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  1. No not Belgium, but Hilversum in the Netherlands
  2. Josef Manger for the Manger bend wave speaker
  3. What about magnetic feet under the speakers to decouple? Such as: http://www.audiophysic.de/accessoires/soundoptimizer_magnetic.html
  4. Below the reply I got from Michal: Generally if the Brooklyn DAC was bought before September 1st we do not offer upgrade. If after. You can swap this unit w dealer as long as its mint condition and pay difference. Best Regards Michal
  5. Hi all, disappointing response about upgrade Hello , Robert,Thank you for your e-mail.We regret to inform you that we don't provide the upgrade program from Brooklyn to Brooklyn +.If your have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.With best regardsDanielDaniel PrimakovMytek Digitaltel./fax: +48 22 823 72 [email protected]@mytekdigital.comwww.mytekdigital.com
  6. Here is an interesting paper on technical problems of MQA and I can confirm that Highresaudio stopped offering new MQA files. Statement (PDF-Download "MQA Technical Analysis Hypotheses Paper") All those worried about MQA will be delighted reading this paper I presume. Strangely enough I still rather like what I hear listening to the MQA albums I have (over 40) and some of the better recordings streamed by Tidal (2L recordings eg).
  7. No issues with the update to 2.22 Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  8. Yes it has Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  9. Perhaps the sq of a cd is higher is because it remains a wav file? So why not try ripping a cd to wav and then compare file against cd once more. Use an open sounding cd ie something of ECM. Robert-Jan
  10. Until recently I believed that flac was just as good sounding as wav files. A dealer told me he preferred wav and explained why. He said that cymbals e.g. sound less well defined at the start as if something was missing. I asked my wife about this. She is a professional violin player and said that musicians talk about articulation. Well the dealer suggested to listen to a simple jazz recording with open sounding percussion. I ripped a CD of the Pierre Favre Ensemble on ECM called Fleuve. I ripped it to flac setting 5 and to wav using the same CD-ROM drive. Than we listened several times to the opening track Mort d'Eurydice. We both found the wav version sounding completer and better articulating indeed. Later that week I redownloaded albums from Qobuz in wav. I consider them better sounding than flac. If I now listen to a flac album I miss something. I do not miss anything with dsd or mqa. Robert-Jan
  11. Hi Marc, Just checked. When I press pause the Brooklyn goes to 24 44.1 and when I press play it continues with 24 352.8. So here with usb no problem.
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