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  1. All bound for Mu Mu Land...
  2. Most SD cards for use on your Android phone will need to be formatted by the phone before use. Once formatted you should see an Android Directory folder on the SD card. Once formatted by the phone, you can take out the SD card and insert it in your PC to do the file transfer, and when completed put it back in the phone.
  3. If you don't want Windows update to reinstall the offending files, your best bet will be to edit windows update settings in Group Policy, and set updates as "Current Branch for Business". You can defer updates for up to 180 days. This setting will tide you over until Blackbird 1.0 is released.
  4. Netio.sys maybe one of the problems. I haven't been able to pin down exactly what this system process in windows 10 does. Apparently, you cannot remove it. Some on the internet have said the netio.sys problem is to do with an NVIDIA graphics card interfering with the network adapter and have suggested updating the drivers for wireless/NIC to resolve it. I don't have a NVIDIA graphics card, but a couple of times a week I am getting a Blue Screen of Death, system stop, from netio.sys on my Surface Pro 4. This only occured after updating to Creators edition.
  5. 2 out of 3 of my laptop's now have the Creators edition. The Surface Pro 4 is fine and has no issues, but the Dell Latitude (i7, 16gb Ram, 500 GB SSD) did not fair so well with the update. On the Dell there is persistent freezing of mouse functions, the Start menu and access to the task bar - I'm not sure what else might be happening under the hood. A quick Google revealed there are quite a few people having these issues to. Unfortunately, I can't roll-back the update because cc cleaner has deleted those files. On the upshot my music laptop is performing very well as it's not connected to the
  6. New software by Bitsum Technologies. Apparently, it can run along side Process Lasso. I just came across it, so I haven't tried it myself yet. CPUBalance beta free download - Software reviews, downloads, news, free trials, freeware and full commercial software - Downloadcrew
  7. The amp barely breaks a sweat in home/consumer use. The fan hardly ever turns on, and if it does it's whisper quiet.
  8. The Crown XLS Drive Core was mentioned several times in the "$3000 all in exercise". I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned here. In any case I'm happy with mine
  9. Group sets as a stand alone product are not cheap to buy. If you like the Cannondale CAAD frame, why not buy a more recent model second hand. Cannondale are currently selling the CAAD 12, but I'm sure you'd be able to pick up a CAAD 10 or CAAD 11 at a significant saving. Some people update their bikes each year for no apparent reason other than a new model is out. Triathletes for example are reknown for such frequent bike purchases. It might be worth looking at a triathlete forum's for sale page. There is a distinction between road and tri bikes, but quite a few people convert road bikes to us
  10. Very nice indeed. It's good to spoil yourself. I had the same joy sourcing parts for my Cervelo P3, which I purchased as a frame, and then decked out with quality (carbon) parts.
  11. @ R_W Nice frame. Some good looking bling on the bike mate to. Ritchy Carbon, DT Swiss wheels and shox. Are the hub's 240s?.What about the groupset, is it XTR? I can't see any decals. Cheers Nik
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