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  1. I’d say digital source (frontend) and analogue output (backend) basically both account for about 50% of overall subjective sound quality (regardless of used cables and power supplies which may shift this somewhat).
  2. Thanks Alex. I will just try it then. One of the powered devices is the USB interface of a Schiit Eitr and actually I don't think it will need anything close to 500mA (the USB spec).
  3. What is the output power of the UltraCap LPS-1 and LPS-1.2 units? The Uptone website states that the LPS-1 outputs 1 Amp and the LPS-1.2 outputs 1.1 Amp. Is this output current independent of the selected output voltage? I would expect the maximum current to be higher at e.g. 5V than at 7V, with a fixed max output power P = V x A. I'm planning to power two 5V devices with a single UltraCap unit using a DC splitter cable. At 5V, one device consumes 500mA (2.5W) and the other consumes 700mA (3.5W). So the total power needed will be 6W or 1.2A at 5V. Would that be a problem? Thanks!
  4. When I initially got into computer audio and streaming, CD (s/pdif) sounded better than anything streamed over USB from a computer to a DAC. Then I installed proper electrical isolation between the computer and the USB input circuitry and the DAC. Now streaming over USB sounds at least as good as CD in my system. Currently I mostly use Tidal for streaming. I will try Qobuz but I can't imagine how it can possibly sound better than Tidal. Bits are bits you know. BTW, I don't care about MQA unless it uses a better master than the best available redbook or higher resolution version of the same music (usually the original 16/44.1 release).
  5. I don't think the technology of EITR is patented and the basic formula is simple: galvanically isolate input and output and use a separate power supply for the USB input, and S/PDIF output circuitry. If this elevates any DAC performance to UNISON performance levels, then I'm sure some co. will reverse engineer and produce it if SCHIIT stops producing EITR. We'll see..
  6. Take a look at JS's statements. He didn't exactly say EITR is snake oil.
  7. SHIIT could even license another co. to produce EITR and still gain from it, but no, production will be stopped completely because according to JS "USB has gotten so much better that there's not much use for these devices anymore." What argument is that? If EITR sells, then apparently there's use for it.
  8. Really? Engineering has already been done it's just production and sales cost. Shiit could simply employ some extra personnel and maybe raise the price of EITR a bit. Or do you think they want to stay a small co.?
  9. JS said (7-15-2019) "I think we have one more run of Eitr on deck, then it's gone." I'm not sure what the "I think" clause refers to. Perhaps production and stocking of EITRs cost SHIIT more money than they earn from selling them. I can't think of any other economical reason to stop production. EITR must be selling really slow..
  10. Did he actually say it is the last production run? Can you provide a link? If so, I'll buy some more.
  11. OK, I reset the 'app data' and Autoplay works again which is nice. Nevertheless, updates changing/disabling user settings is a bug or a design flaw of the software that should be fixed.
  12. It seems the Autoplay function stopped working since the last update of the Tidal app for Windows10, at least it stopped working on my PC..
  13. Not necessarily hype, but why discontinue a very good USB 'decrapifier' just before UNISON hits the market? SCHIIT says EITR doesn't sell but I can't really believe that..
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