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  1. While a good article it is all subjective without explanation. I often go with opinions like this when comparisons are made with low cost solutions in the mix because there very well may be a difference that is just unexplained by today's science or understanding. It is very difficult to take bias out of the experiments and I suspect even the best of us are guilty of doing that despite our efforts.
  2. I can only guess that some cables are better at shielding than others. Those that aren't may introduce some additional EMI/RF noise into the electronics. Purely a guess on my part because otherwise what else could be going on?
  3. Is there already an SR4 build calendar thread? If not, might as well combine them.
  4. Would someone please create a Paul Hynes build calendar thread? I'd really like to hear more people's impressions on their SR7's in this thread. I've read of some people modifying their SR7's. I added EMI/RF shielding into mine. It would be great to hear more about experiences with the SR7. Lately all I see are questions about build dates. Thanks
  5. I can get a similar hissing noise issue when upsampling with HQPlayer to PCM 384. I believe it's interrelated to the upsampling multiplier, HQPlayer and my Spring DAC. If I start out listening at 352 then pause and bump it up to 384 it works.
  6. My plan is to use Tinned Copper Metal Braided Sleeving then another sleeve over the copper. You can easily get a copper sleeve as small as .08" in diameter.
  7. Some big changes in my soundscape recently. They aren't 100% complete but I'm close. I received a nice package from SOtM yesterday. An sNH-10G with sCLK-EX, Evox cap (that thing is huge!) and silver wire upgrades. The 3 remaining taps from the sCLK-EX now provide clocking from my NUC's system, NIC and (2) HDMI. Another sCLK-EX with taps used for the tX-USBultra and my server's system, (2) NICs and tX-USBexp was upgraded with the Evox cap. Jeff Hedback of HD Acoustics conducted an analysis of my listening room where he measured reflections, decay and frequency response. The cost to do this is very reasonable. Jeff did everything remotely, shipping his gear to me. I played some test tones and recorded them with his gear. I had also been talking with Bob Hodas, who has an impressive background. Bob would come on site and this could be a future, but more costly effort. I gave Jeff measurements of everything in my room along with pictures. He provided a detailed report and took time to explain the results. He then created a design with recommendations for treatments. My room already had wall absorption panels, but I knew they weren't good enough as they didn't go down to 80Hz. So a change to the absorption wall treatments closest to the speakers, some diffusion and absorption on the ceiling and better absorption behind the speakers was recommended. I have installed Vicoustic Multifuser DC2 panels to the ceiling and added insulation behind the speakers where there is a cavity behind the projector screen. The DC2 panels are light and easy to install. I did paint them so they would blend in more with the ceiling. As the are polystyrene care needs to be taken. I have GIK 244 traps on order which will be used to the sides, at the first reflection point of the speakers and on the ceiling above the speaker. I will also be installing a 242 trap in the middle of the ceiling which will be surrounded by the Vicoustic DC2 panels. Our main efforts were to resolve an issue between 100-200Hz. This is where the acoustic treatments should help. Once everything is in place I will re-run the analysis with Jeff. My Persona 9H speakers have Anthem Room Correction (ARC) built in. ARC only impacts the sound below 500Hz. While I typically don't run DSP on 2 channel, these speakers are a bit unique and what they can do is fantastic. By applying it at the speakers themselves the change will impact analog sound without converting it to digital. This means vinyl can receive DSP while remaining unmodified analog. I can also turn ARC on and off with the push of a button. The difference is stunning. The low end is tamed allowing for a more accurate bass representation while revealing music in other frequencies that would be otherwise masked. I am hearing sounds I couldn't hear before. This is just another example of the analysis which helps to understand the room's characteristics and apply corrective action. I will share pictures of the server - NUC - tX-USBultra spaghetti later. Where I just had a little spaghetti before, it's a big bowl of stuff now. I will also share pictures of the room once the treatment is completed in a couple weeks. I also need to let the new SOtM components burn in as well as apply EMI RF shielding to the SMB cables.
  8. New music or music we use for critical listening? I listen to so much new music all the time it's too much to share. I have a lot of playlists and my master list has over 1000 songs. However, I have a fairly small number of tracks in a playlist that I use to evaluate new equipment or changes.
  9. Ramroot is great, it only the isolated cores setting. Try adding 5+ new albums from Tidal or wherever into Roon (throttled in settings) while you're playing music.
  10. I bought a second NUC7I7DNHE to have as a standby when my last one failed.
  11. This is good for the endpoint. I've found that doing this on the Roon Core server chokes Roon related functions like adding music to a library or applying updates. Apparently adding music to Roon doesn't qualify as audio. @hifi25nl can you please explain what is impacted by isolating cores for audio?
  12. It was great meeting you and your wife. Crazy weather yesterday as we're back up to the 50's today and high 60's tomorrow. The snow is almost gone. Nice to hear you got to see some jazz. Next time you're in town make sure to go to the Green Mill. It doesn't get much better.
  13. Believe it or not that picture was taken in 1973 when I was 3. My father's Heathkit, reel to reel and turntable were my first introductions to music appreciation as captured in that photo. I've aged a bit since then I'll plan on being there both days at those times. I won't have an Audiophile Style sign around my neck but my name is John. I'll plan on finding a table of some sort in the area, not at the bar.
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