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  1. One of my most outstanding discoveries in a long time is this concert from 2002. With two "old acquaintances" whose music accompanied me long and well in the 80s. One and three quarter hours really worth watching and listening to. The tracks of the concert are also available via Tidal and probably also via Qobuz, Spotify…. The SQ is really good.
  2. 2:54 Creeping [from their same-titled and very listenable album 2:54]
  3. A band like a friend: Madrugada Step into this room and dance for me
  4. Way, way ahead of its time: Donna Summer I feel love (1977) Some "David Bowie" passed by the studio when Giorgio and Donna were recording this song. Later, he was quoted saying "I have just heard the sound of the future". Alejandro Fabian Lopez
  5. all diese gewalt Andere Nice German indie rock. Just saw that the video was made by a guy from my college. 🤭
  6. Like probably everyone, I like voices with strong character. On "The Voice of Germany" we had a contestant with an extraordinary voice and personality: Paula Dalla Corte, 19, from Switzerland. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from her. (PS: Of course she won the competition.) Here is her version of Lewis Capaldi's "Bruises" (I hope you can see this video outside of Germany):
  7. A song we used to listen to a lot on my buddy's big brother's stereo while reading the interviews in his Playboy magazines. Armageddon Buzzard
  8. This made my day: Bill Frisell Pipeline (live) „That's deranged! I have probably heard every version, every interpretation, and this tops them all. The personnel complement each other masterfully. Tone and effects are perfect, not overdone, just right.“ Greg Slivkoff
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