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  1. Your profile still says "Taiko Audio modified T+A DAC 8 DSD". What do you have now?
  2. The Phil X solo in the style of EVH (RIP) is much more interesting. Nice job by Rick Beato too.
  3. Another excellent article from mitchco albeit a few years old now. Alpha Audio has a similar finding using the Jacques Loussier track Little Fugue in G Minor. The OHL Blog is still around and a new version of the site is in beta. The hear the difference tool is here. Looks like VB6 but still works! Comparing the 24 bit WAV file from Alpha Audio to my 16 bit version (with volume adjusted -3.5dB) the differences are almost inaudible at -50dB or lower. Now to look at the different master versions of PF!
  4. blue2

    HQ Player

    Very good. Any more examples than Steely Dan Gaucho? BTW thanks also for the playlist. Half way through and it looks like Blackbird - Andrea Schroeder, Mettavolution (including their version of PF Echoes) - Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Sad Hunk - Bahamas are going in the shopping trolley!
  5. I don't have both versions to compare but I'd recommend the 20th anniversary version on SQ.
  6. Another good review 👍🙂 As you have the MiniDSP EARS measurement rig did you try creating an EQ filter for correcting the minor flaws you observed with the headphones in question? It would be very interesting to know how successfully that would work.
  7. Try this one for good SQ, soundstage. 20th Anniversary remaster Blues In My Heart. Track 'Canned Heat' has some nice percussion.
  8. blue2

    HQ Player

    Miska, re reports that one line of code change between versions has different sounding output. Could it be the compiler introduced more changes to the binaries (perhaps some optimisation) than expected? Expanding the two install exe's and binary file compare would reveal that?
  9. (A) So maybe you need to look for components you can try before you buy? Otherwise you'll blow your budget many times over! (B) It could be the Adams are faulty or the hiss is coming up the chain from your phono and because you've got the volume very high. You could try an alternative source to try and troubleshoot this first. This is definitely not normal so IMHO it would be a mistake to rule out actives. You could easily find the issue is exactly the same with your new amp/passives. (C) I agree that speakers dictate 90% of the SQ. However that's the very reason I made the previous
  10. You're not going to make progress until you demo some amps and speakers yourself. No one else can pick which components you're going to like! If you take a poll you'll get positive and negative views on most components. Now you've said you're source is vinyl you'll need an integrated amp with phono. If you also want digital you'll need to allocate funds for a DAC/streamer or inboard DAC. You might want to consider the amp choice first, spend more on quality and power, then get good headphones or bookshelf speakers to upgrade later. If you chose wisely on the bookshelf speakers you might j
  11. Very interesting. Could you describe your full system components please?
  12. I'm sure the HQPlayer 4 Pro trial version will let you create some DSD1024 samples.
  13. For those interested there's more about the music of and influences on Nick Drake by Pete Paphides on the John Peel Archive site. Lots of good stuff to beat lockdown! PS don't skip past Jackson C. Frank ;)
  14. Interesting article which got me thinking about my Cambridge Audio DVD99. To clarify I found this on ASR: i) conventional HDMI video-audio interface, in which the digital video and audio signals are processed by an HDMI controller chip. An extension of this standard is "DSD-over-HDMI" - which encrypts DSD data (yes, this is I2S) within conventional HDMI multiplexing methods. I understand that quite a number of SACD players have this feature, but the only receiving devices commercially available which support this feature are Home Theatre Receivers (no DAC's) and even then, only a modest n
  15. A bit of Googling may help: 1 A cheaply designed transformer with unduly high magnetic field levels 2 DC on the mains, which has a vastly disproportionate effect in moving the magnetic circuit asymmetrically towards saturation 3 Unduly high mains voltage 4 Transformer designed for 60Hz being used on 50Hz 5 Transformer inadequately (or barely adequately) rated for the load 6 Transformer badly assembled with insufficient glue https://forums.audioholics.com/forums/threads/getting-rid-of-transformer-hum.3879/
  16. You can get that on Qobuz for £6.99 (CD) / £9.99 (24/192)
  17. Great work Josh! Drake's music is wonderful but such a sad back story - Wikipedia has quite a good article covering his life and work. His sister was the gorgeous actress Gabrielle Drake who later wrote a biography of her brother.
  18. Only Available in the USA and Canada There's a whole world outside and we buy stuff too!!!!
  19. blue2

    HQ Player

    See above notes from Miska about Pi3 USB/LAN problems which are solved on Pi4
  20. Not sure where you found it? I got Monty Alexander - Love You Madly (Live at Bubba's) on Amazon mp3/CD/vinyl and Pro Studio Masters 24/96 to DXD, DSDx1 to DSDx4
  21. Good review. IMHO comparisons are more important than eulogies in this context. The detailed playlist is excellent. Could be an article itself if you have more recommendations and time to write them up :-)
  22. Qobuz promotions including 10 free downloads. Black Friday 2020: 595 albums 60% off e.g. Cigarettes After Sex £3.39 excellent, bargain! Angus & Julia Stone - Down the Way £1.99 excellent, bargain! Worth a look: Kyle Eastwood - In Transit (Bonus Track Version) £3.39 Eels - The Deconstruction £3.39 Dead Can Dance - Dionysus £3.79 Prices above are CD versions, but some of the 595 albums also have discounted high res versions. 😉
  23. @Alpha Audio What do you think about the microphone position? It's not in the same spot as the reviewers so we don't get to hear exactly what you did in the session. If it was we'd hear the comments louder and people moving in their seat, etc. What about recording the test tracks separately from the review session with the microphone at the sweet spot for the web audience to hear after the live stream? Could be 2-3 mins to minimise the effort and for copyright reasons. And all tracks could be carefully level adjusted. Just a suggestion?
  24. Very professional article! Piqued my interest so did a bit of Googling: System Platform/Hardware Notes aido Robot with GUI cameras, multiple CPU's and GPU's, not available yet, price? athena Open source software project written in Python bixby Samsung mobile devices Samsung's Google as
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