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  1. Got an email from Paul in October telling me that my build (#18) was the next one but haven’t heard anything more since then.
  2. I haven’t. My two-year waiting anniversary is fast approaching.
  3. I am also getting the attenuators, if and when my SR7 gets delivered of course.
  4. Eunhasu/LMS/Qobuz plugin on the SoTM 200 Ultra - sounds good. The iOS app on the go, which is really good. Incidentally, I also got today an email from Qobuz confirming that my Sublime subscription will renew.
  5. Sound seems crispier and more analogue with better sound stage.
  6. Bought the FLACs as well and it sounds really good, at least through my headphones
  7. I tried 4.59 today on my 200 ultra and, as others have mentioned, the sound improvement is noticeable compared to 4.22. I use LMS with an HDD connected to it via USB.
  8. If it’s any help, i initially downloaded (a couple of times) the 4.59 image using Firefox but verification failed. On the advice mentioned here i tried yesterday with Chrome and everything went through! I have yet to see whether it works okay with the sms-200 though.
  9. Thanks @octaviars, I’ll see if SoTM can post an image that does verify, i had the exact same issue in a previous version and they fixed it by posting an updated image
  10. Hello, I tried to write 0.4.59 onto a card using ImageUSB and writing is fine but it’s failing to verify the image - I am on Windows 10. The SD card is new and tried both quick and regular formatting in exFat. Any advice? Thanks
  11. #18 here and I have not had an update since last October
  12. Another thank you from me for bringing this album to my attention - the musicianship and recording quality are superb. I am no expert on these concertos but this is the best rendition among the ones that I am aware of.
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