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  1. What about Soulution 330 and 530? Have you considered?
  2. Probably it was not sufficiently resolving? Last few years, whether it is electronics or speakers, the trend is in the resolution. Because the musicality and liquidity must not suffer, the prices shoot up and up
  3. What would be the approx. cost of importing this $6k unit from Japan?
  4. Have you considered T+A 3100HV ? Many say it beats everything out there
  5. Can you elaborate on warranty if buying from Japan for $6k?
  6. Regarding Accuphase, I stumbled upon http://www.japanhifi.com Pretty good pricing and they are legit. Seeing those prices of Accuphase, e.g. E-480 in $7000s, E-470 in $6000s, E-650 in $8000s etc, does that change any perception on the discussion so far? In terms of bang for the back, of course. The main reason for exclusion of Accuphase was the problem with NA pricing, approx. 2 time the price of JapanHIFI. The only thing is that they provide step-down transformer for 110v/100v (free of charge), but that is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things
  7. Nobody wants to pay more than $4700 for it on used markets now that 585.5 hit the market
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