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  1. Amir, Plissken and mansr all have a huge hate boner against Uptone Audio. It's just incredible, the time and effort they spend to attack this company.
  2. I know this is off topic. But Alex, any plans to build an audiophile router?
  3. V2 sounds as good as V1 in my system. Maybe users are going through the burn in period. When a device burns in it and can vary in sound quality. Relax, listen and wait before jumping to conclusions.
  4. I read the whole thread about the ER over at ASR. Wow, what a circle jerk of cranky people! Amir really has a high opinion of himself... A legend in his own mind.
  5. An explanation was offered on the Naim forum as to why I am getting dropouts with Tidal. It is very technical, so I will copy paste it. "Essentially the network transport (TCP) windowing buffers were not large enough on the legacy streamers to comfortably handle ‘elastic’ data flows with higher bit rate data such as 44.1/16/2 Flac, and in extreme cases 320 Kbps AAC internet radio over the internet … that is flow latency due to internet routing, routing loading, server loading or home network loading/latency.The legacy streamers were modified via firmware to optimise the data transport stack as far as possible to mitigate … but it is an inherent hardware and architecture limitation or vulnerability on the legacy streamers with the original transport.You may find this happens from time to time on the old streamers and as conditions load more like your ISP back haul or your own broadband access it may appear to get worse. It may also vary from track to track, as tracks are spooled from different global cloud service providers that Tidal use… and the flow characteristics can vary from different servers and service providers." Alex, can any of this elastic data flows or latency loading possibly be caused by the EtherRegen? Edit: I have put back the original switch to test. I am still getting Tidal dropouts with the original switch. It seems to be a problem with Tidal, and not the EtherRegen.
  6. New firmware received and installed! Thank you Alex for your quick response to our problems. I have to say that the user guide is very well written and easy to follow. It took me about 10-15 minutes to do the whole operation. It went smoothly. I am still getting Tidal dropouts. BUT, from talking with others on the Naim forum, it seems to be a problem with Tidal and Naim (it has happened before). Internet radio works perfectly, and it passes through the same cables and switch. I am confident it is a problem with Tidal. Don't ask me yet if it sounds better. It is late and I am too tired to do listening tests. I am just happy the new firmware was very easy to install. By the way, that circuit board is a beauty in person!
  7. I hate to ask, but Alex, is there a chance we get the new firmware this weekend?
  8. Thanks Alex. I have this kind of cable along with the Torx 10 screwdriver. I am all ready for the update!
  9. The first few days everything was perfect. Today Tidal has been cutting out. Surprisingly, Internet radio is perfect! Internet radio and Tidal both pass through the same cables and the switch. I am wondering if it is not a problem with Tidal?
  10. Alex, is this the type of cable that will be needed for updating the firmware? A mini usb at one end. https://www.amazon.ca/AmazonBasics-USB-2-0-Cable-Male/dp/B00NH11N5A Or, this kind with a micro USB at one end? https://www.amazon.com/Mediabridge-USB-2-0-High-Speed-30-004-06B/dp/B004GF8TIK
  11. The following might sound like a silly question! I put one of these small (about 4 mm by 4mm) lightdim stickers on the flashing front LED on the B side. https://www.lightdims.com/index.php I find the flashing distracting. It is a little plastic like sticker that sticks without glue. I was wondering if it was safe, considering the case is very warm. I think it is, I am nonetheless curious.
  12. The Apple TV 4K is in the A side, so it gets 1000mbps.
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