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  1. Is there no way to lower the size of the covers in the main library view in A+ for win.
  2. PerK

    New mac mini

    Mac mini 2012 sq-dimm 2014 soldered memory 2018 sq.dimm up to 64GB if you choose to upgrade to 64gb on apple shop. It cost whooping 1400 dollar
  3. PerK

    New mac mini

    Well i live in Sweden and did not find anywhere to repair my old mac mini. The memory is upgradable in the new mac mini. But the SSD is not. I don't se that as a problem, i am using external disc to store music and film files. I think i have seen on software forum that it is recommended to have the external disc on thunderbolt connection. Dac i will be using regular USB-a connection. But i guess it is possible to connect the Dac also to USB-C/thunderbolt connection using an adapter.
  4. just ordered the new Mac mini. What do you think about it as a media server. i was waiting for the new one to arrive as managed no F-upp the connector to the fan In my old mac mini while replacing HD to SSD. so for a couple of years it has been standing on laptop cooler,? is there any benefit using the new usb-c/thunderbolt connection while playing music. ? I am using audirvana to my dac
  5. Be able to use tidal interface with Audirvana Engine.
  6. Be able to sort my playlist in tidal "Date Added"
  7. PerK

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    is there any way to sort tidal play list in Audirvana to "date added"?
  8. Just had an update of Sierra. Did not solve integer mode problem. strange
  9. Its working now. Had to change to digital sound output signal to my receiver in DVD sound settings. All good now but thats strange?
  10. Suddenly i find that upsampling to DSD do not work anymore. when i hit that option o only get low sound with white noise. This used to work before. Using Matrix X-sabre dac
  11. Suddenly i find that upsampling to DSD do not work anymore. when i hit that option i don't get any sound only low white noise. This used to work before. Using Matris X-sabre dac
  12. Now that Audirvana/Tidal sound this good. What the heck should i do with all my flac files on may hard drive :-)))) Amazing, thanks
  13. If you have a another mail account that you can use to register a new Tidal account. You are good to go. Remember to create it through Audirvana preferences.
  14. This is Great. I have said the day A+ works with Tidal i will subscribe. And now i have done that and it works amazingly well. hurray.
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