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  1. In the past I have used a 19v 10A SR7 to power my server which upscales DSD to 512 using HQPlayer without any issue. Processor is an i7 -7700K 91 TDP @ 4.5GHz. It required the HDPlex DC to ATX converter. When I moved to a NUC endpoint architecture I shifted the SR7 to the NUC (no converter) and now use an HDPlex 400w LPSU for the server which has multiple rails and different amps per rail. I prefer this sound character. @Nenon I like your eye avatar.
  2. Johnseye

    AXPONA 2020

    Sounds like a plan. I hope no snow as well.
  3. Johnseye

    AXPONA 2020

    I'll be there for sure. Maybe we can plan a dinner together to talk about all of our latest activities in person.
  4. As many of you know, SOtM has been working on their own motherboard. I received word that the prototype will be ready just before Axpona in April. I'm hopeful we'll get to listen to it there. I don't know anything more than that at this time
  5. Considering the cost difference, this is why I use an R2R DAC with HQPlayer. I've had a DAVE in my house, but without the mscaler. The difference is slight, and If budget wasn't an issue it's the Chord but YMMV. HQPlayer also allows for a significant amount of flexibility with its library of filters among other settings which can further tune a sound. Non R2R DACs will apply a single filter and WYHIWYG. In the case of the DAVE it's a very very good thing.
  6. Thanks for the update Roy. Did you happen to send your board out to SOtM for clock taps to the sCLK, are you waiting for the SOtM motherboard or are you no longer interested in the clock mods?
  7. Yes, this is what I'm waiting for. Depending on how it gets reviewed. Not sure if you're doing anymore DAC shootouts, but the new Holo May is about to be released. I don't think you tried any R2R DACs but this one is supposed to be a next gen.
  8. Great info, thanks Rajiv. This is how I've been running my system and fully agree with your findings. While the SR7 is the grail, would you consider a Farad in its place until you get a second or is it not worth it? Or do you need more amperage?
  9. Agree with you fully on the policy. I've paid for both Windows and Linux HQPlayer desktop but get no discount on Embedded. I'm currently using Roon to HQPlayer. I suspect this shouldn't be an issue going from Roon to Embedded. Because Embedded will be running on Audiolinux and going through Roon it isn't as simple as a usb stick for me. You think Embedded sounded better than D4 though.
  10. Has there been any consensus or determination as to whether HQPlayer 4 or Embedded offer SQ improvements over HQPlayer 3?
  11. I never saw a cyber Monday discount. Is it still around?
  12. Elan did you modify the capacitor in that PSU yourself or was it stock?
  13. Did you inquire as to whether the Farad3 19v could be directly connected to the PC with the right cabling/adapters, eliminating a need for the converter?
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