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  1. Qobuz promotions including 10 free downloads. Black Friday 2020: 595 albums 60% off e.g. Cigarettes After Sex £3.39 excellent, bargain! Angus & Julia Stone - Down the Way £1.99 excellent, bargain! Worth a look: Kyle Eastwood - In Transit (Bonus Track Version) £3.39 Eels - The Deconstruction £3.39 Dead Can Dance - Dionysus £3.79 Prices above are CD versions, but some of the 595 albums also have discounted high res versions. 😉
  2. @Alpha Audio What do you think about the microphone position? It's not in the same spot as the reviewers so we don't get to hear exactly what you did in the session. If it was we'd hear the comments louder and people moving in their seat, etc. What about recording the test tracks separately from the review session with the microphone at the sweet spot for the web audience to hear after the live stream? Could be 2-3 mins to minimise the effort and for copyright reasons. And all tracks could be carefully level adjusted. Just a suggestion?
  3. Very professional article! Piqued my interest so did a bit of Googling: System Platform/Hardware Notes aido Robot with GUI cameras, multiple CPU's and GPU's, not available yet, price? athena Open source software project written in Python bixby Samsung mobile devices Samsung's Google as
  4. Native DSD as per your link are selling the DXD version for £17.99 https://www.nativedsd.com/catalogue/albums/2xhdft1182-trio-de-curda-libertango/
  5. The James Taylor track is a nice recording (2019 remaster?) but seems to be from a 50 year old master. Try the start of the Jacques Loussier Trio on all 3 speakers. The expert panel reaction tells it all, and I'd trust their experience in the room over mine listening to the samples at home even though some flavours from the original are still evident. You'd need a system at least as resolving as the Grimms to get an accurate impression, otherwise imperfections in your own system will double up or cancel with the test sample. BTW Mark Otten (the guy in the middle) is very perceptive and kn
  6. Can you provide a link to the files? Do you mean Carmen Gomez "A Fool For You" from Sings The Blues, compare the formats? This was a multi-microphone recording. BTW there are many reviews now on the Sound Liaison site itself. This one give some more background on the DXD sampler, One Mic and the recording process. Nice [email protected]
  7. Here's another album with very nice SQ - Down the Way by Angus & Julia Stone. Only £4.99 at Qobuz for the RBCD version
  8. Jeff Healey Band knocks it out the park! George & Eric live in Japan 1992 nice one. Other versions are available 😉 even on ukulele!
  9. You can hear the whole album on Bandcamp as indicated by OSO above, and purchase for €8, so a real bargain if you like the music. The sound quality seems on a par with Sound Liaison's other OneMic recordings i.e. excellent. However the songs are, how can I put it, an uneven eclectic mix. Half the tracks are Robert Johnson material in the Carmen Gomez soft jazz style interspersed with ~ 60 second 'atmospheric' interludes. Track 14 Stop Breaking Down is the only upbeat number. Sorry to say I don't think it'll have wide appeal other than possibly keen Carmen Gomez or OneMic recording fans.
  10. Track #11 Silent Night (HiRes Bonus Track) - The Blues Company is wrongly titled. It's actually "(I'm Just An) Ol' Blues Singer" from album "Ain't Nothing But ....".
  11. (A) that's a pity. In a multichannel system this would be a showstopper, but for subs the frequency range is probably < 200Hz, even < 80Hz. Would synchronisation really be noticeable on subs? (B) It is for me as I like my DAC (T+A DAC8 DSD). I suppose that would have to be part of the compromise if I went down the convolution path i.e. DRC and/or digital filtered 2.2 system (C) I've read many times that DSD can't be mixed/processed except by conversion to PCM despite some mixing software claims. As an aside Sonoma & Pyramix claim to process native DSD: do you know if they i
  12. I have thought about this too. If you use HQP to upsample and do the convolution then you'll need a 3 or 4 channel DAC. I don't think there's a technical reason that HQP couldn't output to your stereo DAC and also the line out on your computer (for the subs) but it's not supported. Maybe @Miska can clarify this point? If you go with a digital preamp it needs to handle 2-> 4 channel and convolution. HQP might still be useful in this case if you need to convert DSD to PCM or want to upsample PCM. Also note that if you're a fan of DSD you lose that by going with convolution whereas
  13. No Qobuz has it in "High Res" but in this case it's only 24/44
  14. Having gatefold sleeves and booklets was great and a good argument for vinyl, but not all legible without a microscope these days ;) No way I'd go back to LP's now though. Nostalgia isn't what it used to be :-) CD's are still a great way to acquire new music when bought second hand. Has to be something special before I shell out on high res or DSD - my favourite format.
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