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  1. Very good SQ. Quite expensive on Qobuz 24/44 £23.49 or 16/44 £20.49 but Stockfisch has the CD for €15. Chris Jones and Allan Taylor on guitars 👍
  2. Youtube has Jose James "While You Were Sleeping" Live on KCRW. Live version with decent SQ. Seems to be synth bass as no sign of a bass player on this version? However the Blue Note album credits are: Jose James: vocals; Kris Bowers: organ; Solomon Dorsey: bass; Takuya Kuroda: trumpet; Brad Allen Williams: guitar; Richard Spaven: drums.
  3. It's not easy to navigate Qobuz as these offers are displayed differently in countries/regions. It seems it's best to Google 'Promotions' on your local Qobuz store e.g. Qobuz UK.
  4. Actually that was why I asked as you said "@sbenyo is correct with his assumption that the update of the DSP software is part of the T+A firmware update." So I guess we can just set aside this part and believe the rest. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the information OE. You say the DSP change applies to PCM upsampling only and there are no bugs as such or changes to the filter algorithms. Could you please clarify the changes to DSP processing included in v2.70?
  6. Excellent article! Could you provide some more details about how you achieved these results? It appears the filters were measured and applied via Audiolense? What hardware was used for DSP playback? I appreciate a full answer would be another full length article so brief details of the hardware, software and measurements would be fantastic. Thanks
  7. Good shout. Brian Bromberg has an online store advertising Wood on CD but I couldn't complete the check out - maybe they're out of stock or don't ship to the UK. It was apparently recorded at 24/96 but doesn't seem to be available as a download anywhere. I like the sound of his "Bromberg Plays Hendrix" which is available on Qobuz.
  8. blue2

    HQ Player

    Seems to me this should be a separate tool which scans a music library and tags the files with recommended HQP filter? Better still would be a web DB so HQP could look up albums/tracks already scanned. Then all users could contribute and reduce the total scan time spent, and streamed tracks would also be included. Same idea as DR DB.
  9. blue2

    HQ Player

    There's no 'Money' track on Meddle (cover shown). It's on DSOTM. Maybe it's a metadata problem?
  10. Thanks for the tip. African Rumba, Best of Papa West and Trapeze downloading now.
  11. Excellent review. It's refreshing to read insightful comparison's even though the product didn't quite live up to expectations. These track detail notes are wonderful reference points for any component review.
  12. foobar2000 needs a VST plug in host component so it can work with Dirac. Are you using the VST 2.4 adapter (foo_vst)?
  13. Thanks for another great article! $349 sounds reasonable but what about a trial/evaluation to find out what it can do for my room+system? Do you know if that's available? I can't find anything on the Dirac web site.
  14. Qobuz sale up to 60% off until 12th Feb 2020
  15. Braskiri - Live at MCO (One Microphone Recording from Sound Liaison) Bert Lochs - trumpet / flugelhorn / NuEvi Dirk Balthaus - piano Steffen Granly - tuba Wim Kegel - drums Shop here: 5.35GB for €20.00, 24/96 or DSD for €10
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