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  1. @austinpop and I compared the Sablon to two different Intona cables and a Habst cable, but I'll let him speak to the differences because he probably took notes.
  2. I heard it at RMAF. It has the same effect as the SOtM tX-USB Ultra: bigger image, more natural-sounding. Which is better remains to be tested...
  3. The Farad (Pink Faun) power supply is promising. @auricgoldfinger and I tested against my SR7MR2DRXL and thought it sounded pretty close. I could have been having an off day with my hearing since I had done a lot of driving earlier in the day. Rest assured that the Farad will be tested again against my SR7 soon.
  4. Interesting, keep in mind that the SOtM tX-USB Ultra is very sensitive to power supplies and scales up nicely. So if you acquire a SR7, it'll sound even better.
  5. What kind of music did you audition with?

  6. Maybe the difference in what you like is partically the kind of music you like. I'm a classical/jazz guy so am very sensitive to acoustical instruments. A lot of reviewers like Darko are unabashed indi rock guys. Its not that I don't trust them, but a symphony puts different demands on a system then music with synths and electro accoustic instruments. I am getting the impression that classical snobs like me are a bit partial to the 200Ultra.

  7. I've heard the original SOtM Ultra versus the UltraRendu and preferred the SOtM Ultra. I've also heard the SOtM Ultra versus the SOtM Ultra Neo and preferred the Neo.
  8. He only liked the ZENith SE better on my system versus his NUC and Adrian's DS-1 and has never said that the SOtM Trifecta is better than the SE.
  9. Yes, I believe it does if you use a Paul Hynes SR7DR to power it.
  10. It's completely the opposite with Magnepans if you have the tweeters on the inside, i.e., the sweet spot is tiny.
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