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  1. The album is available for download/streaming from Qobuz France: https://www.qobuz.com/fr-fr/album/fairytales-original-master-edition-mqa-steve-dobrogosz-radka-toneff/czn9zsef6y7pc
  2. I played the same album streamed to two different renderers from Qobuz Sublime+, using Roon. 1- On a Moon Mind v2, Roon signal path is identical to your top screenshot. 2- On an ultrarendu connected through USB to an iFi Pro iDSDdac, the Roon signal path is identical to your second screenshot, except that the "MQA Core Decoder" shows "88.2 kHz 24 bit with MQA Signaling".
  3. @barrows Are you sure about your statement that the LPS-1 is not recommended for ANY of the Sonore products ? I own 2 mrendus, for which the LPS-1 was highly praised when they both the LPS-1 and mrendu came out. Same for the ultrarendus. I think the LPS-1/LPS-2 are not recommended only for the optical rendu. Please clarify.
  4. Ran the software update an hour go. Checking the update output, I could not see any reference to Roon/RoonReady, only to a GUI update. Unfortunately , I did not save that update report. Now my urendu OS is a 2.7, and roonready is at level 1.1.36. Is this what I should see after the update ? What should we expect out of this update, if it ever occured ? Regards,
  5. @barrows Moving the repeater far away would be difficult, since it is not dedicated to the rendu and is needed to connect by ethernet other audio devices (another renderer and the Moon DAC). Right now it is located about 1m away from those devices, and 2 m would be the max. Do you think that running an ethernet cable to the upstairs router and replacing the repeater with a classic switch would improve the setup, especially regarding RF broadcast ? An optical module would then be connected to the switch on one end and to the opticalredu on the the other. Any switch you could then recommend ?
  6. Thanks for taking time to answer me. Very much appreciated.
  7. @barrows May I ask for your expertise once again ? In my network setup, I have a wi-fi router upstairs inside my computer room (with a cabled NUC storing my music files). This router communicates over 5G with a Netgear repeater downstairs in my listening room. The Netgear features RJ-45 ethernet connectors, to one of which an ultrarendu is connected (PS: LPS-1) . The ultrrendu connects over USB to a Moon 780D DAC. In this setup, I have no problem streaming up to DSD256 native from my NUC upstairs with no dropouts with excellent SQ. I am wondering if replacing in my setup the ultrarendu with an opticalrendu (over fiber) -> opticalmodule (over ethernet) -> netgear would be beneficial, or does the wifi path between the router upstairs and the netgear repeater downstairs isolate my urendu renderer from "most" of the ethernet noise, except from that coming from the netgear itself ? Thanks for your help
  8. @Barrows You warned against powering both an opticalrendu and optical module with the same power supply. Is there a similar concern also with powering both an opticalrendu and its associated USB Dac with the same PS ? Regards,
  9. Jesus, Could you please share some info on the USB cable specs (connector type, length, who provides it). Do we have any choice and if so, could you provide a list ? As for the headphone mini jack converter, specs would also be welcome. This could be a silly questio, but how does the user adjust volume ?
  10. Is the type of the USB input connector featured on the ToneDAC going to create problems for all those who already own Type-A > Type B USB cables ? Will Sonore provide or recommend a suitable adapter, offer or recommend a new type of USB cable, or offer a choice of USB connector when ordering the ToneDAC ? I would not like to see another round of the never-ending USB cable war... Regards
  11. Does that imply the LPS will be dropped from the list of recommended power supplies on the Sonore.us optical web page ?
  12. Regarding the "mandatory use" of the Lumin app to drive the U1, it would be interesting to know if, when the unit is used as a UPnP/DLNA renderer, a non proprietary app like BubbleUPnP can drive it. Could you test that ?
  13. Have you enabled your mrendu in the Roon audio settings (Settings > Audio > Networked ) ? I ask, because my personal experience is that everytime I first got a new rendu renderer (I have more than one) I forgot this installation step and banged my head trying to understand why Roon could not see it . Hope this is as simple for you .
  14. I do not own a ProIDSD, but I was quite excited when I initially read about it. However, I felt really depressed when I heard that gapless playback was not factored in when the product was initially designed and that firmware would need to be changed to support it (if this is possible, as you wrote in a later post). It sounds as if gapless playback support for the ProIDSD is an aftertought. I find it hard to understand how such an essential requirement in a network renderer can have been ignored in a product that took years to develop. I just hope that gapless playback will effectively become a reality in the ProIDSD, and that its implementation will not be of a "proprietary" type requiring the use of a specific controller, but rather be based on the same UPnP protocols as used for ex. by BubbleUPnP on Android. Regards
  15. I would be interested to lean about the way you arrived at those figures, especially on Tidal. On Tidal, are those 150,000 master tracks all MQA type ? How do you search for MQA on Tidal ? Regards
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