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  1. blue2

    HQ Player

    Seems to me this should be a separate tool which scans a music library and tags the files with recommended HQP filter? Better still would be a web DB so HQP could look up albums/tracks already scanned. Then all users could contribute and reduce the total scan time spent, and streamed tracks would also be included. Same idea as DR DB.
  2. blue2

    HQ Player

    There's no 'Money' track on Meddle (cover shown). It's on DSOTM. Maybe it's a metadata problem?
  3. Thanks for the tip. African Rumba, Best of Papa West and Trapeze downloading now.
  4. Excellent review. It's refreshing to read insightful comparison's even though the product didn't quite live up to expectations. These track detail notes are wonderful reference points for any component review.
  5. foobar2000 needs a VST plug in host component so it can work with Dirac. Are you using the VST 2.4 adapter (foo_vst)?
  6. Thanks for another great article! $349 sounds reasonable but what about a trial/evaluation to find out what it can do for my room+system? Do you know if that's available? I can't find anything on the Dirac web site.
  7. Qobuz sale up to 60% off until 12th Feb 2020
  8. Braskiri - Live at MCO (One Microphone Recording from Sound Liaison) Bert Lochs - trumpet / flugelhorn / NuEvi Dirk Balthaus - piano Steffen Granly - tuba Wim Kegel - drums Shop here: 5.35GB for €20.00, 24/96 or DSD for €10
  9. Another very nice Norwegian jazz CD/24-48kHz, excellent SQ Rymden - "Reflections and Odyssey" available on Qobuz etc. Check out tracks "Bergen" and "Homegrown". And some live percussion from Ginger Baker (RIP) - "Live at Drums 'N' Percussion Paderborn". EP (33 mins), RBCD resolution only, but good SQ and a bargain at £3.60! Happy listening!
  10. blue2

    HQ Player

    I believe a lossless conversion from ALAC to FLAC is possible.
  11. Did you check for a memory leak? Resmon might help if you're on Windows 10.
  12. Very interesting article Mitch. Their web site doesn't seem to have much in the way of DIY products just transducers and amp modules. They have the PTT6.5W04-01A (as in your picture) at DKK 2329 (equivalent to $345/£267 + taxes + shipping). Do you have any sales info about the kits you actually tested i.e. price and availability? d'Appolito DIY kit or just a floorstanding version would be very nice
  13. I couldn't find it in the DR database but the SQ doesn't seem as bad as DR4, although I agree it is loud. It was produced by Danny himself so blame him! I hope you tried before you buyed ;p Remember you can pick your nose but you can't pick other peoples music! Glad you liked it but for my taste this is much more like the Roger Daltrey of old and to my liking Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home. YMMV of course!
  14. Sadly very pipe & slippers. There are far better new or recent releases to spend your cash on IMHO e.g. Sonic Ranch by Gregg Rolie, What Was Said by Tord Gustavsen, Means Of Escape by Danny Bryant, Live in Vienna by King Crimson.
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