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  1. @Jud OTOH, with the EtherREGEN and a Transparent Audio Ethernet cable out the B-side, the sound is so fantastic I can listen with eyes open and feel the emotion as if my eyes were closed or I were in a darkened room! But I still do prefer a darker environment as I believe our brains are too wired for sight. There's some research about plasticity and how even a little bit of light reaching the eyes will cause our brains to bias for sight rather than amp up other senses like hearing. Seems reasonable. Anyway, what an glorious time to have such affordable hi-res gear!
  2. Thanks for reporting this because I'll be trying the ER shortly with a new component and will test that Swedish Supra CAT-8 cable that was all the rage a few years back as well as the inexpensive Cable Matters cable that Alex recommended somewhere here. I'll be sure to use shield-tied only on the B-side.
  3. Thank you for sharing, both the system and the world's cutest!
  4. Thank you–I typically only have phones connected to wi-fi although lately Google Chromecast has been in use. I wish I knew more about networking as I tried Jud's suggestion by setting up my AEx in bridged mode. Things connected but no sound came forth. But whatever, a couple unexpected non-sonic benefits came from the experiments.
  5. So it would be Orbi Satellite receiving wi-fi then Ethernet to AExpress (not Extreme) and then optical out.... Huh, I don't know if that will work. I wonder if you have to turn off the AEx's wi-fi in the setup. So if this does work, I'd put the ER in before AEx as you say. Thanks for posting @Jud–I'll look into it later this week perhaps. Hmmm...
  6. Agreed, can't hurt to try but in my situation I don't have a renderer that accepts Ethernet input. As I said, software is part of the mess and I know how good the Uptone LPS-1.2 sounds driving the W4S Remedy fed by Mapleshade optical. Very idiosyncratic chain, I know, but it sounds glorious with local network files. Spotify, meh, good enough for parties if I'm not really listening. Need to try Qobuz as other ears I trust say it's better.
  7. Thank you, @adamaley. No, what is unexpected (or perhaps entirely expected) is that putting ER before Orbi mesh wi-fi yields so much sonic goodness in my system. As I wrote, I had not intended to use it this way and I had hoped to have a device after the wi-fi as you suggested to enable me to use both Ethernet and the ER just before the <Lumin/Auralic/whatever> sending AES to the DAC. I expect this will take things to another level entirely, but things are really pretty dang awesome already. I'd rather spend $$$ on better speakers now than more digital! (And digital is complicated for me because the software is part of the mess.) This has been a supremely satisfying journey of stepping up my system via various changes that have yielded substantial improvements. I use the same test tracks and have both vinyl and digital. The vinyl "doesn't change" (much) so it's a long-standing reference point, and I've heard other effortlessly outstanding systems as well. For my config and home and ears, the ER truly lets digital sing (even if it's ahead of wi-fi by necessity).
  8. EtherRegen arrived this afternoon. Nice gift to myself fortuitously appearing on this sunny Friday afternoon. Impressions? Ha ha ha, here's the one you're gonna love to hate (great Halford song, by the way): My intended use was to place the ER ahead of my DAC like everyone else. I just needed something ahead of my DAC that would accept Ethernet input. And I meant to get something (Lumin, Auralic, Innuous, or something...), but with all that's going on, it just never happened (at least not yet). So, why let this go to waste? I put it in where it made "sense," as close to the DAC as possible: MacBook server/Ethernet -> EtherRegen/Stock PwrSupply/Ethernet -> Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi -> Apple AirportExpress/Mapleshade Clearlink Optical -> W4S Remedy/Uptone LPS-1.2 -> Yggy A2/Naim/Tellurium Black/PSB Go ahead, doubters gonna doubt, haters–yep this is another one you love to hate. I'm just going to say that as with all Uptone products I own, the clearly audible improvement (not just "different") in recording transparency, freq extension, timbral realism, micro dynamics, sonic coherence, and PRaT is putting such a BIG grin on my cabin-feverish face that I am glad we just got extended another month here in Seattle. The ultimate achievement: I'm hearing things and hearing balance and feeling energy that makes me want to listen all night, rediscovering my music collection. Just soooo good...thank you Alex and John, yet again!
  9. Yes, blah blah blah. There's a band whose bassist plays a bass that goes to eleven necks... 😉 Ha ha, thanks for both those pics. Putting on Awaken now...(and of course Squire would use the EtherRegen if here were still alive!)
  10. I so appreciate the diagrams–better than pictures alone, and leagues ahead of video. And the playlist, too. Thank you again, @austinpop!
  11. Yes, thank you! These albums are part of my non-critical listening playlist–songs a system has to emotionally reproduce by getting out of the way. I have been a big fan of Orzabal's "solo" TFF Elemental, Raoul, and self-titled album, too. The later albums are rich, emotionally imbued compositions that make me reflect on different things with each listen. Sorry if that's damning with faint praise, but music is so personal to begin with, YMMV ("must" vary!). Thanks again for this rich history. I'll be rereading it a few times. p.s., And what a great full name! Roland Jaime Orzabal de la Quintana
  12. Yes, these stories are the kinds of things that I suspect could be “standardized” with options and recommended configured at each step. I don’t expect the infinite combinations to be represented, just perhaps the most likely supported ones (software, it requires support). And there are the platforms: Mac, PC, Linux, combos, Roon, etc. Anyway, thanks for considering.
  13. Well, you know how these various Linux or other audio software setups are rife with options for every option under the sun. It would be nice to have a brain-dead set of instructions on how to get most, if not all, of the way "there" to where you have music coming out of your "computer" gear. I'd imagine there are consistencies in setup to get to certain hardware or sound quality decision points for most potential users. At least for a couple of the main options like Pi and Linux and these Allo boxes. I imagine there are technically capable people like myself (gimme the benefit of the doubt, ha ha–I work in software) who don't have gobs of uninterrupted tweaking time but who are interested in the next step if it appears worth the effort. But then again, maybe the answers for people like me are products from Pro-Ject and Auralic. Anyway, just $0.02.
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