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  1. Looking to possibly move to Qobuz but first wanted to know how many devices in my home can use the service simultaneously ? If I want to listen to music while the wife is listening to something different in another room through another device is that possible?
  2. I know this is Patitucci’s album but Conliffe is outstanding and makes the album.
  3. this album swings, great jazz duo, bass and drums
  4. I remember an album’s high sound quality being defined as “in the room with me” as outstanding. Is this still a “high standard” with social distancing.? I’m listening to Diana Krall’s “When I Look Into Your Eyes “ and wonder if I should be keeping an appropriate distance. Be safe, stay home and save lives. Peace, John
  5. I’m having an issue when touching forum “buttons” on my iPad Pro. I have to touch them twice before they respond. For example if I touch the “next page” icon I have to push it twice to advance.
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