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  1. Thanks! Interesting... We both use USB and different DAC's. In both cases only one channel is affected; in your case the right channel and in mine the left. Does seem related to the Aurender update indeed. Thanks again, might be very useful information! 👍
  2. Thanks. Have you been able to check which channels are affected?
  3. Thanks, would be happy to hear from you. In the meantime a formal incident has been raised with Aurender and dCS. Which DAC are you using?
  4. Hi Ari, I just noticed v3.3.60 for iPad has been released 3 days ago. I guess this is the latest version you are referring to? I have installed it and tested it, but the problem is still there. Kindly let me know which options there are. Thanks, Vincent
  5. Hi Ari, Thanks for your quick response, much appreciated! I would certainly like to get the beta app already now, as I've already filed a complaint with dealer and distributor of Aurender and dCS. If this is it, all will be happy. Kindly let me know how to achieve this. I'm already a beta tester. Thanks again!
  6. Usually it disappears by itself but not always. Turning DAC on and off often helps indeed. Q. to you: with me the problem is always in the left channel only. Strange.. Same with you? Thanks!
  7. Some smaller problems here too. When changing sample rates, regularly the left channel is distorted for the first 10 secs or so and then restores again. Using W20 and dCS Rossini Player over USB. Pretty annoying; this never happened before the update. @AriMargolis, could you please chime in?
  8. Correct, no standby anymore. Just pause playing and standby kicks in automatically after a few mins.
  9. Same here: no problems whatsoever. Using W20 and dCS Rossini.
  10. I had the same impression. And indeed I think this is the first FPGA upgrade I'm aware of.
  11. Absolutely recommended: Cardas myrtle wood blocks, 3 under each device. They work wonders AND are pretty cheap. I have them below preamp, amp, DAC, clock and W20. Also work great with speaker cables. There's hardly any application where they do not work well. Just try them!
  12. I haven't listened to the ACS10 myself, but considering its functionality and price point I think it's safe to assume that its SQ is closer to the N10. I had the N10 and was pretty much shocked about how much better the W20 is. It's very expensive, yes, but it's also way better. With Aurender you will get what you pay for. 😉
  13. I can well imagine that building your own solution will end up cheaper and could also be better sounding than a turn-key solution such an Aurender. But those two cannot really be compared. Aurenders are meant for people who don't want to be involved in too much 'computer stuff' and tuning things themselves. Also the aluminium casing accounts for a large part of the overall costs. You will not be able to get such a great-looking casing for a DIY project. Different horses for different courses. 😉
  14. Also my experience. Went from an X100L to an N10; very big step in SQ! And afterwards I was lucky to be able to buy an almost new W20 for a good price. Also a very big step forward. I can truly say that every Aurender is priced according to its performance.
  15. If indeed vinyl and DAC cause the same unnatural glare the issue would be likely in the Harbeth tweeters and/or the room.
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