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  1. If I can save anyone who's looking for solid information about the Yggdrasil a few excruciating hours: skip everything after about page 14 or 15 of this thread. Nothing here but sniping and petty pissing contests. OK, a few good posts too, but they sink in a sea of unselfconscious, ultra-repetitive whining. I think Chinese water torture might be more enjoyable. I only joined CA less than a week ago and if this is the caliber of what I may expect on these boards, no thanks. Peace out.
  2. That was a good read, thank you. It's also fortuitous in that, while reading your piece, I decided on a whim to look up and listen to the Crazy World of Arthur Brown, and aI came across the Zim Zam Zim album, with Junkyard King. It is a knock-me-on-my-ass thrilling track — one of the greatest songs I'd never heard. Is that where Tom Waits and Nick Cave learned their craft?
  3. Oh, I believe you, although I don't understand to what end Jack would've made his request. I'm only saying that the official name of the tubed power supply is the WA7tp, and that remains so today. The WA7 is the amplifier unit.
  4. Since the beginning of the year I've had a month or more of in-home audition time with each of these: Sennheiser HD 800 Beyerdynamic T1 Audeze LCD-3 Stax Omega SR-007 Hifiman HE1000 Audeze LCD-4 I liked them all a lot (except the T1, which sounded less engaging to me than my older, much more affordable T90). The only ones I love, not just like, are the LCD-4 and the HE1000. Those are the two I bought. They complement each other nicely. The HE1000 has a more or less "velours" sonic character, and somehow renders even mediocre recordings with a very pleasing lusciousness while still delivering otherworldly levels of accuracy. The LCD-4 is a bass beast with the tautest bottom-end slam I've ever heard from a pair of headphones. If the HE1000 brings you to your knees with a fist inside a velvet glove, the LCD-4 will knock you on your ass as if it were the hammer of Thor himself. Both are more than capable of great delicacy and subtlety when the music calls for it, and both are masterful at reproducing vocals, percussion, and most other instruments with near-holographic precision. Each lets you follow the decay of every piano note or cymbal splash as if you were in the recording space. Music sounds "real," authoritative, and effortless. The HE1000 is the date you take to a Michelin-starred restaurant; the LCD-4 is the date you go clubbing with. If I had to pick one to "do it all," I'd probably take the Hifiman over the Audeze. But I'd always miss the subwoofer-like bottom-octave power that makes the LCD-4 so addictive to listen to.
  5. Go to the current product page for the WA7: Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies headphone amplifier with built-in USB 24/384K Digital-to-Analog Converter Direct quote: "The WA7tp (left) is a vacuum tube external linear power supply utilizing two 12AU7 tubes as rectifiers"
  6. There are some head-scratchers in this review. Woo Audio hasn't been around for "several" years — the company started a dozen years ago, in 2004. The owner's name isn't "Jack Woo." Woo is the name of the company, but the founders' family name is Wu. The model number for the tubed power supply isn't WA7 (that's the amplifier unit), but WA7tp. What does "the interception of new and old" mean? What is being intercepted? Perhaps the reviewer means "intersection"? "The mirrored round knob on the front of the power supply..." No such thing. Both units are available in brushed steel or black. Not a single part on either unit, in either finish, is "mirrored." Cheers, FF
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