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  1. JM Reynaud Twin Signature speakers because I never think about hifi while listening.
  2. I've read that the RPi4 USB has solved drop out problems, but sound quality on mine is not nearly as good as using my Allo DigiOne.
  3. I don't have a Modi 3 but do have an original Modi and a multibit version. I would guess the KTB is more detailed and lively sounding. The KTB sounds good to me with either usb or spdif input.
  4. There is a used Denafrips Ares for sale at HeadFi for $550.


  5. +1 on the Khadas Tone Board - a great value. I would want to check out the Metrum Flint, Soekris 1321, Schiit Bifrost 2. These may stretch the budget a bit unless buy used. I have the Schiit Modi Multibit and like it but much prefer it using SPDIF input. Other affordable dacs I like: Halide HD (no longer made so used), Starting Point Systems (Non-oversampling) DAC3.
  6. Allo DigiOne Allo Boss 1.2 Laptop USB, Uptone Regen Chromecast Audio Raspberry Pi 4 USB
  7. Some people like Diet Pi for this. https://www.dagogo.com/allo-usbridge-signature-review/
  8. Volumio has a plugin for Spotify Connect. I use Moode and it supports Spotify Connect too and sounds good.
  9. The pi2 design 502dac has balanced out.

  10. Use ethernet cable instead of wifi. I've read good things about the Klein, what could be improved sound quality wise? If I had the cash I would probably spring for a Holo Spring DAC.
  11. I think the usually suggested alternative to WiFi is wired headless instead of using a monitor. What distro and DAC are you using? I think a affordable upgrade might be to get a better dac? I'm using Volumio and spotify connect with a Allo Boss I2S Master DAC, https://www.allo.com/sparky/boss-dac.html
  12. I think only Firefox supports the the decoding of the BBC3 lossless audio stream within mp4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/taster/projects/radio-3-concert-sound2
  13. Installed 2.5 on RPi2 and now am listening to NPR All Songs 24/7 stream - sounds good. I am using a Schiit Modi usb dac and an Edimax EW-781Un Wifi usb dongle. I had a few problems to overcome: 1. Had to rename my router ssid to remove spaces between words (also removed # charachter from password) 2. Always have to refer to RPi by IP address browser did not recognize "moode" 3. Have to resample if no resampling just get static 4. Copying files to \\moode\usb is really slow On another board it was suggested running off a powerbank and edit the asound.conf file to bypasses the volume mixer for even better sound. Next, I would love to be able to stream Spotify premium.
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