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  1. I’m having an issue when touching forum “buttons” on my iPad Pro. I have to touch them twice before they respond. For example if I touch the “next page” icon I have to push it twice to advance.
  2. Have always enjoyed Jacky’s playing and this is some of his best. Great piano trio.
  3. Finally an “Album” of the Evening. MQA to boot.
  4. New discovery, via Audiostream’s “Lovely Recordings” column, via Tidal
  5. From Audiostream’s “Lovely Recordings”series Powerful male volcals backed by a swinging quintet
  6. Thanks for the link, really excited now
  7. CeCile McLorin Salvant The Old Church Portland OR
  8. Found this on Tidal. Iggy's vocals are not the highlight of the performance, but the trio swings .
  9. Mentioned by Robert Harley's "From The Editor" in the Absolute Sound, issue 273. Simply fantastic. Gerry Mulligan Lonesome Boulevard Via Tidal
  10. appreciate your input and the review link,
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