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  1. Hello, I can't get the HQplayer to recognize the CD drive. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  2. SDM Pack DoP / Default output DSD / Poly-sync-ext2 / Poly-sync-ext2 / ASDM7EC / 44.1k x 256. Holo May DAC Kitsune / HQplayer4 Desktop.
  3. No ASIO and no Room running simultaneously. Thank's.
  4. Hello, I just received my Holo May Dac (kitsune). When I try to play DSD the DAC convert the files to PCM. Any ideas? Thank you.
  5. Hello MIkePid, What version of HQplayer are you using? I don't have poly- sinc-ext3 in my preferences. Thank you.
  6. Hello, HQplayer4 is taking too much time to open, it didn't happen before, any suggestion? MacMini 3.2 GHz 6 Core I7 8GB DDR4 Thank you.
  7. I do too but not always work.
  8. Hello, Many album covers don't show up when files selected. Solution?? Thank you, Henry.
  9. Hello, Where can I download the the owners manual for HQPlayer 4 Desktop? Thank you.
  10. I'm waiting for my I7. What is NAA?
  11. Hello, Anyone else try Hqplayer 4 with the new Mac mini M1, DSD256. Mac mini M1 or Mac mini I7 ????
  12. Any update son the Mac mini? will it work without problems on DSD256?
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