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  1. Thank you very much Mario, I will try this and let you know how it goes.
  2. I'm looking to do this because I heard a significant improvement by removing Roon as the source to HQPlayer. HQPlayer direct was much better. I need to evaluate this much further and this prompted my further look into Euphony as a platform. I hate to eliminate Roon, but something has either changed with it or HQPlayer.
  3. I wanted to use the native HQPlayer interface. I am aware of the user name and password, thanks.
  4. If using Roon or Stylus in front, then you don't need the NAA. Are you using Roon or Stylus in front of HQPlayer? Per Zelijko: "You can run only HQplayer in Euphony but you have to have some sort of control program outside to feed it with songs." If you're finding you can use HQPlayer without Roon, Stylus or an NAA then I'm missing something.
  5. You can choose HQPlayer Embedded under Audio Systems but it requires an NAA. It does not play direct.
  6. I received a response after creating a Euphony Support ticket. To answer my questions: Euphony support via the Support function appears to be quick. Zelijko said he doesn't monitor the Contact form as often and was on holiday. HQ Player is updated every 2-4 months. Zelijko is working on incorporating 4.18 into Euphony now. HQPlayer can not be used as a stand alone player within Euphony. Your HQPlayer license can be added from the Main menu. HQPlayer config page can be accessed from ipaddress:8089 The 2-4 month delay in getting current filters and updates from HQPlayer is concerning. The actual HQPlayer "player" is a terrible interface, but it would have been good to know how it compares side by side on other platforms.
  7. I was able to use ramroot in trial. To further that, I also installed Euphony directly to my Optane drive using a guide provided by @Nenon a while back. Simply put, I copied the Euphony config to an Optane drive while logged into Audiolinux.
  8. How do you contact Zelijko? I sent a contact message through their contact webpage and have heard nothing back from them.
  9. While I've been using Audiolinux for years I'm fairly new to Euphony and Stylus. I typically run Roon to HQPlayer to an NAA. I had been experimenting with HQPlayer direct and liked what I heard so I thought I'd give Euphony a try. While I do like what I hear, I have some concerns of which hopefully there are simple answers. How good is Euphony support? I messaged them days ago and have heard nothing. In contrast if I have a question for Piero at Audiolinux he responds within hours. How often is Euphony updated? HQPlayer on Euphony isn't running at the latest version with the latest filters and dither options. Can HQPlayer be run as a stand alone player within Euphony or does it require another player in front and an NAA after? Does HQPlayer in Euphony require a license? I have both Embedded and Desktop 4 but not sure where to apply the license, unless it's included with Euphony. Is it possible to access HQPlayer's config page from ipaddress:8088 or is that locked down and only available through Euphony?
  10. The Ref10 isn't that bad. They are the dimmest of all my devices.
  11. I have the SFP module as well as two different switch models with SFP ports. I isolate certain traffic, including WAPs with the fiber SFP. From what I have read here that is the only reason. It's a step to take to reduce noise which can travel over copper.
  12. They should be the same except for the SFP port. If you want to galvanically isolate using fiber then that's the use case for that model.
  13. I am. HQPlayer 4 playback pauses then starts, pauses, starts. I've swapped out the switch for another and the issue goes away.
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