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  1. Thank you for tip to Monoprice SlimRun Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cables, will tray them soon.
  2. I am using 7 ethernet wires on my digital chain with DXEs with positive results.They are different quality from no name cat5 to audiophile ethernet wires. Best results was got installed on Sablon Audio ethernet wires right before and after Ether Regen. What it is your digital chain? I am suggest to you use your EtherRegen on position last device before your music player, renderer, endpoint, or ethernet DAC, especialy if you powering yours Cisco switches with their internal noisy switching power supplies.
  3. Do you use any audiophile ethernet wire between DXE's on that position, or only supplied 6 inch ethernet pigtails?
  4. Nice wrap-up published on Amateur Radio Blog by DX Engineering https://www.onallbands.com/dx-engineering-iso-plus-ethernet-rf-filters-find-big-fans-in-the-audiophile-community/.
  5. I use logitech media player on my NUC. Unfortunately I do not have experience with HQ player. But think that it is good idea check HQ player settings.
  6. Interesting, I also use bridging connection on my windows 10 NUC, and DX filters but do not experiencing this behavior. I will try first connect all your devices thru Netgear switch ( router, streamer, nas and bridged mac mini). If that do not help next I will try eliminating bridging connection.
  7. Hm..,but I can tell you what happened to me after installed 4th pair. I get hypnotized! Hypnotized to that point I start like music genres, what was never ever happened before even in my best audiophile dreams. What will happen to my after installing 3 more pairs what are wait on my table? Do I will know compose music like Mozart? Definitely not, but most likely I will want put on my headphones most frequently. That is all. Please turn the page.
  8. But if your BG7TBL clock have only squarewave output where from my experience clock cables still matter I recommend for you this clock cable https://www.amazon.com/Laird-Digital-Cinema-4794R-B-B-003-Assembly/dp/B01MTOKUFI. it is made from very good Belden 4794R bulk wire. I compare Belden 4794R to another amazon available clock cable https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N6XL1XW/ref=twister_B01MUH69P1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 what a lot people recommended and found Belden sounding much better. I like Belden 1694A RCA terminated on S/PDIF position but how this type of coaxial sounding like clock cable I do not have idea.
  9. Long time I was rank dedicated power line for best tweek in this hobby. That way when a bought my new condo, with luxury to have acces to the atik I have now 4 dedicated lines in my listening room. Was also experimented with isolation transformer, but found not for me,not just was buzzing so loudly also rob the dynamics. After experimenting with different brands of power conditioners and filters, I settled up with very good PI audio UberBUSS power filter. Your experince with unrest and imbalance indicated to me something can get wrong with your ring longer time ago, but was masked with the noise, which when now it is reduced everything fleshed up. When I talk about the noise, now after installed 4 pairs of DX filters I start hearing noise floor of the music. Noise what was embedded to the music during the recording, but that is very pleasurable noise😉.
  10. Maybe @One and a half can post his discovery on A novel way to massively improve the SQ of computer audio streaming thread or make dedicated thread where we can freely continue on this topic. I am feel a lot more folks can profit from positive effect of DX filters not only EtherRegen owners.
  11. Yes, that it is one of the theories, but actually I was experiencing this effect early morning weekend listening sessions! I know my self if I will drink night before I will have different problem (hangover)😁. Some people believes the main grid is cleaner late nights. But after installing DX filters I was experiencing this effect saturday afternoon, when grid was polluted from opening all local restaurants and everybody used A/C because of heat wave here in the northeast US.
  12. I fully agree with you. But I want add one more word"right". My music enjoyment with DX filters it is similar to " late night music listening experience" when music for some reasons sound so"right".
  13. Today I received more DX Engineering ISO-PLUS Ethernet RF Filters. This time installed pair between two Buffalo BS-GS 2016 switches connected together with 1ft Blue Jeans Cat 6a ethernet wire. So far I am using 3 pairs of DX filters, and effect of them it is cumulative and same time addictive too 🙂.
  14. I have similar experience with Sablon S/PDIF digital wire. Found sounding too colored ( sweet ) to my ears, On the other side Sablon ethernet it is sounding on neutral side, natural and balanced without flashing any frequencies out.
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