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  1. Yikes this so good!!! Like an intimate visit with an old friend or an introduction to a non judgemental stranger on the edge of friendship. Well done and well worth the time.
  2. Chris the book, much like the product, answered a question nobody asked. Pono was a product designed to solve a problem that most consumers could care less about and if they did they could find products already on the market that adequately scratched their itch. The book will have an even smaller audience. But my big takeaway from the read is that Neil is a genuinely nice guy, a quality I find in a lot of passionate artists. We are all better for having Neil’s musical contributions. His literary and hardware contributions, not so much.
  3. David Solomon welcome home. Immediately following your persuasive appeal for the merits of the grand integrated I bought the product and you left peachtree while I was just breaking it in. I followed your move to Tidal with curiosity the entire time, wondering if if I had made a mistake. But I love the grand and it's cool tubes. I think you are a compelling spokesperson for a great line of gear and I wish you the best.
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