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  1. What I meant is that I have the Usbridge Signature without the Digione Signature board but with the case fascia cut out for the spdif sockets. Which option should I choose when ordering a new Digione Signature board to insert into the Usbridge Sig. case?
  2. Please also advise which version is compatible with the Usbridge Signature.
  3. Got it to work on Audirvana. Apparently it has to play the .flac file itself. Unpacking the .flac to .aiff apparently was the problem. It does not work on the unpacked .flac ? Lights are now blue, white, white.
  4. I have v1717, latest OSX and MQA files from 2L. Both either Flac or aiff format do not work. No Roon but I have Audirvana. Cannot get the MQA indicator light to come on. Thanks!
  5. I too cannot get it to work on my Mac, Explorer2 with latest firmware. How did you solve yours to work?
  6. I would have to agree that the Audirvana SysOptimizer sound quality upgrade is equivalent to a machine upgrade. All I can say is wow! It would be interesting now to compare my Audirvana Mac Mini to dedicated servers like the Aurender. I, and many would love to keep the convenience of osx iTunes, with the sound quality of dedicated machines.
  7. Linn. They helped define vinyl in the high end during the seventies. They have a passionate circle of followers. Create products that work, look good, and are user friendly. They are also in the music publishing business. Like Apple, they also hold a strong individualistic world view about how their products should be, and headed by a driven public personality, Ivor Tiefenbrun. Meridian would be my second choice.
  8. I'm wondering if anyone has a solution to this.... or can confirm that it does not work. The Evo does not appear as a selectable audio device on the Mac if the Aqvox is plugged in. Without the Aqvox, all works fine. Thanks. Edit: I found the answer here: http://www.computeraudiophile.com/content/Acoustic-Revive-RUI-1-vs-AQVOX#comment-98125
  9. Would be good to know which version of the offramp, and options (clock, power supply, AES or bnc cable etc) was used to test your comparison with the Berkeley.
  10. On my 4gB Macmini 2011, Fidelia 1.1.2 is a definite upgrade soundwise. Less blurring of transients and more defined (not bloated bass) compared to my Amarra 2.2 (both in pass through mode). IMHO it is definitely worth it trying to get it to work right, especially if it has already been paid for.
  11. I love the sound of the Fidelia especially with the real time upsampling to 192k and selectable and variable filter modes. It's not as easy to use as Amarra and its iPhone remote is basic, unresponsive at times, and has no search function. Otherwise, with the right filter, it is more than a match for Pure music and Amarra.
  12. Guys, I'll chip in here. I've had the Hiface, Hiface Evo (with LiIon battery or regulated supply) and AP2. The difference is not night and day, but in a high resolution system, the AP2 is consistently more detailed and presents more musical information. For many listeners though, tonality may be of more importance and this is where compatibility and system matching come into play. The Evo is more rounded and airy in presentation and the Ap2 (out of the box) is more forward and in your face. The Evo may gloss over a poor recording.. and that may end up sounding better, as opposed to the Ap2
  13. FWIW I had tried the ST Optical of the Evo (only the Wadia can connect to this), which probably bypasses the need for electrical attenuation. The improvement on the Evo was probably also more musical and precise compared to Evo on unattenuated BNC. There are so many variables here but the Audiophilleo on BNC direct was still much better than this.
  14. Kyrill, no I did not use attenuators. Have to try that out next.. Also, if only I can get the AES output to work...
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