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  1. Tim, is the firmware 21.16 for the Spring? While you mention the USB driver is 4.67 I suspect that's for Windows. Any concerns with Linux? https://secureservercdn.net/
  2. I had been considering bringing my Audio Alchemy DAC home from the office and using it in my family room system. I bought another NUC partially for this purpose. Now I'm having second thoughts as I think I'm going to keep my AA DAC in the office. If anyone's interested in a brand spankin new 7i7DNKE NUC let me know via PM. I'm still tempted to keep it since these things are hard to come by and out of production, but if anyone's interested I'll part with it. I'm still running my SOtM modified 7i7DNKE and extremely happy with the sound I'm getting. That combined with the room analysis and new treatments has me in a great place.
  3. Looking forward to this. I've been holding off on placing another order with Paul until I hear this outcome.
  4. Rajiv is spot on. I'd also like to add that there are other components that can impact your decision of whether to NUC or not. I use a Hynes SR7 and have played around with the latest one box Euphony solution. The difference with my components from Roy and Rajiv is that I use HQPlayer with an NOS DAC. This has a significant impact as I've found no benefit to Euphony Stylus and the one box solution. Not to mention Stylus is archaic compared to Roon. I had been using the one box solution previously and benefited from adding the NUC. To each his own...YMMV.
  5. I only compared the Persona 3's to the Sopras. I liked the Persona's slightly better but their character is very similar. Worth a listen at least if you're going to spend that much.
  6. If you're interested in the Sopras you should listen to the Paradigm Personas. Ideally side by side, which is what I did. Both use beryllium. Both sound amazing.
  7. Thank you Chris. Bought the flac version. Looking forward to hearing this stuff.
  8. I'm sorry, but a $7000 power cord on a $800 PSU? Is that correct or did I miss something?
  9. What you're looking to do is normal, not hard to please. I'm sure you've already tried JRiver but if you're looking for an iTunes like interface that's it. There are some integration capabilities with it and HQPlayer, but I wish that was more like the Roon to HQPlayer experience. Regardless, it's a great interface with a cloud music storage presence so you can listen to your collection on the go.
  10. You can talk to Sean Jacobs or Mattijs de Vries. Each are involved in building PSUs for companies selling prebuilt servers. As Rajiv pointed out, part of this hobby is the involvement in tweaking components and constant discovery. Some of us just like doing that. No harm or foul either way. A lot of what we're trying is experimental so not a hardened, out of the box solution.
  11. There are other PSUs that get close. One of the benefits of the SR7 is that it has a higher amperage than some other supplies. This can be a deal breaker depending on what you're trying to power. I don't know what the G2 costs, but the nice thing about buying components is that you can upgrade pieces as needed instead of everything at once.
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