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  1. Just got an answer from Aurender and yes it can be done with a small modification but if you do it yourself it voids the warranty which makes perfect sense. You have to love how quick Aurender is in addressing queries and giving full and understandable answers. Still love my N100C.
  2. I have sent Aurender the same question but maybe some of you can answer it quicker. I am selling one of my two Aurender music servers and the potential buyer doesn't live in North America. They are wondering if it can be converted to 220 volts. I know much of our equipment is not capable but my NAD M2 integrated amp can be either or, so what about the Aurender N100H?
  3. I own the Terminator and it is connected by SPDIF from my Aurender Music server. I was using an Aurender USB music server last week but switched over when I did a comparison between the two. The USB was good but the SPDIF is better. This inspired me to purchase an even better SPDIF cable from Audio Sensibility.
  4. Ari, I have told my friend about this thread and to re-contact support for his problem. Now for the showdown between the N100H and N100C. The N100C wins in this debate. The difference is subtle but noticeable. I am not one to use superlative language especially in audio, I either like it or I don't. In this case I will go out on a limb and say the C sounds more open. There seems to be more of a natural decay when a note is played. So, to me it sounds natural like it should. This doesn't mean the H is bad because it isn't. I think any consumer would be happy with either, but as we chase the best possible sound these small increments add up. The C is now in my main system because it sounds better. The H has been shifted to the secondary system. The experiment with the Singxer as a comparison was also interesting. I just couldn't find any difference between that and just using the USB. Would I recommend H users to buy a Singxer? the answer is no, not worth the cost and there was no benefit for me. Plus you have to add an SPDIF cable which just adds to the cost. Save yourself the grief and just buy the C if you are in that position. At the same time, I wouldn't tell people to sell their H for the C. Yes, the C sounds better but what is the final cost in the end? As a final note, take what I said as just my personal opinion. My ears are 59 years old and I am a N of 1. My results could be system specific. What sounds good in my system, with my components and cabling may be different from yours. I am glad I did this experiment and I am going to buy an even better SPDIF cable from Audio Sensibility (Signature Silver) and see if I can even make the main system better. Again I am not looking for night and day difference but a small change for the better.
  5. Currently I have a N100H and a N100C for a second system. Today I pulled them both out to see if I could hear a difference between the two. So far I am in the testing phase so I will withhold judgment. It really doesn't matter much because I am keeping both so the outcome is only for interest sake. I did purchase a Singxer SU-1 converter that is sitting in a box that I might try to experiment with on the H model. Though I do have a question that maybe someone can answer. My friend has a X100L. When he creates folders in Music1, for example Jazz, Classical etc, they don't show up in the Aurender App. They just won't update to the latest names. Second, this line should scroll left or right when you have more folders that can fit. It won't scroll for him, it is static, though he has multiple folders. I was wondering if having the two hard drives Music1 and Music2 for the large capacity units that something is different. Yes, he has emailed Aurender but they have not responded. His unit is not new so no dealer support. Any help would be appreciated. I love my Aurenders. They were my best purchases in the audio world.
  6. Thanks Chris for that information. I did purchase the N100C for a second system and switching is exactly as you described. I used the cloning tool in the software which was pretty handy to get music to the new server and all my playlists etc. Ran Ethernet cables through the walls for both systems so that was a bit of work but beats having to run patch cords along the floor to the different rooms. So I am a proud owner of a N100H and a N100C.
  7. Sorry if this has been asked in the last hundred pages, but I don't want to read every page to find the answer. I want to purchase a second Aurender N100(C) as I own a N100H. This will be for a bedroom system. Music will be stored on each independent device. How does the Conductor App switch between each server? I can see that you can add a second music server in the setup menu so that doesn't seem to be a problem. Wondering if a new icon shows up or what. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Yes, I have the N100H, so USB only. I use an Audio Quest Cinnamon from the Denafrips to the Aurender.
