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  1. Finally an “Album” of the Evening. MQA to boot.
  2. New discovery, via Audiostream’s “Lovely Recordings” column, via Tidal
  3. From Audiostream’s “Lovely Recordings”series Powerful male volcals backed by a swinging quintet
  4. Thanks for the link, really excited now
  5. CeCile McLorin Salvant The Old Church Portland OR
  6. Found this on Tidal. Iggy's vocals are not the highlight of the performance, but the trio swings .
  7. Mentioned by Robert Harley's "From The Editor" in the Absolute Sound, issue 273. Simply fantastic. Gerry Mulligan Lonesome Boulevard Via Tidal
  8. appreciate your input and the review link,
  9. Studio Reference or Extended Response?
  10. Funny I read the review when it first dropped, and it, along with Chris' review here on CA resulted in my decision to buy. Never read JA's measurements portion of the review and the resulting brouhaha. Could be that their recent focus is the opening of their bricks and mortar shop in Newhall California.
  11. One earlier post:: GMgraves: Well, since the newest DACs don't have those "characteristics" any more (much has been changed of late it could well be that you are we are talking apples and oranges, here.. I'm not at liberty to say what all has been changed, and the Yggy that I have is ostensibly one of the first to incorporate those changes. Needless to say, that I doubt seriously that the DAC you tried and the one I was sent do not sound the same and mothaudio's post above led me to my statement, not speculating just trying to understand why a top manufacturer would be out of one of their top items for so long.
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