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Audio System

Current system: MacMini/PC  >> Topping D10s (used as a USB to Toslink converter with Zerozone linear power supply for 5V USB power injection) >> RME ADI-2 DAC (with Zerozone 12V linear power supply) >>  modified Xkitz Electronics XOVER-2, 100Hz active crossover (with Zerozone 17.5V linear power supply + LDOVR LT3045-A, ultra-low noise 15V voltage regulator) >> Schiit Vidar stereo power amp to KEF LS50 speakers + Sunfire HRS12/HRS8 active subwoofer.

Cables used: Canare star quad speaker cables; AQ Cinnamon USB; AQ Big Sur & Schiit Pyst RCA; Supra CAT8 ethernet cable (with JSSG) for low voltage DC power; unknown Toslink optical cables; unknown coaxial cables; standard mains power cables (with Airlink BPS1502EU, 1500VA, balanced, mains isolation transformer with DC-blocker).

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