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  1. 'Curious' which cables you talk about. Most of the time sending back and forth second hand cables/for repairs is much less expensive than new orders. Some brands specifically say not to bend in the wrong direction.
  2. You can also just use simple RCA cables, looking at the specifications ('tulpstekkers').
  3. I got an answer from Chord, good tip. Dear Sir, thanks for your email. Testing this on my own Mscaler; if it is running over USB on Auto, and I switch the TV on, it will stay on USB until the signal is stopped. At that point, it switches to the optical signal from the TV. All the best
  4. I think so too, as it is not in the manual, but the question has been here for a few months. For instance: does it switch to a connection that becomes active only when all other inputs are off/not used, or does it switch anyway (which I would like: listening to music (USB) I switch to tv (OPTICAL 1), will it switch to tv or does it keep playing music)?
  5. USB, not optical or dual coax...interesting... Admit it, it is a device to prevent heavy USB cables to fall out of a USB socket! Similar things have been done before! Ok, will keep waiting...
  6. What is the estimated release year for the next thing? 2021 still possible?
  7. With what cables does the Farad3 sound less than the LPS1.2, and which better, in your opinion?
  8. Can someone explain how the auto select of the Mscaler operates? Does it switch to a newly started source? When listening to music using USB, will it switch to tv on optical as soon as I turn on TV, or do I need to stop the music? And does it switch back to music if I pause and play it? What does it mean that USB has priority? And with more than two sources?
  9. And now on topic: I am still trying to pursue that state (of equipment) where I can indeed make out the differences in cables etc. I have tried a speaker upgrade (from Totem Model One Signatures to Dynaudio Heritage Special) and that really made a difference but when I took my Chord TT to the local Chord dealer to compare to TT2 I realised those model ones already let me hear some faults of the TT1... So now I have to do both (trying to ignore the additional costs for the mscaler), and I guess source indeed comes first. I initially was very surprised by the difference USB (cleanup and cable) gear, and even more surprised by the difference network gear (Etherregen) can make, but goosebumps really come from source & loudspeakers. I think, still discovering. And do put a carpet in your room.
  10. If you think alcohol helps for music appreciation you really should try the stuff they sell at the store @sphinxsixposted a picture of (which happens to be in the town I live too). Same particles as that cigar, much different experience.
  11. I would like to promote the use of the upvote button (arrow up) for me too and I agree!
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