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  1. I use CCC as well, and have been on Big Sur since July on two of my iMacs and both laptops, and on my 2019 Mac Pro, where I do “real work,” since September. Took me a while to get used to the look, but it’s been remarkably stable, and two key things have worked well for some time: (shockingly) my Wacom Cintiq Pro and Capture One.
  2. Thanks for all the input Amadeus; it is much appreciated.
  3. Eight Hybrid DACs With eight Hybrid DACs, we yield an unmatched level of detail, reproducing the musicality, soundstage, and texture of an original performance, bringing the artist to you. A fully balanced, ultra-high precision, discrete ladder DAC architecture ensures each note tells a story. Additionally, MSB’s robust in-house design enables the finest quality playback of PCM and native DSD, while our low impedance circuitry drives your amplification directly without adding coloration or buffering noise. The end result is a digital experience defying expectations. Prod
  4. Thanks Chris. I have reached out to him. In the meantime, I have another question or two of EMM or anyone with experience. I am a network audio guy, and generally don't care for USB solutions, but I'll follow the best SQ wherever it leads. Right now, I have a Roon Nucleus+ feeding my various systems. The EMM DV2 does not of course have a direct network input, and I noticed you solved this aspect with a Sonore Rendu Optical. Makes sense. I plan to test an EMM NS1. Any thoughts on whether to use the NS1 with direct access to my NAS using mConnect [ugh, my last experienced with mConnect was reall
  5. Chris's review is timely. I just this past week placed an order for Rossini+Clock, but the comments about internal-vs.-external clocking got me to thinking and researching. So, I'm getting a demo of the DV2 scheduled for next month.
  6. I am intrigued by the Summus, and also have some questions. I've heard a demo of the Euphony software, and it's not bad. I prefer the Roon GUI over the Euphony, but that may be personal taste as much as anything; Roon has certainly had more time to mature, and community support to facilitate that evolution. The circumstances of the demonstration were not set up for comparative listening, but I take at face value the assessments of reviewers who state that Euphony has better SQ than Roon. I'm certainly willing to believe that's possible. Right now, I run a Nucleus+ and am extremely pleased with
  7. Coming up on release date. I know there have been a couple of (unsurprisingly—read into that what you will) enthusiastic reviews, but have not heard much else. Anyone else take the plunge?
  8. Fun read, and interesting music selections [one of the main reasons I read reviews is to discover new music]. Made me realize I should have Mrs. Vanderbilt, which I thoroughly enjoy, in my headphone test playlist. And it's funny, even with the Stax, the Susvara, the SR1a, etc., I still haven't stopped checking in on occasion with my HD800, flaws and all.
  9. No pops here. I did have the occasional very brief dropout with both the PS Audio LANRover and the SuperStream (less frequently on the latter), but the VLAN solved that issue. Both the USB and Network Renderer sound very good with DSD. I have been doing some back and forth between the two inputs, and though I don't quite have the volume level perfectly equal, I think the USB side sounds just a bit better. However, the Network Renderer is served by a different NAS, a Synology RS815 running minimserver. And it is not in the same VLAN.
  10. Very interesting discussion. I have both the QuadDSD and Network Renderer in my Select. Waiting on the I2S module to add that as well. The Select is my only not-Roon-ready DAC, and so, I also added a M_i_v_e_r_a Superstream [really, do we have to be so petty as to not only block the human, but also to screen out his company name? how does that help forum members here?], rather than have a PC or Mac sitting near the Select. I tried the MSS as both Roon server and as Roon endpoint. I preferred it as an endpoint. Roon running on my Synology RS2416+RP seems a bit more open and revealing than w
  11. And FWIW, I intentionally updated my 105 to the latest firmware before starting, to see if there would be any problem. Obviously, none.
  12. Been watching this development from the start. I am fortunate to have a PS3 configured to run SACD_Ripper, and that it has performed for me very well for several years now. But it does, as others note, run hot, and at some point, all that disc spinning will take its toll. I set up the files on a small 1gb thumb drive, and the ISO2DSD plus Java on my Mac [running beta of OS X Sierra 10.12.1], all on wired Ethernet. No surprise that the setup does not run a whole lot faster than on the OS3. Actually, it ism a surprise, inasmuch as it is running over the network. Although, I do have to run back a
  13. Well, I do think that wretched excess can cause some people to be derisive of how others spend their money. But that's their problem. And if one is defensive about how one spends one's money, then I think that's a different personal problem. But I do believe there are a lot of ways to advance the SOTA in this hobby, and I have yet to see a model that doesn't require capital. Capital either in large chunks from small numbers of sales or smaller chunks from larger market penetration. Audio, like photography, bicycling, espresso, etc., seems to have both. So I think Jud is correct. When I fir
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