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  1. Superdad, I do not believe you, she must be 40-42ish I would estimate.
  2. Yes. The 2.8 version is on a new sdcard you can buy from Sonore or one of its partners, with a much newer version of the OS (as has happened once before). The page just indicates it is available.
  3. You are so wrong. It would be Corona proof like this:
  4. But leads to duplicate serial numbers so can be traced to the original purchaser.
  5. That is a joke in itself! Once, me and another Dutch friend were in Berlin, and the waiter really had a sense of humour. We told him he was the first German we ever met with a sense of humour. He fetched his colleague, and asked us to repeat the complement. His German colleague then told us our waiter was Spanish.
  6. In my system adding the EtherRegen made clear that the ultraRendu sounded better without the isoRegen (powered with lps1.2). YMMV, and it was not always super clear so do experiment.
  7. If you change speakers I can imagine that they will sound as if a veil was lifted.
  8. To me, your drawing looks as if the Mac mini is connected to both the EtherRegen and to the switch. And the EtherRegen is also connected to the switch so the Mac mini looks twice connected. I think it should be connected to the EtherRegen only. And the isoregen of course.
  9. Now it looks as if there is a connection between your Netgear and the Mac mini.
  10. I prefer a goodwill gesture above a Godwin gesture.
  11. Oops, my mistake, the isoregen is not a Sonore product. Anyway, I seem to remember a time where microrendu or ultrarendus were seen by some as a great combination with LPS-1 or 1.2s.
  12. Has this changed in the course of time? I bought an isoregen and LPS-1 combination, admittedly from vortexbox.uk because I am located in the Netherlands but I thought you did recommend and sell the LPS-1 at that time?
  13. As said by me elsewhere: I find adding the ISO regen after the microRendu indeed a step towards the ultraRendu but to my ears it degrades the ultraRendu just a little if you add it to that. And I could only hear that clearly after adding the etherregen: that was a bigger step than from micro to ultrarendu (I seem to remember) or adding the isoregen. In my system etc.
  14. Can you test without the isoregen? I have a similar setup, and although the ir improves my microrendu I find that my ultraRendu sounds better than mR+iR, and the ultrarendu on its own sounds better than uR+iR. All powered by Lps1.2s. I am curious about your findings. I tested for instance with Sinner Man, from Four woman: the Nina Simone Philips Recordings. This came especially apparent after adding the etherRegen: before adding that I did not really notice this clearly.
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