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  1. Just swiping tracks when playing the respective playlist removes them from the list. Easy peasy. Moving them to another spot in the list is also easy. 😊
  2. Ehhmm..? Really? Have you even read the manual..? Of course these things are possible, and very easy too!
  3. True. And one of the reasons for Aurender not to use these high powered CPU's is indeed to reach a higher SQ. This is not a unique stance by the way and more server suppliers follow this same strategy. Sure this means Roon is likely off the table. But I agree with several others here that SQ should ALWAYS come first. Although I have a very high-end DAC which also serves as a Roon endpoint I have never reached the level of SQ through Roon as through my W20. Ever. If that were the case I would have sold my W20 and would have been able to buy loads of music for the sales price. 😊 But no, it simply sounds WAY to good to part from it. And I'm very glad it does.
  4. Fully agree! We can live with extra delays; we are all grown-ups. But if Aurender participates here it would be fair to expect an answer, even when it's not a desired one.
  5. This is the last time I'm asking about the current timelines of the long promised new UI skins, since after several times of asking already and getting NO response whatsoever this is getting rather embarassing.. 😞 @AriMargolis Your input would be very much appreciated. Again..
  6. @AriMargolis, any news on the update including new skins..? It's been very quiet from your side..
  7. @AriMargolis, a few months ago you indicated on this forum that the update would be there soon. Could you please give us an update on the currently expected timelines? Much appreciated!
  8. Great! The million dollar question obviously remains: when will this be available...? 😏
  9. Conductor 2.9.18 available now. Must say I'm underwhelmed and for non-ACS10 users changes are very marginal. @AriMargolis I was hoping for the big visual facelift we are asking for for several years. When do you expect a first update in that direction? Thanks!
  10. Just curious as I also own a W20. What exactly do you mean with 'improves the W20's SQ quite a bit'? Do you mean the CD ripping quality? Other things? Thanks.
  11. Maybe this could help. Using Aurender W20 and dCS Rossini Player + clock. When listening to my EAC-ripped CD's played through the W20 to the Rossini DAC/Player (through an ultra high-end USB cable) they sound really excellent, but always SLIGHTLY less transparent and dynamic than played directly from disc in the dCS Rossini Player. As always YMMV.
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