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  1. FYI I too asked for the iOS features in Lock Screen and it was fed back as not relevant for the LUMIN customers. I have this feature with Sonos and it’s very useful !!
  2. Sounds odd.. I have a new mini and use my iPhone 12 Pro Max and have only needed to setup tidal once. It has been streaming almost 24x7 for 10 days.. perhaps a reset and re-setup.
  3. Did some quick searches and as often the case in HiFi, uncovered the Mariana Trench in discussions.. Put simply - the concept seems to be all about impedance mismatch and cable reflections and 1.5M being a supposed ideal in balance of reflection attenuation vs pickup of additional noise.. Interesting that so few promote a 1.5m cable as a sellable unit.. Some explanation here. https://www.lessloss.com/lessloss-digital-cable-p-195.html
  4. Any details why? I read something around wavelengths of SPDIF signals. I assume if someone were designing a product for an internal linkage of SPDIF (and why would they), they would have low tx power for a v short distance. I wonder if some products prefer some attenuation? (not that 1.5M of decent spec 110 ohm AES cable has much loss)..
  5. Re 2. - Thank you! DHCP in a home setup can take a small amount of time.. Re 1. - mine is v short (12cm of cable).. Deliberately to remove cable effects.. What are the reasons for the 1.5M? I have read this somewhere else re SPDIF before.
  6. Confirmed working.. it is a bit confusing re the 'login' as there are no password fields.. Unless I had a radio station set to 'favourite' in the web app online, then LUMIN didn't do anything. Once I had a channel added, then it appeared with just the login username (email). TuneIn obviously allows favourites to be pulled without any authentication (which seems odd)..
  7. I forgot to add that the UI Mini can upsample audio feeds.. I only tried 44.1 KHz standard PCM from TIDAL (FLAC). It allows for 2x, 3x etc and also conversion to DSD.. When streaming into the Mytek DAC using USB (but again on amplified desktop hifi speakers) I could not hear any benefit. In fact in general, I thought the original sounded a teeny bit better. My DAC is pretty good by most standards, so expect this may have been less of an advantage to that DAC. I could not hear anything re DSD vs PCM either. Leaving that setting off.. Naturally the upper clock rates and DSD need the USB connecti
  8. The app seems to ask for a username but then does not provide a password box. I went and registered with TuneIn and hence was baffled that the App does not ask for the two fields.
  9. Update time: As some of you know I started this thread seeking a way of getting rid of Roon, Roon Core (Rock), Roon client and potentially also my Sonore MicroRendu. My goal was to have something as simple as Sonos ZP90 (cloud/app powered UX streamer). Your advice on here led me to look at options: Auralic Aries G1 - great reviews for the App. Hardware looks good. On greater digging realising that Spotify is not embedded in the App (uses the connect path that Spotify seems to be pushing). That was an initial issue.. so I kept looking Aurender - Strong positives from some of you..
  10. Many thanks.. Makes perfect sense. Also why I put my last mention of 'bug' in quotes as it sounded intentional/related.
  11. Thanks for the reply..I did some tests and the 'bug' is with the Lumin, relating to having both USB and AES connected.. Following your request I have removed the USB and MQA via AES works (as it did using USB) - no issues... Is there a performance/stability reason of the U1 Mini for not having both USB and AES connected at the same time to the DAC and being able to switch? I note that on removing the USB connection the U1 Mini no longer understands what DAC is connected (which makes sense of course). Is there a product development preference on the interface? ie more focus/testing with USB? Ag
  12. Hi @wklie - please suggest if there is a better forum for providing feedback? I have noted something a little buggy re MQA.. The U1 Mini - I am testing the sound between USB and AES out into my Mytek Brooklyn DAC (MQA compliant).. On changing tracks via USB the MQA lock is quick and the 'blue dot' of MQA full onfold is quick and solid.. Via AES the lock is slower and intermittent for the first 10-20 secs.. The blue dot comes and goes and soft audible pops are heard.. Might this be a bug? AES over USB sounds (to me) just a little better - teeny bit more natural. No cable playing here - very bas
  13. Hi Peter, sorry to push a little.. but why not 'appropriate'? Does your customer base almost exclusively use an iPad/PC/Mac?
  14. Hi Peter - @wklie - Just got 'my' evaluation U1Mini.. Liking things so far.. QQ - one feature that is REALLY nice from Spotify Connect is that the app has a persistence in the lock screen (simple track skip and volume) on iOS.. Is this something you considered? Especially for the iPhone as it makes for such an easy interaction for a track skip or volume change etc?? Best, Simon
  15. To provide an answer to the OP - I exchanged quite a few emails with Nick of Longdog audio in the UK (selling through MCRU). I even sent him my Chinese 12v 5A rated PSU I bought from there (he measured it as a favour) to compare with his own.. Under load my Chinese linear PSU was a bit noisy (still not bad in his assessment) The specs of his PSUs are very good. Not bonkers money either.. I would suggest starting there..
  16. Probably 😂 I don’t recall seeing a reviewer of a streamer comparing with their laptop and saying the laptop was better.. hence the general opinion that dedicating streaming to an optimised device is more widely reported to be best. Perhaps a specific DAC is very agnostic of the source, but again from what I have read over the years, many are affected by streamer quality (hence ever more high end streamers exist, people modify power supplies, endless devices are available to ‘improve’ usb audio.
  17. Hi - I believe there is broad consensus that a dedicated streamer will always outperform a PC or Mac connected directly. It also makes control simpler in my view as I don’t want or have my home computer in the living room.
  18. The LUMIN U1 Mini is arriving next week and I’ll be putting it through it’s paces and seeing if I have found the right match! Aurender was just too expensive a device for me.
  19. Considerably less experience than your own! In that very limited experience, I have found the DACs that can interface with AES (and the right source) to sound more natural than those where they were using USB. So many variables and not a point I can defend, just a personal conclusion I have made. Just checking an aspect of your comment - my understanding is that USB inputs to a DAC mean the DAC is the bit master and pulls from the streamer/source. The opposite being true for AES/SPDIF etc. If this is correct, would USB not place more demands (additional functions in the source device) to your
  20. Quite agree. With the LUMIN I will be able to test usb vs aes into the Mytek and compare. I also have a Mutec MC3+USB that I inserted into my USB streamer chain (Rendu). That did improve things. It also replaced the USB in for the Mytek as I took AES out of the Mutec device.. while subtle, my conclusion from tinkering over the years is that audio interfaces (AES) etc produce the best results and USB is one of those applied technologies to audio that is has plenty of catch-up to do in refinement (and more source dependant).
  21. Hi Peter - thank you.. I have ordered a U1 Mini from Audiobarn for home trial and will see how I get on- Spotify using connect and Tidal via your app... I have a Mutec Mc3+USB between my current streamers and my Mytek DAC (AES into the DAC).. so will be seeing if the Mutec still has any value as a re-clocker. My gut feel is that the Mytek DAC is happier with AES in than USB in..
  22. I have a Roon rock core on a pc running on the same LAN (different room). I have not used it for a while, but found the Roon client would ask for a login after a while. The server would have auto slept. My rendu I likely had turned off as not playing music for a bit. Hence, when in the mood I had to boot up, tinker around and never enough like an appliance. My own fault for not using it much, but just found it too much of a faff. As all my music is streamed from cloud services I generally prefer the Sonos approach where it’s always waiting and always quick.
  23. I think my next step needs to be a loaner LUMIN mini and a play.. thank you all for enriching this thought process!!
  24. Ouch. So only Sonos has the native Spotify integration then..? My ZP90 player is outdated now and shelved for app support so perhaps this is changing in the new S2 app..
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