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  1. He only liked the ZENith SE better on my system versus his NUC and Adrian's DS-1 and has never said that the SOtM Trifecta is better than the SE.
  2. Yes, I believe it does if you use a Paul Hynes SR7DR to power it.
  3. We haven't tested the new firmware yet.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't have a pair of box speakers.
  5. It's completely the opposite with Magnepans if you have the tweeters on the inside, i.e., the sweet spot is tiny.
  6. Yes we will test again at some point.
  7. Not against the NUC, but we always test things multiple times.
  8. It was actually an even older firmware.
  9. I said that I doubt I could distinguish blind. Then we blinded him, and to his surprise, he picked the ZENith. Prior to blinding him, he thought he could easily hear the difference.
  10. Server was the ZENith SE. NUC was powered by the SR7MR2DRXL.
  11. @austinpop and I tested his NUC versus my ZENith SE. In blind testing, he picked the ZENith. However, the NUC was not on the Synergistic Research Tranquility UEF base.
  12. limniscate

    Innuos Zenith SE MkII

    Innuous SE to tX-USB Ultra via USB to the Ayre. There was no endpoint.