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  1. I think you'll find that it was a fellow Roon customer who replied to you, not Roon Support. And given the tone of your opening post, I really don't blame him reacting the way he did. I also notice that the Roon moderators have stepped in to lower the temperature of all concerned.
  2. The Roon UI uses OpenGL and Mono amongst other components. Not sure where you are getting the idea that it uses the Chrome browser from.
  3. I suspect the default option for any new settings that are introduced is "No". In this case it moved your cheese, but as you say, it's easily rectified. Personally, I prefer my music without track numbers. Everybody's different.
  4. There's a long list of open-source components that they use. It's apparently been a Catalina car crash.
  5. You'll probably get more response if you ask your question here: https://community.roonlabs.com/c/home-automation
  6. Have you got a link to your post in the Roon Support forum? - I can't see a posting that resembles your issue there. Thanks.
  7. Why not post this in the Roon Support forum? https://community.roonlabs.com/c/support
  8. You'd probably get more reactions if you posted your question in the Sonos category over at the Roon Community forum...
  9. I agree that searching of TIDAL and Qobuz in Roon needs to be able to take account of formats, but the Focus feature of Roon does take account of the formats being used by streamed albums (TIDAL and Qobuz) in your library.
  10. As I say, that statement is open to misinterpretation. It all depends on how you parse it. It needs rewriting. Also, Chromecast support was added in July 2018, so since the Zones page was last updated in May, it naturally wouldn't have any mention of Chromecast support in Zones. Hopefully, one of the Roon community volunteers (e.g. me) will find time to update the KB pages, but there are times when I feel like the Red Queen running hard just to stand still...
  11. The information is correct - but it's open to misinterpretation because of the way it is worded. Roon cannot group together Chromecast audio devices within Roon - Chromecast audio devices can only be grouped together by using Google Home. However, while Roon supports Zone Grouping, or synchronizing audio playback in several zones within your house, zones can only be grouped with other zones of the same type, meaning Squeezebox zones cannot be grouped with RAAT zones, Meridian zones can't be grouped with Airplay zones, etc. And a group of Chromecast Audio devices cannot be grouped w
  12. I see that the D&D speakers actually have a fan in the base to help cool the electronics. Did this ever kick in during your testing, and did it cause any distraction/negative impact?
  13. Just let Roon watch the folders. When Roon can't identify the album, it will automatically use the metadata tags. If I don't like the information Roon uses for an album, I just tell Roon to prefer my tag info over what it knows from its database. Roon's object model is much richer than anything that can be done just using ID3 tags (for example, there are over 6,000 credit roles known to Roon), but for albums that I have created, clearly they can't be identified by Roon, so tags are the only source of data that it has.
  14. Nonsense. Roon uses the tag information from my collection when necessary, and that collection has been managed over the years by MediaMonkey (in the beginning), now dBpoweramp, and MP3Tag (occasionally).
  15. Use the Focus feature in the Album browser: tick the DSD checkbox, then all your albums in DSD will be shown. Then create your Bookmark, give it a suitable name (e.g. DSD Albums), and away you go...
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