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  1. Its very kind of you to take the time Paul, 230v does make sense in the majority. Good luck up there and happy new year mate. Dave😁
  2. Hi Paul being a Brit whats the reason for 230v. Here in Birmingham we can get well over 250v and as you know 240v is the standard. Is it just an internal sales thing or due to transformer winding/design. Like you mentioned above reducing on the windings half to 115v. Just a matter of curiosity from the electrically ignorant. Thank you Dave 😊
  3. I remembered some members asked for Ram buffering.. as mentioned above for improving SQ. In this vain Chris maybe you pick out some AS member questions to ask but i can see the podcast was nice and informal so nothing too confrontational i hope. Suprised it is such a small team though for the size i perceived it was... More podcasts please, that was great. Happy new year all Dave😀🥳
  4. Some of the comments are valid but i really enjoyed the review.. I think you missed your calling in advertising, i wanted to rush out and get one..... your enjoyment shone through Thank you for taking time for us all to read. Have a wonderful christmas David
  5. I was looking to try a glass fiber Toslink, so wanted to know a decent cleaning technique. All of the rated gear is industrial 1 wipe antistatic dry and wet techniques. Purpose made for internal and external connections you gents use on fiber networks. No ones mentioned good cleaning here that ive seen but would it help in the sound department reducing errors. Or is it failure or just works with fiber? Just a thought.... and say hi to all here.. Good luck Dave Ect.. https://www.fttx-garage.com/claprod_view.aspx?TypeId=50051&Id=369&FI
  6. Some places do respraying on both car paints and powder coating. The Midlands is full of place but some do small jobs other than big industry for powder coating. If the cost is right it might be an option. Small car repair places ect.... Just a thought if it keeps the wife happy....
  7. At last a system that wasnt done by an American design firm... Joking Such beautiful set ups in lovely homes. This one feels more like the rest of us with LPS's and spaghetti.. Thanks @Abtr hope its sounds fantastic.. Good luck Dave
  8. You're a lucky boy doing what you love Chris. Surreptitiously enjoying such wonders through your eyes. I could do a Van Gogh and post my ears on your next trip... Videos of super systems playing seem more popular now, maybe next time take your recorder... video or sound.. Dave
  9. I said before crack the screws loose and put a small shim or washer in the gap.
  10. Dam fool.. that pan needs to be 99% pure copper and those cables arent cooked properly, audio poisoning can be serious...
  11. At least the wife wont ask for the stillpoints back so she can start dinner...
  12. Has anyone Emailed buffalo tech support, its always worth a try..
  13. Ive not had much luck ( no discernable effect) with VB control. Like Austinpop a headphone rig. Speakers yes.. with resonance, spacing from the floor what material they are on ( absorbing/ reflection of sound) decoupling. Moving parts like CD players, record players. Makes sense.... An EE in work found a circuit affected by SS capacitor bank (free standing) that vibration caused a voltage change. It led to a major redesign. A little OT and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I did want to try VB control in the PSU, 3 spaced blobs of silicon on electrolyte caps sorbthane u
  14. Really enjoyed the headphone review. TOTL headphones have been under appreciated in content on AS but its really pushing understanding and knowledge ....just pleasurable. Keep them coming.There are a few more id love to see on my wish list in a well written review. Head Amp have a strong pedigree, thier headamp gilmore mk2 was an afforable choice that still gives me musical enjoyment. Crystal clear and uncoloured. 1/3 cheaper now.. My Dan Clarks Ether2 works very well with it. I dont know if i could take Torquemada's personal headphones after the Ethers feather light engineering, bu
  15. @barrows Costs/value yes...In this game its not really, weighted on not that much disposable income and wanting something for nothing. Relatively i found the Qutest to be good value as Chords are out of my price range so it was great to finally get on the ladder. I should be happy its cheaper and sounds fantastic. I should be glad it can be leveraged.. but secretly i hope that was it.. no more extras. Been fun though i listen to your advice and never been happier... Stay happy and safe Dave😀
  16. Apart from barrows adopting you and making making another custom PSU... i live in hope ..😀 to me, a known good PS improved the SQ to my ears.. The quad cable from John S suggestion pre 360 makes a small difference but noticeable. Ghent do a good job of the canare cable for not a huge price. At the very least it looks nice... i bought an adapter for the Qutest but i believe you may be able to get one terminated.. DC barrel to Micro... For the cost minded its painful with the cost to squeeze that extra diminishing returns. My suggestion is to try one of the LT3045s regs boards on top
  17. Thanks Alex as kind as ever, a little bit of a sign off as the future is uncertain. A lot more lurking as no more purchasing, 2 years old and hungry comes first, i just can't add much to the conversation sadly, i just hope everyone here is as happy and safe as one can be... Kind regards Dave..
  18. My Qutest.. same listed info from before .. Swapping the wall wart to a lps1 made a lovely difference. As i couldnt afford the 1.2 i added an Ldovr Dxp1a5dsc. Those Lt3045s added more refinement to the already great power supply. I had the IFI DC ipurifier 2, experimenting a little i got a subtle increase fitting it inbetween them. Ill never be as knowledgeable as the kind above posters but the changes i heard more detail, pleasing to me. Ive been lucky enough to glean the information from the big thread and bought a nuc and used Linux. That was one of the biggest improvem
  19. Thanks Chris, looking back do you regret leaving the hair Salon industry...? 🤔 I've wanted to know more about the people on AS and what brought them here on lifes journey. (Not as in my wife on facebook, stalking people like CIA deep cover operative) Not even to give more credence or weight to thier posts and thoughts. Just to know about the nice helpful people here. If anything that people here are human being's first not a sound bite in a post. The Reviews have worked very well, setting a high bar. This will be a nice addition.
  20. Ah good old cheap Ebay converters onto the end of some pre made Gent cables. You will need a spare cable as its a through and through design... Me being anal deoxited and ultrasonic cleaned in 100% IPA Good luck Dave
  21. I made that mistake but got out of it with Alex's help. Its a fantastic design double regulated but do order the double for a lot less trouble later. In getting the voltage correct and having to fit it. I have mine with my original LPS1 feeding my Qutest. I did see a lot of interest pre Christmas across the audio web sites, so the price of popularity is patients...and other issues.. Take care Dave..😷😁
  22. Just ensure your temps are in the safe zone with any stress testing programs. Over clockers have used them for years for GPU CPU testing. With a poorly fitted heatsink not the best. Id just leave it on with the sound off...
  23. Middy

    Corona Virus

    After watching people panic buy, this brings back a little faith in my fellow humans.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-52026908
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