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  1. So does it sound like this setup would work: Stereo setup - Sony HAP-Z1ES -> NuForce MCP18 -> Event Opals Surround setup - Oppo BDP 105 -> NuForce MCP 18 -> Event Opals, Genelec 8040As, Sub, Centre speaker? I'll get a seperate phono pre (any recommendations would be good) to go with my TT and implement that at a later date. And then I need to think about upgrading all my cables.... Thanks for all the help and information everyone. Ed
  2. Thanks all for your input, lots of research for me to do by the looks of things! I think the NuForce MCP-18 may be the best bet for me, if I can find one. So I would run Sony HAP-Z1ES to the NuForce for all stereo duties and would then have an Oppo BDP 105 running into the NuForce for surround sound duties. Then the NuForce would be feeding my Event Opals, Genelecs and yet to be bought sub and centre speaker. I think that would work?? But any alternative suggestions welcome. Looks like I'll have to wait a while to add a phono pre to the mix and that lot will max me out. Digipete - thanks for the recommendations. However part of the joy of vinyl for me is the record itself so I wouldn't be digitising my vinyl collection, beyond a few favourites that I'd want easy access to.
  3. Hi Pooger, good question! I don't have one at the moment no so ideally anything that I bought would include RIAA stage but maybe I am asking too much! Alternatively I can of course buy a phono pre seperately but would like to minimise the number of components if possible. Thanks for your input
  4. Thank you both for your replies and warm welcome to CA! It seems like a great resource and I've been lurking for a while before joining up. In terms of the CD player, I can probably do without that though would need to digitise my CD collection but that's no big deal. I've been collecting vinyl for about 20 years and have far too many to digitise and also just love vinyl so the TT is a must really. Speaker wise the Opals and Genelecs I have are it for now. I can stretch to a centre speaker and sub if I find a good surround sound solution though. I bought the Sony in an attempt to get away from having to use the computer for anything other than downloading/transferring files to be honest as I spend all day staring at Excel/PowerPoint and so just can't enjoy music as much if I have to factor my computer into the equation. I'm definitely of the DSD persuasion since getting the Sony and think they sound fantastic but want to integrate that with my vinyl collection and ideally as part of surround sound system if possible (though my priority is for sound quality so would sacrifice surround if needed). Cheers, Ed
  5. Hello all, I just joined recently and looking for some advice on my setup. I have a Sony HAP-Z1ES which I'm running into some Event Opal speakers I've also got 2 Genelec 8040as which I can use if I want to. There's no volume control on the Sony and very little volume adjustment can be done on the Opals. So what I'm looking for is something with volume control that can take the input from the Sony, a turntable that I'll be buying soon, a CD player, a reel-to-reel and has a headphone output. I have no idea what I need to get to do this and any/all suggestions welcome. Most likely it will be a stereo setup with the Opals but I can add the Genelecs as I'd really like surround sound options if possible (can buy sub and centre speaker) but realise this might not be doable. Budget is pretty flexible depending on what is achievable but probably wouldn't want to spend more than £1k. So.... Is there a way to do what I want? And if so What is it? Cheers, Ed
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