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  1. I have a couple of these too. It blew my mind how great this device was when I first got it.
  2. I recently took some home audio equipment that was collecting dust in my house for several years (in my audio graveyard) and set it up near my computer desk and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner. I assume most people have an "audio graveyard" with components that are no longer used, but which have not yet been sold off. What does your audio graveyard system look like?
  3. Totally agree that a separate DAC is desirable, but you do not need a separate amp and pre-amp (separates). There are plenty of integrated amps out there without a DAC that are just fine.
  4. I replaced my stock Squeezebox Touch PSU with a Teddy Pardo PSU. I was surprised at how much improvement it provided. I've never heard any of these other PSUs so I can't say if they'd sound any better than the Teddy, although I've long coveted a JS-2 because of the flexibility (dual-output, user selectable voltages, etc.) and it just seems like a really nice piece of hardware. Can't comment on SQ though.
  5. According to this, the entire ECM catalog is going to be released to most (all?) streaming services. https://twitter.com/BruceLevenstein/status/928730762366603269 Oops: Just saw another thread was started to cover this.
  6. I bought a Kimber Kable PK10 and I'm using it with my integrated amp. I spent more than I originally planned to, but after doing my research, this is what I really wanted. I love it. I get more detail and more pronounced/richer bass. Everything sounds more clear and more forward. All of this is especially noticeable at lower volumes. I have an order in with Cullen Cable for a power cord for my DAC. It's a little less expensive. I'm going to see how that works. Then I'll probably purchase cables for my PSU and SACD player. I'm really glad I tried it and decided for myself.
  7. I thought the spirit of the original post was pretty clear, but I was wrong. My mistake.
  8. I actually ignored this thread the same day I started it. BTW - I was looking for suggestions for entry level power cords, not a discussion as to whether or not a different power cord could make my system sound better. I should have been more clear about this. Lesson learned. I did get a few good suggestions via PM. Thanks for those that contributed in a constructive manner. I'm doing a little more research on my own, and then I'll buy something. I'll probably keep the results to myself.
  9. Thanks for the reply, @rayooo. I definitely fall in the "Not Comfortable w/ DIY" category.
  10. Looking for suggestions for an entry level power cord (max $200). Looking for something that will be a noticeable improvement over the stock, cheapie cables that come with many pieces of equipment.
  11. I have a cable that's coax on the Touch side, and BNC on the DAC side. I highly recommend the Teddy Pardo. If I ever moved away from my Touch, I'd probably go with a microRendu. I've been so happy with the PSU upgrade for my Touch, I'd get some sort of upgraded PSU regardless of which way I went.
  12. @Blackstone CIAUDIO : VDC•5 MKII - High Current Power Supply
  13. I've had the Teddy Pardo for a week now, and I'm just blown away at how much better my SBT sounds with it. It's gotten steadily better since the last time I posted. The bass is tight, clear and low, and the mids are so much more detailed and airy. In the latter part of this first week the highs have really started to shine. Not sure if this makes sense or not, but it seems like I'm getting so much more performance out of my DAC now that I have a decent digital source. Honestly, I always dubious about aftermarket power supplies. But not that I'm a week in, I've found this is easily one of the best and most cost effective upgrades I've ever done to my system. I use my SBT to stream music for 95% of my listening and I'm thrilled to that I've managed to find a solution where the SQ rivals my SA8005. I would readily recommend this upgrade to any current Squeezebox owner using the stock PSU. And no, I have no relation to Teddy Pardo, financially or otherwise. Just a really satisfied customer.
  14. Now we're getting somewhere. I've been doing some listening, and some just leaving my Squeezebox Touch on playing music with my amp turned off. Bass has tightened up and the mids are straightened out. Compared to the stock SBT PS, the Teddy Pardo gives fuller sound with more "slam", detail and presence. The stock SBT PS sounds flat and uninspired compared to the Teddy. The Teddy sounds more alive and exciting. Also, good recordings sound better, but mediocre recordings sound WAY better. I'm very happy with this purchase. I'm getting better sound and I get to continue on with my Logitech/SlimDevices investment. For now, the itch I was trying address has been scratched.
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