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  1. Some good news to report. Gapless playback is now working as intended with HQPe. Željko, Jussi and I worked through all the issues. Željko has stated if anyone else would like these changes made, and be considered a beta tester along with me, to let him know. Some things I learned along the way are: In Stylus, "Convert non-DSD formats" doesn't need to be selected for PCM. The wording of that selection is misleading. This selection causes all songs to be converted to wav before playback and conversion bit-depth is fixed (does not take into account the original bit-de
  2. I believe he has this working on my system. I did verify that it works, but have another issue, so almost there. Željko or any software vendor doesn't have to do anything they don't want. We as customers would like this functionality, so if he wants to provide it, his existing customers will be happier and stay with his product. He should also gain new customers by including this functionality. I think when you decide to incorporate another piece of software with your own, you make the decision then to include all of the expected functionality of that other software.
  3. My understanding is that Željko is talking with Jussi. Hopefully the issue regarding a silence gap between tracks gets resolved soon. Željko has again resolved the issue I was having with songs in the queue not automatically playing. I am back to not using upnp. He has also resolved the issue I was having with the track bit depth not being correctly recognized by HQPe. I am very happy about those issues being resolved and am hopeful of a gapless playback solution.
  4. I wasn't using upnp before but Željko enabled it to get the queue flowing automatically. Ideally upnp isn't necessary in the first place and files don't need to be converted to WAVs for playback. Also to note that the queue stopped automatically playing songs again last night so I don't think my issue is resolved. Not to mention that all tracks are now being viewed and reported as 24bit instead of them all being reported as 16bit. I don't know how this impacts HQPe's processing of those songs and whether it impacts SQ or not. It's concerning regardless.
  5. If it were purely an issue with HQPe we would also see it with Roon + HQPe but that's not the case. As far as the gapless specific issue is concerned, this isn't a problem for standard albums, but for recorded concerts where the entire show should be seamless gaps are a big issue. It destroys the continuity of the listening experience.
  6. Update: Željko took a further look and all was not as it appeared. He found another cause and implemented a workaround. I'll just quote his response here: "In your case HQPlayer does not correctly report the song position so the position update from HQPlayer just stops 5-6 seconds before the end of the song (I guess in reality HQPlayer finished playback already?!). Since logic relies on song position and expects that playback will last at least for the song duration +-N seconds and since N was set to 3 - in your case the song end was not picked up and End-Of-Song event was not t
  7. Not long ago I posted about an issue I was having with songs not automatically playing from my queue with Stylus. I received a response from Željko about it. Indeed it is a bug and a bigger issue than expected. I also noticed HQPe was not recognizing my tracks as 24 bit. It thinks everything is 16 bit. Both of these issues are tied to the same Stylus bug. Here is Željko's response. Even though I really like how Stylus sounds, I'm going to start going in another direction until this is resolved. "this is an issue with the current limitation of Stylus - HQPlayer in
  8. It may be because of the sync between Symphony, HQP and the NAA. It isn't a hardware issue.
  9. Does anyone have difficulty with Stylus either not playing song after song consecutively in the queue or just have a general difficulty playing songs at all? I use Stylus with HQP Embedded. I buffer each song 100%. I almost never get a consistent listening experience. Always struggling to get songs to play. Not sure if it's Stylus, HQP or both.
  10. Sorry for not being clear in my question. Have you compared these from a SQ perspective and if so could you notice a difference?
  11. Thanks for the recommendation. I have an sNH-10G, EtherRegen and Melco. I don't necessarily "need" a 10gbps switch now but will keep it in mind.
  12. The other end of the Solarflare will be an EtherRegen. I could use the Melco there, but neither are 10G. The Solarflare will be the only device that's 10G in my entire network. I'd been reading some positive reviews about it, was considering the JCAT Net Card XE and thought I'd give the Solarflare a shot first. This would also give me the opportunity to put these SFPs in other devices for a comparison with the Planets. So you raise a good point Larry, would there be a compatibility issue? I could put the same SFP at both ends but will need to make sure it will work i
  13. It's a 1GB and 10GB SFP+. Not sure if you'd need a 10G compatible device or if it works in a 1G device. Are you certain it is incompatible with the ER and OM? I was thinking about using it with a Solarflare card but also would like to understand it's other compatible devices.
  14. Thanks guys, that helps. Anyone try FTLX1475D3BCV yet? From another post I believe @jabbr had and was using it.
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