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  1. LoryWiv

    HQ Player

    To provide some balance I have noticed no change in usable filters / cpu limitation since 4.6 --> 4.7, runs as before at either 128 or 256 w/o dropouts. Admittedly I run ASDM5EC with my Sabre DAC, not ASDM7EC, however, as that sounds best. Clearly though there are others who have experienced changes. It may be worth knowing what distinguishes those who's usability has decreased post-upgrade from those who didn't at least to isolate any commonalities that can be addressed.
  2. LoryWiv

    HQ Player

    Jussi previously suggested that with ESS sabre ASDM5EC may actually be better than ASDM7EC, if I recall correctly. I am using it quite happily with my Matrix Audio Abre DAC.
  3. LoryWiv

    HQ Player

    With my modest i7700 and 1060 GTX I am enjoying HQP 4.7, prior settings all run at same CPU / GPU utilization as with 4.6. No dropouts. Admittedly, I do not run fanless. I suspect it would be very challenging for @Miskato develop a truly "one size fits all" product development roadmap given the heterogeneity of end users' host systems. It is totally valid to provide feedback, of course, and to maximize applicability to multiple use cases as feasible is the right goal. That said, I think HQPlayer is a specialty product designed for people who seek a powerful set of tools for music playback, for
  4. LoryWiv

    HQ Player

    Thank you @Miska. More generally, I had impression that for most use cases one should set DAC bits as high as the DAC supports. Does that still hold true and if not, what determines optimal setting for a particular DAC?
  5. LoryWiv

    HQ Player

    To my ears activating the Bauer crossfeed seems to constrict the sound, not what I expected, but pleasing in some respects and I could see it producing less fatugue for long listening sessions. I would like to learn more about other crossfeed variations. If anyone has a recommended custom setting please share. The versatility of HQPlayer is really quite amazing. Thank you @Miska.
  6. LoryWiv

    HQ Player

    Thank you, and with apologies for my newbieness, is the screen shot below indicative of active Bauer crossfeed using HQP defaults? My reading indicates Bauer is to achieve binaural ... is that how it is implemented here? Thank you.
  7. Really illuminating perspective on an important aspect of these iconic recordings many of us take for granted. Thank you for this contribution.
  8. Thank you @davide256 and @sandyk. Sadly, i did the definitive experiment with HP on ear but disconnected from amp. The low level hiss is present. Clearly a form of tinnitus. Not troublesome during most activities of daily life but upon focused listening to music, especially classical piano solo which is my favorite genre, it is readily apparent and a bit distracting. I believe the task at hand for me is to acclimate, keep listening levels below 80 dB (c) or so I don't make it worse. I have an SPL meter and seal the HP around it's mic, admittedly not rigorously accurate but should k
  9. Thank you, I'm grateful for any insight into ANY correctable factors. That said, I've tried iGalvanic & iSilencer w/o benefit and have a Singxer SU-1 DDC between PC and DAC, so I'd thought PC noise origin less likely. Could it be the Singxer itself? Odd, as it's been in place over a year and all solid state. What do you think, @davide256?
  10. Brief Update: No major discoveries, hiss persists even using a solid state amplifier, trying new RCA cables, a few other tweaks. Probable diagnosis is mild tinnitus accentuated by focused listening through my desktop headphone rig. I have already partly acclimated to it such that I can still enjoy the music, will continue lower volume listening / magnesium supplementation and hope for improvement with the passage of more time. Thanks to all who offered suggestions. Life goes on!
  11. Well, my audiogram was quite normal, actually a bit better than expected for a 64 year old man. I did have a dip to 30 db at 8000 Hz, which was normal 5 years ago, and perhaps that is contributing. On @sandyk's intriguing point about tube amplifiers potentially being more prone to to accentuating tinnitus than solid state, I wonder if the even order harmonics of a tube amp could be a factor. I will try a solid state amp soon to compare effect, and importantly keep striving to enjoy music! Thanks for all the support on this forum!
  12. Regarding hiss from vacuum tubes and your own journey with Magnesium resulting in decreased tinnitus, has the eventual resultt been restored ability to enjoy tube amps relatively hiss fee? I ask because I am quite enthralled with my Elise OTL and find it far more natural, musical and euphonic than any SS amps I've had before, at equivalent price and quality. The hiss is unchanged using Elise with different tubes and from your comments it seems intrinsic to the technology for those of us who are sensitive to it. If so, I will hope that the steps I am taking will prevent it from becoming permane
  13. Hmmm, the wave file has similar but not identical characteristics....the file sounds like static, harsh in quality whereas my gremlin is more like wind, lacking that harshness. I recognize that may not frame the difference well, apologies if unhelpful. No consistent high pitched quality in what I hear, My next two steps will be: 1. ENT visit / audiogram on Tuesday 2. Possibly buy an inexpensive SS amp (Liquid Spark) to see if issue is tube amp specific. If it occurs with SS amp I will change the RCA cables to rule them out as the source as another respondent s
  14. LoryWiv

    HQ Player

    Respectfully disagree. Since the change to client server architecture I find usability of HQ Player 4.XX intuitive and highly versatile / functional. Perhaps if there is a specific question about client interface you can pose it and Miska and others here cn try to help resolve.
  15. Removing devices with switching power supply had no effect. Will try an iSilencer today and am also scheduled for an ENT visit / audiogram next week as I'm increasingly concerned a part of this is tinnitus, perceived more clearly during critical headphone listening. I am reducing listening volume and bought an SPL meter --> approximating my listening levels by placing the meter's mic between earcups and pressing them fully together. I'm sure it's not entirely accurate but I never exceed MAX 75 dB "a" weighted or 80 db "c" weighted, average levels generally in the 60's. So besides aging (ug
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