
  7. I ordered mine about 5 months ago, i did write to Paul a couple of times the last 3-4 weeks but had no response. So I am being patient.
  8. If it’s any consolation I ordered my SR7 in early July and have not yet received it. A couple of emails to Paul asking about status have not been replied to. I do hope the end result is as good as everyone says.
  9. I second that, it will now be easier to explore their catalogue and buy the ones i like, and they will be many.
  10. LMS with the SoTM 200 Ultra also works well with Qobuz, you just have to add the Qobuz plugin
  11. I got Grosvenor's Homages and I can confirm that the music, his playing and the sound quality are all excellent.
  12. I have the 9V version and tend to leave it on all the time. So far it only goes warm, not very warm or hot.
  13. Thanks @austinpop, I checked and UPnP is indeed switched on and I can't see a setting for multicast mode. As I understand it, BT hubs may have this switched on by default but I'll have another look. It's probably high time I get a professional router to replace my old BT hub that came for free. On the plus side, I had another dropout yesterday which gave me the opportunity to establish that i only need to restart the router so as to be able to switch the unit off and on again, no unplugging required. The performance of the unit continues to amaze me even though i am sti
  14. Further to the above, the unit did freeze last night again and I had to restart my router, then unplug the HDD for it to shut down. This makes me think that only a restart of the router may be required, then a restart of the unit. I'll try that next time. Either way, bottom line is that I am also seeing dropouts/freezes that seem to be correlated to the state of the network and that would be good for SOtM to have a look at.
  15. I have also experienced a very similar issue - the unit will either be in a frozen state when i try to play music or stop and freeze while playing music. Whevever this happens, Eunhasu is unreachable and I can't even switch the unit off without restarting my router and unplugging the dac and the hdd. I only have 3 data points so far in my 3 weeks of using it so i don't really have any insights on why it may be happening other than a suspicion that it happens when my internet connection gets flaky - my router is an old BT router - which is why restarting the router has, so far, been part of the
  16. The problem was in the end resolved with re-burning the OS onto the micro-SD. Many thanks to @MayfromSOtM and the UK SoTM distributor (Elite Audio) for their responsiveness
  17. Thank you Mercman for the suggestion but it didn't do the trick. I am thinking that the os may have been corrupted so i may need to reinitialise the micro sd
  18. Hello, I have been trying to set up a new SMS-200 Ultra at home. As my experience has so far been with a PC or laptop feeding my Chord QuteHD using USB I initially made the rookie mistake of not connecting the unit to my router. Once I figured that out I was able to connect to Eunhasu and play some music, for a while, then switched the unit off. When I next tried to switch it on I was not able to do so, whatever I tried, and this is still the case - while the LED comes on while I am pressing the button, it goes off when I stop pressing it and the unit refuses to start up. I have tried to reset
  19. I got it, my bad - even when only using a USB HDD it needs a network connection through an ethernet cable
  20. Hello, I have a brand new SMS-200 Ultra that i am trying to set up, however when i switch it on, the led on the right keeps blinking. This has been going on for at least 10' and i am unable to access the web ui. Is this normal the first time it starts and am i supposed to let it finish some initial boot cycle? Any hints appreciated, thank you in advance.
  21. Same here, i've been a subscriber for more than two years and have had no major issues. It's a great service to discover music, especially classical music. If only ECM was on it as well but I understand, and respect, their decision.
  22. Hello, have been following the forums for years but this is my first post. I have a Chord QuteHD which is currently fed from a PC. I am now thinking of getting the SMS-200 or SMS-200 ultra, when it becomes available, to use as the source. Can someone please advise whether the QuteHD (which requires drivers for Mac) would work with it or would I need a usb-to-spdif converter in between such as the iFi iLink? Thanks in advance
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