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  1. Thank you, I’ll try as you say. I didn’t know that meta tag information was saved in the music files (I use ALAC, FLAC, DSD and AIFF)
  2. I use Mac mini with one HDD together with Audirvana + to play music thru a DAC. The music files are placed in the HDD and a Synology NAS Now I want to replace the HDD with two new SSD's, one containing applications and all sytem stuff (250GB) and the other to place the music files (1TB), I will continue using the NAS as well. I have done a lot of editing with the music in order to clasify it according to my desires: composer, conductor, orchestra, soloists, style, .... I want to know how to migrate KEEPING my present Audirvana lybrary in order to save all the editing And a last question: where I should place Audirvana library in the SSD with the system or in the other? Mac mini mid 2011 (Yosemite 10.10.5) and Audirvana + last version (3.2.12 as today)
  3. I realize the issue is only because I use the iMac Speakers. I cannot use High Sierra with my DAC (drivers). Two last questions, I think: From other conversations I understand there is an iOS app: if that is the case I cannot find it in my App Store (Spain), do you plan to offer it in the near future? Is it possible for me to edit albums metadata and how? Thank you for all your answers
  4. I´ve tried with another file with the same results: it plays in MacBook Air, it does not play in the iMac. I think the problem is the computer: in Audio Midi I have up to 96 kHz in MacBook Air and up to 48 kHz in iMac. I include screens :-(
  5. Hi again, The issue with the 24/96 remains in iMac (late 2015): the feeling is that the app is an image when I click in the disc. No other disc has this problem. On the other side, it plays smoothly in MacBook Air (late 2010) Both Macs run 10.13.4
  6. I”ll check later if the Giulini / Brahms box set is fixed. If not, I will come again. Thank you. Regarding the other issue, no animation occurs when I try to play the 24/96 file. In fact, if I was playing another disc, the player remains in the other disc. Where I have this problem is in iMac, late 2015 if I remember well. I have to check if this problem happens also in my MacBook Air. Again, I”ll do that later.
  7. Hi again Baoshan, I have the following issues: Two discs without cover (as minor issue, they belong to a collection of four discs: Brahms four symphonies by Giulini and they do not have exactly the same metadata) Disc Bruckner Symphony does not play: I uploaded ALAC 24/96, not playing; deleted it and then uploaded FLAC 24/96, still does not play
  8. Hi, Two questions Which are the OWC RAM and SSD models that you have installed? What guarantee do they have?
  9. One last question, for the time being ;-) I have a back-up copy of all my CD´s: which option is better to upload: from the CD or from the extracted files? (Accurate Rip was used when possible)
  10. Everything right now, thank you. Anothe comment: I see that it is not possile to create an upload queue or I have not been able to do it. Perhaps it would be a convenient feature
  11. Issue with Mahler Symphonies is fixed Thank you Baoshan Is it possible to delete the file "Ravi Shankar / Alatriste" as it is only noise?
  12. Hello Baoshan, I have installed Tonal in my iMac (late 2015) and MacBook Air (late 2010). No problem Interface: nice and clean, I feel quite comfortable with it. Sound is good. I would like to compare Tonal with my present player and my reference system but I cannot because the DAC only works with Yosemite or previous versions (driver problem). I expect that in the near future I will be able to listen to music played thru Tonal in a proper system. I like very much the amount of information that you include with every disc I miss some way to organize the "discs" because sometimes I like to browse thru my library and choose any disc among the ones from some composer or from some director or some orchestra or with clarinet or if I tagged it as relaxing or anything .... Also I do not understand the way or criteria used to order the discs: aparently it is not alfabetic neither based on upload date. Curiouslly form me, the order in which the discs appear in my iMac is the opposite as they appear in my MacBook Air I have uploaded several "discs" whith the following results: 1º File from my NAS (Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde): no problem 2º File from my Mac mini (Dvorak): no problem 3º CD's package (Giulini: The Chicago Years): no problem: I have used not a superdrive but another external DVD reader / writer 4º File from Mac mini (flac + cue): Mahler: The Symphonies where I have uploaded only the files corresponding to discs numbers 8 and 9: it appears correctly but also has appeared another disc: Mahler VIII, (only the second CD of the case) that is the duplicated of the disc 9 mentioned before but with another edition. 5º File from my iMac (aiff 32bits/44kHz): it appears as a disc of Ravi Shankar and other music, when played is only noise but is a file containing classical music captured from a live interpretation thru Internet (Alatriste, suite de concierto) Thank you Correction: I have checked again Tonal, three hours after posting the above written: the disc Mahler: the Symphonies has disappeared and remains only Mahler VIII, Chailly that is the wrong one.
  13. Thanks for leaving the discussion on CA. Please, be sure not to delete it because I have learnt a lot and I will be able to learn a lot more, reading again the thread and giving myself time to go to the linked articles. I think it is very valuable. And also many thanks to everybody that has given their time and efforts to describe technical questions in an understandable way (besides I am not an English speaking person) I do not post in CA but I usually follow it and really enjoy discussions like this.
  14. If your main bias is sound quality, whatever you download from Pentatone is excellent and you have it in stereo and multichannel: sure you will find there something you like. If you are looking for some specific composers, orchestras, directors you should specify them to get some helpful answers.
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