  9. I thought it would take me a few weeks to make a fair evaluation but I only needed a few minutes to hear the difference. Sometimes different doesn't necessarily mean better but in this case it does. Then again it is a DAC that costs five times as much as my Metrum Octave so I expected better sound. What I didn't expect is how much better my system sounds. It doesn't colour the music in any direction. It feels and sounds quite natural. Some people talk about how the bass is tighter etc but for me everything is just cleaner. It is like there was always a slight haze over the music with my original DAC. Now I hear each instrument and expands the music you are listening to. There is better separation in the music but again it may be because the clarity is much better. I don't know and can't comment on how it compares to other DAC's in its price range. All I can do is comment on how the DAC sounds to me. This DAC is a keeper and I am finished with my system. No more buying anything, no more chasing a sound. The DAC was the missing piece and I am happy with what I have. It seems to pair nicely with the Aurender (which is another piece I would never sell). My only complaint is the size of this thing. It is huge. I built a custom stand for my system so really don't have space for it without it looking stupid. Hopefully I will still like this DAC two weeks from know. I can be guilty as the next person who writes glowing reviews on my new acquisitions because of the newness factor and then having to swallow my words a month later.
  10. As I was researching R2R DAC's to replace my Metrum Octave Mk. II, I came across threads talking about the Denafrips Terminator. One came up for sale near me so I am about to purchase it. I just put a deposit on it and I will pick it up in two days. I hope it lives up to the hype I have read here and the linked articles. I like my Metrum but I didn't think it was at the same level as the rest of my system. I originally wanted to purchase another Metrum but since the Denafrips came up for sale I figured why not? It will be paired up with my Aurrender N100H as the source. I only play Redbook quality rips of my CD's so this DAC should perform nicely for that. The beauty of buying used is that it is already burned in as it is 5 weeks old. Hopefully my system will be complete with this purchase. I will give a short review after I have owned it for a couple of weeks.
  11. I purchased my Aurender to stream music I own, I could care less if there is Deezer, Tidal or Qobuz. But that is just me and a few others, I can see if you love streaming services that would be problem if it were to stop.
  12. Thanks for all the advice. I am definitely in the NOS style of DAC's. Once I sell an amp I don't use anymore I should have about $4000 to spend, so the Onyx is well under that price range. I would be able to purchase the DAC and a new power cable with the money. I definitely don't want the Jade as my Herron pre-amp is quite nice and pairs well with the mono blocks.
  13. Currently I own the Metrum Octave Mk. II and it has served me well and I quite like it. Yet I am thinking it may be the weak link in my system. I am thinking about going up the line to the Onyx and wonder is this going to be a noticeable upgrade or do I need to go to the Pavane? The Onyx I could purchase new, the Pavane, I would have to purchase used if I could even find one. Will the Onyx match the rest of the system in terms of level of performance? My system : Aurender N100>Metrum Octave Mk.II>Herron Line Stage Preamplifier>Herron Mono Blocks>Tetra 606's. Power cords Audio Sensibility Statements, Audio Sensibility interconnects, TEO Game Changers interconnects, Audio Quest Cinnamon USB, Audio Sensibility Statement speaker cable.
  14. The case has finally been resolved!!! The Aurender is not the orignal culprit as I thought. I took the unit back to the store, showed them the video of my startup and they noticed that as soon as I turned on my pre-amp, the Aurender screen and front buttons stop working. They diagnosed power supply problem as did someone above. They suggested to use a separate socket, so I now plug it in its own socket instead of on the same power bar as the amplifiers and it is very happy. This might indicate a problem with the pre-amp or even the power bar (which is not some inexpensive piece of junk) which I will figure out in time. The N100 has no problem with the network now and just plays music effortlessly. I even started using Tidal, which I really like. Everything is good now and it makes listening to music stress free the way it is suppose to be. I would have never figured this out on my own so I thank everyone who helped me including my shop, the Aurender Tech support team and those here in this community.
  15. I think you are right. On Tuesday I will have to take it back. Thanks for your insight. Small movie of what happens. Screen.mp4
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