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  1. The fastest way to contact Alex was for me always thru Uptone Audio contact page https://uptoneaudio.com/pages/contact-us. On that contact page it is also phone number if you are hurry or preferred by person.
  2. I can happily report JS-2 scaled up very well for my with aftermarket fuses. My JS-2 it is 120V, original fuse was 1A, slow blow. I settled for 1,6 A, synergestic orange fuse, 1A blowed up during powering on. Got fuse during last buy2 get1 promotion, and worth every penny.
  3. Thank you barrows for technikal explenations. My heat sink is pretty warm, that's mean it is working and now I will have much better sleep😉. Also working good like weight (weighting almost 2 pounds), keeping ER on the place due to use stiff ethernet wires🙂.
  4. When this happening do you energizing same divice with lps-1? ( have plug in device on lps-1 output?). If yes just unplug wire from lps-1 output and try repoweing lps-1.If your problem will repeat contact the seller to resolve the problem or Uptone audio via contact page on their site.
  5. Yes I do. But you have to remove internal AC-DC smps and feed Cisco with external 12v lps. It is easy to do if you have least minimal skills with soldering iron. To my ears powering Cisco with clean power from lps make 50% from full Cisco benefit. I am using cheap modify Chinese Teradak 30W lps. But any 12v minimum 1A lps will be better that noisy internal lps. But overall my experience better lps make better results.
  6. Do you have original smps energizing power supply what uptone was selling with lps-1? Do you try that? Also is your 12v power supply following this criterias?
  7. Hi To affixing heat sink to my ER I do not use paste but thermal pad https://www.amazon.com/ARCTIC-Thermal-Efficient-Conductivity-Handling/dp/B00UYTTXSM/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=arctic+thermal+pads+1mm&qid=1595685314&sprefix=arctic+thermal+pads&sr=8-3 It it is much easy to apply and removal, with only disadvantage pads have little less heat conductivity compare to best paste.
  8. That is true, SR fuses are famous to unreasonably blow up during powering on the device, especially on tube components. I have moded tube dac and have to settle up with double amperage, to stop blowing up the fuse. Good think that was happening during satisfaction guaranteed 30 days warranty and do not have problem get replacements.
  9. Hi If you are not sure about type and rating of fuse, I will first contact the manufacturer before experimenting with aftermarket fuses. For safety reasons, you don't want install wrong type and amperage of fuse. I can recommend SR orange, if your funding let's go. Like them in every component I installed, JS-2, dac, even headphone amp.
  10. I will start from most easy option 1. Also will modify Cisco to feed with LPS.
  11. The power consumptions your microrendu and kingrex uc 384 converter it is way below the current capability of lps-1.2. You should be ok to powering both device's. I am using my single lps-1.2 to powering microrendu, singxer F-1 usb to spdif converter, wyred for sound remedy digital recklocker and 5 ldovr lt3045 boards with good success.
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