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  1. My intention was to explain that I became sensitive because of LH, their behaviour caused even being too sensitive for regular, innocent enthusiasm from honourable companies I have bought several items from and probably will buy again. Sonore or Uptone has not and would not behave in that way, and I hope by explaining this a little better to take away that link. Indeed, that would be an insult and that was absolutely not my intention.
  2. Ok, I admit, I should retract my previous post and hope for Chromecast support. @The Computer Audiophile what takes you so long 😉
  3. I am becoming allergic to we won't say anything but it is great stuff coming up, let us all put pressure on someone else (this site's owner even) to reveal it. Ok, I admit it is probably because I got burnt when paying for LH labs Wave... And do not be afraid, I will probably fall for the etherRegen, optical module and other uptone and sonore combinations.
  4. Ok, this helped me, when I missed both my microRendu and ultraRendu on that page, while they were working fine. I think I had this twice or three times altogether. Removing all cookies etc might help too.
  5. Maybe you can try your browser's Incognito functionality / tab to open sonicorbiter.com?
  6. I think the journey for most people was: Level 0: cheap ethernet cable Level 1: fancy network cable (a la Audioquest Carbon) Level 2a: network isolator (Baaske, pink faun, others) Level 2b: 2 optical/FMCs, wall wart Level 3: replace wall wart with BOTWS/stabilized/ultracaps power. You can add 2a to 2b but I think general consensus is that level 3 gives better results. And then we have level 4: opticalRendu/specialized network hub/etherRendu/SoTM stuff which is very new/not delivered or compared yet.
  7. Switch power supplies and check again?
  8. You can try your microRendu card in the ultraRendu to check.
  9. I propose to label the sound files, if they are specific enough to kill cancer cells and not healthy cells, as Medical Quality Authenticated.
  10. It might be balanced, but floating, but otherwise you can adjust by wiring for balanced and maybe non floating too. 750v is much more than the 250 your system is asking....
  11. You have a USB powered wife?
  12. I do, it is a very convenient and good sounding solution, especially if you feed the ifi with an Sbooster. Not as good as an ultraRendu to usb in but I am much happier when my wife uses this instead of the audio out. Darko talked about this. Still have to try the usb-power-and-network adapter he suggested.
  13. May I suggest a small improvement? It would be nice if the Please reboot message could have a link directly to the reboot page itself.
  14. What voltage did you set? Does it work when you only use the ultraRendu with the cable?
  15. The times I got this I re-did the link between Roon and Tidal and that seemed to work.
  16. Ok that leaves the USB port on the uR to check. My TTs usb port got loose because of frequent insertion and wobbling of the rigid uspcb isoregen usbpcb ultrarendu stack.
  17. I once had a similar problem in combination with my Chord TT. It turned out to be that the usb connector on the TT had cracks in it, but it gave the same symptoms. Maybe the usb connector on your Rendu needs a check, with magnifying glasses? And make sure it gets the right voltage, when my microRendu got just 5v it was a bit flaky too.
  18. I am happy my DAC also does not have this issue but the Rendu's are just running software and software can be resilient. Rechecking, double-checking, using alternative routes might be possible, but not necessarily easy, or indeed possible when depending on third party drivers or OS.
  19. Chromecast support by the Rendus would really be great. Number one on my wishlist: my girlfriend could stick with Spotify, while I can use Tidal/Roon without having to change the setup (or DAC settings). It would really simplify a lot of things... I now have a Chromecast Audio directly on an input on my Integrated Amp (Primaluna), so she can easily listen to Spotify by pushing one button on the amp. And I have a second Chromecast Audio, bettered by an ifi SPDIF converter (powered by LPS-1) into my Chord TT, grouped with the first Chromecast Audio. I then can change Amp to DAC input and DAC to COAX so I can improve the quality when we are listening to Spotify. Or I use my microRendu into USBSD, in Spotify mode. Personally I use Roon, through USBHD connection of the Chord TT, on ultraRendu and isoRegen. Both LPS1-ed. If the Rendu supports Chromecast it would really simplify this (and no more input switching for no apparent reason in her opinion). I would sell a lot of this stuff to finance the Signature Rendu I promise you I will buy as soon as this functionality is there.
  20. I hit Update alle the time. Almost every week there is a minor update although the version number stays 2.6.
  21. Rebooting all stuff seems to have helped.
  22. I do not have VPN (as far as I am aware), and I am able to install packages (just installed mpd to check), but updating still gives this error. Are there any ports that should be open for this to work, or other things to check? I can ping sonicorbiter.com: Pinging sonicorbiter.com [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=232ms TTL=50 Reply from bytes=32 time=186ms TTL=50 Reply from bytes=32 time=170ms TTL=50 Reply from bytes=32 time=180ms TTL=50 and tracert: Tracing route to sonicorbiter.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 31 ms 286 ms 32 ms 2 * * * Request timed out. 3 14 ms 29 ms 11 ms gv-rc0011-cr101-ae98-0.core.as9143.net [] 4 93 ms 21 ms 42 ms asd-rc0001-cr101-bundle-ether106-1.aorta.net [] 5 * * * Request timed out. 6 22 ms 99 ms 18 ms nl-ams09b-ri1-ae5-0.aorta.net [] 7 52 ms 59 ms 17 ms 213-46-161-146.aorta.net [] 8 112 ms 141 ms 134 ms xe-8-3-0.cr0-nyc2.ip4.gtt.net [] 9 120 ms 124 ms 114 ms ip4.gtt.net [] 10 * * * Request timed out. 11 * * * Request timed out. 12 * * * Request timed out. 13 * * * Request timed out. 14 * * * Request timed out. 15 * * * Request timed out. 16 * * * Request timed out. 17 174 ms 202 ms 174 ms Trace complete.
  23. I do not need an update in any way - microRendu and ultraRendu working fine - but I get an error when trying to update: Cannot resolve sonicorbiter.com. Upgrade does not start. Your DNS might not be working. Server down? My DNS seems to be working fine.
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