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  1. I guess the main difference is not so much the fact that the N30SA has 2 boxes instead of one - although it does seem to have a very extensive LPS in one of them and separation should indeed help SQ. The main difference is the battery based PS of the W20SE, which is extremely quiet. I can imagine this different approach will give each player its own sound character. Would like to hear them side by side in my own system to be able to test the theory.
  2. Within the right system the step up from the N10 to the W20 is BIG. When I first listened to a comparison between the two at home we were using Arvo Pärt's ECM recording of 'Es sang vor langen Jahren', which starts off by string players playing a note by fiercely moving their bows on the strings. The N10 sounded really rough and coarse compared to the W20, which was so much cleaner, more refined and contained so much more tone that I was literally convinced within 10 seconds. It's very likely due to its battery power supply, which creates a much darker background for the music to shine. I
  3. Most of what can be measured can be easily heard. Most of what you hear cannot be measured at all.

  4. Sorry to read about your troubles. But, why would you shut down your W20 each time? The usual practice would be to leave it in stand-by by pushing the pause button (on the W20 or in Conductor). After 5 minutes or so the W20 will go into sleep mode. Problem solved.. 😉
  5. Indeed, this is absolutely crazy. The dealer should pay for the damage. Simply impossible that those screws were fixed before shipping. This sounds like someone has opened your N10 for whatever reason before shipping it. Sounds very suspicious to me and I myself would not accept this. Good luck handling the case.
  6. @AriMargolis I have a question on the W20 and ripping CD's with a Melco D100. Currently I'm using the Melco to rip my CD's using EAC through my laptop. After ripping I move them to the W20 over my network. Settings for the Melco are rather critical: offset in EAC is +638 as per Melco's advice. Now, I know that I can probably also connect the Melco rip drive to the W20 directly. What would likely give the best results? I think I would get the CD metadata automatically with the direct connection to the W20, correct? But likely I will not be able to change the read offset? And I would be tie
  7. I am not using an Etherregen myself but this device can be regarded as an audiophile switch, with which I do have a lot of experience. As such you can expect very audible improvements; especially more clarity and resolution. A high-grade LPS can improve results even further. In this area there are many options to choose from (Farad, SBooster, NuPrime etc.). You should really try a few to see what works best for you. And yes, Ethernet cables do influence SQ, especially the last one going to your Aurender. Also try and listen to find the best match within your budget. My W20 is VERY responsive i
  8. I guess your question involves possible noise while the harddisk is spinning to transfer data to the SSD. I have owned several Aurenders (X100L, N10, W20) and have never been able to audibly detect the harddisk spinning. The harddisk is very well damped inside the device. I haven't used the N100H myself, so maybe owners of that model can chime in. I would expect a similar outcome.
  9. As indicated by Ken: the Bartók is one hell of a DAC. So yes, it will be a huge upgrade. Considering the X100: if your budget allows you could consider listening to an N10 too (maybe a used one!) or even an N20. The N10 does sound considerably better than the X100 (which uses an SMPS instead of an LPS). But again, it's about budget. The N10/N20 would be a great match with the Bartók, but you could also be happy with an X100.
  10. In your case I would indeed think about a better DAC (the Bartók is great!) first. Indeed the X100 could then be a good next move. I started with the X100L myself, then moved to the N10 and then to the W20. All are significant upgrades, but in your case I would think it would be more logical to start with a better DAC as the foundation first.
  11. Not sure if you are referring to FLAC vs. WAV. But in case you are, I think this topic is primarily related to the two audio formats. I don't think it is hardware dependant.
  12. I don't agree with some of the others here. I do feel there's a slight difference in SQ between FLAC and WAV, with the latter sounding slightly more transparent. Considering the low cost of data storage these days I would suggest to let your own ears decide. If you hear a difference I would rip in WAV. If you don't, it is a non-issue for you. 😉
  13. I agree! It's really nice and fast too. 👍🏻
  14. Hi Ponzi. Same here; I'm using a wonderful Melco S100 switch between the W20 and the router with a Crystal Absolute Dream Ethernet cable. It really does improve things hugely, but I would expect this to be independant from the impact of the digital connection between the Aurender and DAC. It is well known that the implementation quality of the different digital interfaces of a DAC (AES, USB, coax etc.) can vary greatly and this will have a very big impact on the resulting sound quality. Probably even more than the cable quality being used.
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