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  1. I'm thinking to perform the Audio Sensibility upgrades upgrade for my SOTM TXUSB. I wonder if someone can share his observations about the possible improvements?
  2. Peti

    HQ Player

    Default output mode I set to [source} I want to see the CPU consumption of the player if I play back native DSD128 file natively, no upsampling.
  3. Peti

    HQ Player

    Well, I ran into some strange trouble when running HQPlayer. A strange hssssssssssss sound comes out of my headphones when I try to play back music through HQPlayer when I want to listen to my DSD64 or DSD128 audio materials. Before doing so, I set the Default Output Mode to "source" and leaving the SDM Pack set to DoP as my Woo WA8 can only do double DSD over DoP. And what I hear is that shhhhh sound. So how can I play back for instance double dsd in its native format without SDM oversampling? Thank you
  4. Peti

    HQ Player

    I have a DSD128 capable dac over DoP and I would like to ask about the difference between the 44.1x128 option and the 48x128 Bitrate (limit) one. What is the difference between these two toggles? Thank you.
  5. well, I have an update regarding my quandary with the Intona: I also have an ancient Fiio X3 player that can be used as an external DAC connected to my laptop. I have just installed the pertaining driver onto my computer and the little Fiio worked flawlessly. When I inserted the Intona no signal was going through and the laptop could not detect the DAC but the dac was getting charged, ergo, electricity indeed goes through the Intona.
  6. Yup, it might be, but I don't get why it worked before without a glitch and all of a sudden nothing? I'm puzzled by this.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I use XMOS usb connection as I have a Woo WA8 Eclipse DAC/amp. I have read that XMOS sometimes does not play well with the Intona USB 3.0 and I might need a firmware upgrade? Do I need to send it back to Germany for the update, really? I have been trying to connect/disconnent the dac to see if it helps, but nothing so far!
  8. Yes, it is the new 3.0 version I have never used a power supply before and it worked perfectly until y'day.Just tried it with an external power supply and HQPlayer still can't see the dac via the Intona. Damn! what could happen?
  9. I have been using the Intone 3.0 in my system for a while and since y'day it stopped working, meaning, the computer won't detect the dac if it goes through the Intona. When the dac is directly connected to the laptop, it works like a charm. I tried to test all my usb cables, and it was always the same result, so I ruled out the cables as the source of the problem. anyone could help me out on this with a good advice? This little thing makes a nice difference in my system and I intend to keep using it. Thank you
  10. The trouble is that my laptop is from 2011 and it was run originally on win7 and now I have win10 home. I tried to re-install that driver, but everything is still the same. I've had this issue before that the resolution would change, especially when I hooked my laptop up via HDMI to the tv but then it always bounced back to 1024x768. But I have never seen the resolution greyed out before. I'm perplexed on this one.
  11. Thank you guys for helping out. Everything works perfectly now, except one last thing: The resolution of the screen is at 800x600 and cannot be changed as that option is greyed out. What's more, it says that resolution is on 1024x768 already, which is clearly untrue. How can I bring up the resolution to the higher figures I've had before? Thank you in advance. See image uploaded here.
  12. As Edbk displayed in his first thread here, the virtualization feature is turned off as you can see it here: https://audiophilestyle.com/uploads/monthly_2015_08/58cd9855e77ce_ImageUploadedByComputerAudiophile1438970682.818327.jpg.7f43142b16669e32d8d65538bdbaa69b.jpg I have tried to find an online walkthrough of how to disable virtualization in my laptop, but I have not found anything yet. Could someone tell me how to turn off this feature? Thank you!
  13. Thank you, I just found a solution, appreciate!
  14. Great, can you walk me through how can I enable it? Thank you
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