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  1. If indeed vinyl and DAC cause the same unnatural glare the issue would be likely in the Harbeth tweeters and/or the room.
  2. Well, that's a tough one.. 😬 My first guess would be to take a look at the DAC, maybe in combination with the Harbeths. There's a LOT of processing going on in the PS Audio and I've heard some people saying it's got some sort of unnatural glare in the higher tone regions. I haven't heard the PS Audio myself, so I really cannot comment on it myself. But if it's true it might be a sub-optimal match with your Harbeth tweeters. The rest of your system to me looks less likely to cause the glare you are talking about. But obviously there's a lot of if's and guessing from my side here.. 😉
  3. Just change the selection from the Aurender symbol (having the same shape as the on-off button of your Aurender) into the Tidal symbol. Push the Aurender symbol from within e.g. the Search function for a second or so to change to Tidal. Done!
  4. Nice to hear you love your Rossini. So do I! Regarding the network streamer: I love that possibility on the Rossini too. However it quickly became clear to me that the sound in that case (using Roon) cannot compete with using my Aurender as the server. So that one is staying where it is. YMMV, of course.
  5. Don't. It's for Android phones! 😁 Aah, and indeed also for tablets, as I read just now. 😏
  6. I think it's really great. I am betatesting it now and there are still some small issues to be solved. But all in all: it's really impressive. 😊
  7. Not too long. I would say about a week of constant play.
  8. It's a known problem with iOS9.x. Will be solved with an update very soon (in beta now).
  9. You will love the upgrade to the W20 from your N10. I did the same. 😊👍
  10. @AriMargolis You have probably heard both versions side by side? Could you maybe share your experiences, especially w.r.t. SQ? Thanks!
  11. Exactly, the clock upgrade is also redundant for me as I'm using USB. Decoupling Ethernet is easily done outside the W20. The SMPS in the current W20 is only connected directly to the non-audio stuff and all audio related circuits are being fed by it through the battery pack only. So that's why I'm wondering if the SQ improvement will be worth it.
  12. I understood earlier that no upgrade path will be available for current W20 owners. I'm somewhat underwhelmed by the upgrades TBH and I'm wondering what the price uplift of $ 4.400,- will bring to an improvement of the actual SQ (which will not be an easy job). I will be curious to hear both versions side by side, but if there will indeed be no upgrade path possible I'm quite sure I will let this one pass. 😏
  13. Guess you have tried the latest 3.0 version already (just a few days old)? Use it for a while and you will discover some nice new features. Also a completely new Android phone app is on its way. It's looking to become great too. 😊
  14. It's not fully correct by the way. The current W20 supports DSD128 (over USB), not just DSD64.
  15. It's coming soon. Trust me! 😊👍
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