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  1. The following might sound like a silly question! I put one of these small (about 4 mm by 4mm) lightdim stickers on the flashing front LED on the B side. https://www.lightdims.com/index.php I find the flashing distracting. It is a little plastic like sticker that sticks without glue. I was wondering if it was safe, considering the case is very warm. I think it is, I am nonetheless curious.
  2. I got my ER today! It's only been plugged in for a few hours, but music is sounding great! It makes music clearer and sharper to my ears. I compare it to a photograph that was 90% in focus, then going to 100% razor sharp focus with the ER. My setup: router to the A side of the ER with 28 feet of AQ Forrest cable. I also have a Mac Mini and an Apple TV 4k plugged into the A side. I use a Shunyata Alpha Ethernet cable from the B side of the ER to my Naim ND5 XS streamer\DAC.
  3. Just to let people know, I have plugged an Apple TV 4K and a Mac Mini into the A ports. No problems whatsoever.
  4. For Alex or any EtherRegen owners; does the ER have any feet? If so, what material?
  5. Alex, any chance of you posting more pictures of the EtherRegen. You know, just to wet our appetites while we wait for delivery!
  6. I have a Naim system. I am also somewhat detail oriented... I don't worry about this at all! I will just use the EtherRegen with the supplied power supply and not worry about the ground. It's possible to overthink this stuff. Just enjoy the music!
  7. Silly question maybe, but do we get a tracking number when the order ships? The EtherRegen is the first Uptone product I have ordered.
  8. Darko linked to it on his FB page.
  9. I found this article through Darko. The author makes a case that it isn't a case of Bits are bits. I wonder what others think? https://www.upscaleaudio.com/pages/bits-is-bits?fbclid=IwAR20r8A_bUYGlDjzsbFfEKzNAB06vDsYOgTf_TUf7xXwpps6-kdggIay4bU
  10. That letter to the editor is even worse than the one Dale Thorn sent, after he was banned.
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