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  1. OK, then I misunderstood. So, can you explain to me what convolution filters are? Would like to understand. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm using the W20 (not the SE) and Rossini and clock. W20 is connected to Rossini through an ultra high-end USB cable (Crystal Cable Dreamline Plus - mono crystal silver). My dealer tested this against the same quality double AES/EBU and also linking the clock to the W20. There was no quality difference to speak of, so I chose USB; much less expensive this way. Rossini + clock is a very big upgrade. Vivaldi clock even more so. Roon indeed will NOT work with the W20 (only Airplay and you don't want this). I can still use Roon with the Rossini. But the audio quality with the W20 is considerably higher. I don't miss Roon, to be honest. Still using Roon to index the content of the W20, so it will add album art etc. You will lose any Roon related filters when using the W20. But the Rossini has all the filters you will ever need.
  3. Wow, that sucks big time.. 😔 I guess in this case you should approach your dealer to ask for a repair. Maybe they can provide you with a temporary replacement? Hope it will be solved soon!
  4. Hmm.. I've never had this myself until the latest update.. 🤔
  5. I have the exact same issue. Weird and rather annoying too.. Must be a bug in the latest app version..
  6. Thanks! Interesting... We both use USB and different DAC's. In both cases only one channel is affected; in your case the right channel and in mine the left. Does seem related to the Aurender update indeed. Thanks again, might be very useful information! 👍
  7. Thanks. Have you been able to check which channels are affected?
  8. Thanks, would be happy to hear from you. In the meantime a formal incident has been raised with Aurender and dCS. Which DAC are you using?
  9. Hi Ari, I just noticed v3.3.60 for iPad has been released 3 days ago. I guess this is the latest version you are referring to? I have installed it and tested it, but the problem is still there. Kindly let me know which options there are. Thanks, Vincent
  10. Hi Ari, Thanks for your quick response, much appreciated! I would certainly like to get the beta app already now, as I've already filed a complaint with dealer and distributor of Aurender and dCS. If this is it, all will be happy. Kindly let me know how to achieve this. I'm already a beta tester. Thanks again!
  11. Usually it disappears by itself but not always. Turning DAC on and off often helps indeed. Q. to you: with me the problem is always in the left channel only. Strange.. Same with you? Thanks!
  12. Some smaller problems here too. When changing sample rates, regularly the left channel is distorted for the first 10 secs or so and then restores again. Using W20 and dCS Rossini Player over USB. Pretty annoying; this never happened before the update. @AriMargolis, could you please chime in?
  13. Correct, no standby anymore. Just pause playing and standby kicks in automatically after a few mins.
  14. Same here: no problems whatsoever. Using W20 and dCS Rossini.
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