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  1. Oh No! I'm in US and I have one coming. Hopefully it goes through the custom okay.
  2. I just ordered one. And according to Alvin @ Vinshine Audio, DSD512 support was delayed to end of the year. And it will be firmware upgrade, no new hardware.
  3. there is no longer an option to upgrade in US. All upgrade has to be done in China.
  4. Would everyone who has upgraded the firmware on their VEGA to share their experience? Does your HW version change? I contacted Auralic recently about upgrading my VEGA to 2.0 firmware. It turns out the upgrade cost is now $350, including both hardware and software, and takes 3 weeks. At $350, I'm not sure if it is worth it.
  5. Thanks Miska! you just nailed it. I didn't turned on my DAC, not knowing it is necessary for the naa to list. Which leads to a different question: if I switch DAC, do I need to reboot the BBB?
  6. I just got a brand new BBB from Amazon. I flashed naa-321-beaglebone image on a 32GB SD card and forced BBB to boot from it. I can see the login screen on the HDMI display. However, HQplayer (running on a Windows PC) couldn't find the NAA. HQplayer had no problem finding networkaudiod running on another Linux PC, so I know it should work. I tried the 311 image, same issue: HQplayer couldn't locate the NAA BBB. I booted the stock image on BBB, and it has no problem ping the internet, so I know ethernet port is not the problem. Any suggestion on what to check?
  7. Thanks for the info. So out of these 2 PCs, which one has the best chance to be able to handle the load?
  8. I'm new to computer audio, especially HQPlayer. So here's my dumb question: My setup is full active 3-way stereo, CD player is my main source. I want to add DRC and crossover to the chain. I will have 6 channel (I2S input) DAC driving 6 channel power amps. 2 fanless PC are available to me: 1) Xeon E5 2630-V3 on Gigabyte X99M w/16GB & GTX950, and 2) I7-6700K on Gigabyte Z170 w/16GB & GTX970 Using HQPlayer, I don't know if either of these machines can handle DSD upsampling and 6 channel convolution at the same time. Now I'm thinking, can I split the task to 2 PC? [PC1: HQPlayer upsampling & DRC] -> network -> [PC2: NAA & 6 channel crossover EQ] -> I2S -> DAC Will this work? AcourateConvolver can handle crossover and EQ, but I'm not sure if it supports DSD.
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