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Audio System

Naim Audio 72/250DR/Tellurium Black II

PSB Image T6 Speakers

ELAC Debut B6 Speakers

Schiit Yggdrasil A2, MHDT Paradisea+, Halide HD DACs

Linn LP-12/Hercules II/Ittok/Denon DL-103R

Schiit Loki, Jotunheim, NAD and Grado cans

Synergistic power, Audience, Phasure, Wyred4Sound, Uptone, and boutique cables, etc.


"Everything Counts in Large Amounts..."



Digital iTunes/Macbook, Blue Jeans Cat 6A, Netgear Orbi/Airport Express, MapleShade Optical, W4S Remedy (Uptone LPS-1 + ZenWave Audio silver DC cable), Oyaide DB-510 silver BNC, Schiit Yggdrasil A2 + SR UEF Black power cable, ZenWave DIN/RCA, Naim Audio (AV Options TibiaPlus), PSB speakers.

Power Blue Circle Audio FX2 X0e power (digital only) + SR Tesla T3 power cable. Dedicated AC line, SR TeslaPlex SE.


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