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  1. Hi, is there a list somewhere of DAC’s that are now supported with Native DSD streaming on sonicorbiter 2.8 please?
  2. Hi, can anyone enlighten me on why in my DAC diagnostics it says “Playback channels: Mono“, Why does it not state stereo? I have no idea 🙂 110.pdf
  3. The original Mytek Brooklyn DAC. like I said in version 2.7 often in DAC diagnostics the readings would be not quite correct and randomly different each Time I checked, and I’d have to restart two times at least to get it to connect properly. But since version 2.8 the readings in DAC diagnostic have been perfect every single time, couldn’t be happier 🙂
  4. Hi, I had the exact same Problem. Using Roon it would suddenly lose connection to OpticalRendu, but when checking DAC diagnostics in sonicorbiter my DAC had disappeared. I managed to make things a lot more stable by purchasing bluejeans Ethernet cables, which when you see them you can tell are very well made. Apparently a lot of ethernet cables are made in such a mass that often connection is not that good. However to put your mind at rest, since getting sonicorbiter 2.8 I have had perfect connection to my DAC every time. In 2.7 my DAC would be shown in DAC diagnostic but would have different readings randomly, and I’d have to restart the opticalrendu several times to get it to connect properly. But since version 2.8 my DAC has connected perfectly every single time. So if I was you definitely upgrade to version 2.8
  5. Black box😎 actually just ship them inside an Opticalrendu, That should protect them 😉
  6. Just Got my replacement v2.8 SD card this morning And all is good thanks vortecjr done the software update twice and everything works. And so far I’ve noticed that my Brooklyn DAC has connected perfectly every time I do a reboot, and Shown up in DAC diagnostics perfectly also. previously in DAC diagnostics Version 2.7, My Brooklyn DAC Was a bit hit and miss, But with version 2.8 every detail is correct every time I reboot. One difference I’ve noticed is when rebooting the opticalrendu It takes a little bit longer to restart. after the countdown It takes another 5 or 10 seconds to reappear. But when it does everything is great. Thanks
  7. Hi mate thanks for the advice but unfortunately I can’t even get to the settings to press Save, Just a constant red light
  8. Hi all, Just received my 2.8 SD card this morning and can’t get it working at all. I’ve put the original 2.7 SD card back in and everything works fine, so I haven’t got a clue what’s going on can someone please help. I’ve restarted the Router, restarted the opticalrendu, restarted the opticalmodule. I’ve tried absolutely everything and the light on the opticalrendu just won’t change from red, just constantly red. Both lights are on the opticalmodule, one solid green one flashing orange. Any insight would be much appreciated please, thanks
  9. Hi DancingSea I have to thank you for your encouragement and recommendation to try Roon. I have eventually got round to downloading a Roon trial and was very pleasantly surprised. As I don’t do any up-sampling, because at least in my system and equipment I find as direct play as possible to be the most revealing and all-round best, I experienced absolutely no deterioration in sound quality using Roon, compared to Aurdivana and Amarra Luxe. After a week I was so overjoyed with the fact that I have now found an audio player with such a superior, totally engaging and joyful library system, without the constant nagging doubt that a better sounding audio player exists, I purchased a full license. I also later trialled HQPLayer, but as I said previously have never found any improvement up sampling in my system (but was curious), and I was very pleased to find out that I didn’t this time either, saving myself an extra £120-ish. In fact the loss of detail and clarity was very noticeable to me, and after a few days trying different set ups it often crashed anyway. Personally I’ve had much more noticeable improvements over the years in my system trying to reduce noise from computer bits and bobs. Just recently I refreshed my quite large and convoluted Ethernet connections, changed some equipment to Wi-Fi, removed two ethernet switches and kept my Mac mini audio player on Ethernet. I have an old AV receiver (unrelated to my hi-fi set up) connected to the same Ethernet switch which has always been active in standby, but when I switched off that function so that it disconnects when it’s on standby, The sound quality from my Mac Mini improved greatly, not detail wise but much less harsh. I can only surmise that The AV receiver must’ve added some detrimental noise or interference to the network, because removing its connection changed sound quality significantly for the better. But without knowing what or how to measure I don’t know. Anyway, hopefully sonic studio will start to improve the library function of their player and App, so most of you that persist with them get better satisfaction, instead of some convoluted way you have decided to sacrifice to enjoy better sound quality in your systems. However if there is anybody else frustratingly persisting with sonic studio who does not up-sample and also find direct play to be better in their system, there is much better library functioning audio players out there now without reduction in sound quality, at least in my experience. Trial Roon, if it sounds no different with direct play, and you prefer that anyway, the library system is an absolute joy, and the accompanying app is also fantastic. Best wishes to everyone
  10. Yeah it is true we are on the wrong thread really, sorry. But my settings are pretty much exclusive mode, linear mode, no up sampling, allowing the maximum amount of memory for Audirvana as I can (because I don’t use that particular Mac Mini for anything other than music). but I won’t be able to check exactly until I get to look at my computer tomorrow. All my music is on an external Gtech FireWire 4 GB hard drive, and I stripped the operating system of, and removed, anything that isn’t required for audio playback. Also I’m still using the script thingy app that came with Amarra symphony that allows you to easily switch off much of the mac’s automatic operating nonsense, like spotlight and notifications...etc
  11. Hi DancingSea, I don’t find Audirvana harsh or aggressive in my system at all and my PV1 speakers can naturally be a little harsh if in the wrong system and set up. Have you tried a USB Reclocker? One of the best things I’ve bought in my system and very reasonable price. Lowers the noise floor massively and has given me a much more organic analogue sound. I was really surprised how much it improved the sound, removing most of the harshness of Computer audio. However, I really want to try your recommendation of Roon with HQplayer, just don’t have any money any more :-) but when I’ve got plenty of time I will trial both of them together, if that’s possible. Although I much prefer to not up sample and direct play to my Brooklyn DAC, I am also curious about the DSD up sampling with the Roon HQPlayer combination, as you give it such a glowing recommendation :-) Though I do find direct play with Audirvana much better than DSD up sampling with Audirvana. We will see.
  12. I’m exactly like you, sound quality is always the driving force. Which is why Amarra’s “new” ish audio players are so damn frustrating. However recently Audirvana has released an update with new options which seem to either lower noise floor or just increase musical detail dramatically. Although I only ever use direct mode, it for me, in my system, is far more absorbing than Amarra Luxe. Luxe is less detailed and in your face, but slightly wider soundstage. Audirvana now feels like I’m closer to the soundstage, in my system. A few are experiencing a few bugs with the new Audirvana SOX function, but I haven’t at all. also some consider it a little harsh, but in my system, in direct mode, it sounds lovely, natural and not harsh at all. Maybe because I use a W4S Recovery usb reclocker, one of the best things I’ve purchased, which lowers computer noise dramatically, even more with a good power supply. I also use a PV1 subwoofer to supplement my PM1’s lightweight bass to very pleasing effect. recently I put some memory foam under the granite chopping board under the subwoofer, revealing so much mid range detail and imaging, very pleased and very surprised. so Amarra Luxe isn’t so frustrating anymore, as for me it’s not the best sounding anymore, at this time. the advice nearly every Amarra user will tell you is functionality probably won’t be coming soon, if at all. Unfortunately That’s not an emotionally driven opinion, just fact based on many years experience with Amarra.
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