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  1. Thanks, that confirms it isn't just my Uptone and XE. I figured as much. The Paul Hynes supply has been working perfectly and the sound is excellent. No issues yet and hopefully never. These cards need good current.
  2. I think it probably did improve somewhat but I can't A/B test. It is likely the PHD is the best supply for the application but I was wondering if there were other options at higher than 2A.
  3. For those with a JCAT USB XE, I had issues powering it with an LPS-1.2 after about a month it just stopped working. I'm powering it with a PHD SR4T and it's working again. Looks like it needs a little more current. Hopefully 2A is enough. I'd rather not be using the SR4T to power this card if anyone has any cost effective recommendations.
  4. For those interested in powering this card from an external source you may run into difficulty with a lower amp psu like the Uptone LPS-1.2. The LPS-1.2 is a 1.1A lpsu. Initially the card could be powered by the LPS-1.2, then after about a month the USB XE stopped working. Marcin suggested I try another psu so I used my Paul Hynes Design at 5v at 2A and the card is working. I'll report back if I have issues running at 2A.
  5. @The Computer Audiophile I should have put this in the Music streaming forum, not network streaming.
  6. For those who love the symphony and want to both see and hear one of the best orchestras in the world. https://cso.org/tv
  7. @firedog Unless of course you include those who've commented in the Roon thread I started. I suspect when you run into a similar situation as I have, where Qobuz needs to provide either a credit or a refund, you stand a good chance of having difficulty. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/qobuz-stole-from-my-account/119074
  8. Thank you both for the recommendation. I hadn't thought of communicating with them through their social media platforms. I'll do that and at Roon. They will likely pull it from social media. I would expect Chris and the folks at Roon to leave the post as it should give every Qobuz customer a warning to check their own accounts. If this happened to me it has likely happened to others. PayPal contacts the seller when a dispute is filed. Either they didn't respond or they could not refute the evidence coming through that channel. Sebastien's communication and service was just ba
  9. I found it back in July. No response to that post so I contacted @David Craff via PM. I asked for help and he said he did what he could. I informed him ahead of time I would be sharing my experience. His reply to me was: "I am product manager at Qobuz for the PC & Mac application, I have no skills or rights in the management of customers and requests related to after sales support. I can only forward your request to the right people, which I did. Sorry I can't do more. I hope the problem will be solved."
  10. The subject of this post is accurate and very unfortunate. I regret writing this, but find it important to inform this community about what Qobuz has done and how they've responded to my request for restitution. In November of 2019 I paid for an annual subscription to Qobuz. They had a promo going on and I signed up for $149.99 for the year. Payment was made using my PayPal account. In May of this year I was going through my PayPal records, something I only do a few times a year. I found that Xandrie (Qobuz's parent) had been charging me $14.99 since January which I did not authorize.
  11. Very interesting hypothesis and/or discovery. I've made efforts in the past to re-rip CDs. I haven't taken the splurge with HQP Pro yet, but it is more food for thought when doing so. Thanks for this info. Another downside of HQP Pro is that you can't use it seamlessly with Roon, so if you're using Roon it isn't a replacement for HQP Desktop or Embeded.
  12. Roy, after using HQPlayer as a stand alone, Roon with and without HQPlayer on multiple OS's, Euphony's Stylus and JRiver I agree that HQPlayer as a stand alone sounds best. Its interface for song/album/artist sorting is worse than Stylus (and Roon) unfortunately. When I know exactly what I want to listen to, it's great. If I want to browse not so much, and it has no Qobuz or other streaming integration so there's another key limitation. I've also found that the music stored locally on an Optane drive sounds better than over the network with HQP. For those looking at HQPlayer as
  13. Thanks for the input Hols. It's interesting to hear this from an Extreme owner. It certainly helps keep reality in check.
  14. Not to diminish Emile's achievements, but if he can do it, so can someone else. And if there's money to be made someone will sell it. Just look at the wide variety of DACs available today as a comparison not to mention older tech components like amps, speakers and headphones. At one point those things didn't exist. This isn't magic. Have hope.
  15. Probably the main, if not only reason this wouldn't happen is that the majority of the population doesn't care that much about SQ. Look how long MP3 lasted. Only recently have we started to see lossless streaming services and even the mainstream services like Spotify, Apple, Google Music, etc do not offer a quality comparable to Tidal or Qobuz...yet. That could be an indicator of how long things take. What helped facilitate high quality/frequency streaming was the increased availability of low cost bandwidth. Many of the parts in the Extreme are commercially available. There a
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