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  1. That would be a sequence of one: only the isp modem was powered off and on. Rest was not powered off.
  2. Had to reboot the isp router again because ultrarendu, microrendu and chromecast audio were lost agaiin, but still works 8 hours later. I left all other devices powered on by the way.
  3. The 8 port switch is not connected to the ER, it is connected to the isp router. The ER is also connected to the isp router. I am reluctant to try to connect the Roon server to the ER, I prefer that it just works as it was. Powering the isp router off and on while keeping all the rest powered did restore all connections, it seems. Running for 12 hours now.
  4. Isp Router connected to etherRegen, 8 port switch, Philips hue, netgear Access Point. 8 port Switch to Roon Server, TV, Shield TV and IKEA tradfri. Netgear access point to other unrelated server and Microsoft Dock. The etherRegen replaced a netgear 5 port switch which is not used now anymore. Uptone 36 w power bricks for etherRegen, lps 1 powering microrendu, lps 1.2 powering ultraRendu, network power combo thing powering the chromecast audio. Rebooting the Isp router seems to work for a while.
  5. I also have connectivity problems. Both my ultraRendu and microRendu, and a Chromecast Audio that all are connected to the etherRegen get lost... All reserved ipadresses.
  6. Me too, and I am in the first batch but will be a week later than the Audiostore orders... Never suspected that 🙂
  7. For experience with the EtherREGEN you will just have to wait a few weeks. I guess the other reactions are because they prefer English as forum language?
  8. My intention was to explain that I became sensitive because of LH, their behaviour caused even being too sensitive for regular, innocent enthusiasm from honourable companies I have bought several items from and probably will buy again. Sonore or Uptone has not and would not behave in that way, and I hope by explaining this a little better to take away that link. Indeed, that would be an insult and that was absolutely not my intention.
  9. Ok, I admit, I should retract my previous post and hope for Chromecast support. @The Computer Audiophile what takes you so long 😉
  10. I am becoming allergic to we won't say anything but it is great stuff coming up, let us all put pressure on someone else (this site's owner even) to reveal it. Ok, I admit it is probably because I got burnt when paying for LH labs Wave... And do not be afraid, I will probably fall for the etherRegen, optical module and other uptone and sonore combinations.
  11. Ok, this helped me, when I missed both my microRendu and ultraRendu on that page, while they were working fine. I think I had this twice or three times altogether. Removing all cookies etc might help too.
  12. Maybe you can try your browser's Incognito functionality / tab to open sonicorbiter.com?
  13. I think the journey for most people was: Level 0: cheap ethernet cable Level 1: fancy network cable (a la Audioquest Carbon) Level 2a: network isolator (Baaske, pink faun, others) Level 2b: 2 optical/FMCs, wall wart Level 3: replace wall wart with BOTWS/stabilized/ultracaps power. You can add 2a to 2b but I think general consensus is that level 3 gives better results. And then we have level 4: opticalRendu/specialized network hub/etherRendu/SoTM stuff which is very new/not delivered or compared yet.
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